[SOLVED] Trying to mount added disks


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Dec 6, 2017
I have a nice running vm to which I have added some extra disks (virtual ones)
I can see them in the gui and I see them all listed under /dev/disk/by-id, when i log in on the vm.
However, I cannot see them under /dev/disk/by-uuid or anywhere else.
If they do not have uuids will the system recognize them as proper disks?
How can I mount them? Can I use their id?
when you say you see them in GUI, do you mean GUI in VM right?
if yes why don't you simply right-click on them in GUI and mount.
yes the system will use them just fine without UUID, the issue when UUID is important is when you are dealing with RAID or RAID type setup when using things like ZFS, mdadm, BTRFS file systems that may get confused if you use other ids.
but other than that you should be fine.
I do not have that option in the gui.
I can do "add" which adds the disk under disk/by-id
But I cannot see I have the option to mount it in the gui.
GUI means the proxmox web-gui
I have no gui on the vm
i am running ubuntu server 16.04.3 LTS
Sometimes I am more stupid than otherwise.
The disk wasn't formated, so obviously I could not mount it.
I assume that if the disk hade been formatted properly, then I would have been able to mount it to begin with?
well if you mean proxmox GUI than you do not mount the disk in it. unless you want to use it in proxmox.
can you please clarify your intention in OP.

do you mean "mount the virt disk in host(Proxmox) or mount them in VM"
either case you do not really need UUID but it is good to have.
also, even if it is not listed in "/dev/disk/by-uuid" it does not mean it does not have it.

until recently I wasn't even been aware of UUID for disks. only when I start working with BTRFS and ZFS it came to light :)

so I imagine your steps would be : (from start to end. including some that you may have already done. )

1. create VM with one disk (done. as you have it up and running.)
2. create some virtual disks
3. add the disks from step 2 to VM (so far so good)
4. now login to VM and run "lsblk" -- you should see new disks recognized as one of the /dev/sdX drives.

format the disks using your favorite tool "fdisk" or "gdisk" mkfs

you should be able to mount it just fine and blkid will show you the uuid too


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