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Jan 7, 2016
no - wildcard support is not yet implemented.


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Jul 28, 2015
South Tyrol/Italy
Hmm, while one can use the PVE acme integration for such a thing, it may really be nicer to automate the setup for the VMs (with ansible or something similar) and use acme.sh directly in their, once setup it's all automatically anyway.. I mean, once can have a lot of VMs/CTs per node, and it's really not designed for this. Also ACME has various rate limiting knobs they enforce, e.g., 50 new certs ordered over the same IP per week, one would need to use SAN (subject alternative names) to be efficient enough for such a case...

I mean, some improvements to efficiency are planed anyway, but not sure if/how we can open this up for 10s to 100s of certificates per node..


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Apr 8, 2013
It seems to me that what you are asking for is a bit more than just support for wildcard certs or multiple certs (either directly or via alternate names).

What the Proxmox team has delivered is a mechanism mainly targeted towards delivering and managing Acme certs for the Proxmox hosts themselves, including using DNS-based Acme to help when those hosts are not exposed to the internet and can't use the port-80/webserver method. And I would offer the Proxmox team a HUGE thank you for doing is.

What it appears you are looking for is a much more general certificate management tool to manage certs for VM and Container guests. While I think having Proxmox enable Acme wildcard certs and/or multiple certs/multiple SANs could help you improvise this it would be much better to look at something more comprehensive, to wit:
  • Need to identify guests (VM or container) that require certs
  • Automatically set up Acme cert requests for those VMs
  • Deliver the certs to the guest on initial start (possibly via Cloud-init or other mechanism)
  • Periodically request new certs, deliver those certs to the guest, and inform the guest of the update.
  • Perhaps more...
This would be a significant effort. Probably well worth it, BTW, and consistant with how Proxmox has been evolving to integrate tools to support efficient management of guests. But it is also well beyond the scope of the Acme integration they have delivered to date.


Aug 25, 2018
What I have set up is a VM using acme and the appropriate API for my domain registrar. I then have that machine automatically renew the certificates shortly before they expire and store then on that VM, which also has a samba server running on it that allows READ-ONLY access to specified IP addresses that also need to authenticate via a username and password. Then any machine that needs access to the SSL certs is grated access to this share. This allows for both wildcard certs as well as machines that are not exposed to the internet or don't have internet access to still have valid SSL certs, which are mostly Nginx reverse proxies. My next plan is to have the SSL updater to once the certs are updated trigger and reload of the Nginx server to intake the new SSL cert.


Jul 26, 2019
I have the same situation with wildcard certificates.

Aggregating the comments in this thread I suggest to implement wildcard certificates in PVE, make the certificate number limit user-configurable with a sensible default value and use file-sharing to provide the wildcard certs to other hosts/VMs.

SAN-certificates can contain up to 100 domain names. A wildcard domain needs 2 domain names: "example.org" and "*.example.org".
This means a single SAN-certificate can contain up to 50 wildcard domains.
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