1. E

    Partial replication of virtual machine disk to ceph

    Is it possible to partially replicate a virtual machine disk on ceph. For example, not to replicate /mnt/... ?
  2. R

    move iso images and container template to another disk

    How to can I move them off the small local disk to a larger drive?
  3. J

    [SOLVED] What is the best way to delete all hard disks from a VM via command line?

    What is the best way to delete all hard disks from a VM via command line? So far the only option I've been able to come up with is manually parsing output from "qm config". $ sudo qm config 148 boot: meta: creation-qemu=7.2.0,ctime=1700604130 name: jenkins-pipeline-28 scsi0...
  4. T

    Trying to install TAILS with persistence not working...any ideas?

    Trying to install TAILS with persistence...seems like an obvious enough thing to do, right? It keeps saying there's no device for persistence, I've tried it with a scsi disk, remapping to a usb disk, and as a usb disk, no dice. Any ideas? I'm going to do some prodding after I reboot the...
  5. V

    Increase local disk and reduce local-lvm

    I'm with no space remaining on local disk, but with free space on local-lvm disk. I need to reduce the local-lvm to give space to local. How can I do that?
  6. D

    Access & Allocate MMC/MMCBLK storage AFTER installation as general ISO space

    So... yeah. I know not to install PVE onto anything but a real drive. I'm not attempting an unsupported install, here. Instead, I am curious if there's any way to use an mmcblk device as general purpose storage. Not VMs, but for ISOs and such. These devices do not seem to be accessible at...
  7. T

    Local disk full when uploading ISO image

    Hi, I did something stupid. I tried to upload an ISO image when there was not enough disk space. I got an Error '0' occurred while receiving the document. The problem is that Proxmox does not remove the half-copied files apparently. My disk is full and none of the files are present. What is...
  8. S

    Converted from Hyperv wont start

    Hi I have convert Windows 11 from HyperV to ProxMox. Windows wont start. What is wrong ? I have: SCSI Controller: VirtIO SCSI Single Disk: SCSI Disk Format: RAW please help Sokoban3
  9. S

    Problem to add converted disk

    Hi I have convert from HyperV a Windows Server 2022 to ProxMox in RAW. I have 2 disks. We called them DiskA and DiskB. DiskA is contains boot disk and DiskB cointans data. Its working with only DiskA But when I added DiskB want the windows do not start. I'm using: SCSI Controller...
  10. D

    many emails from SMART Email Notifications

    Hello, I am getting this email constantly. How can I fix this. or is there possible to disable smartd emails ? This is the email I got many times: This message was generated by the smartd daemon running on: host name: nasserver DNS domain: The following warning/error was logged by...
  11. P

    HDDs still spin down despite hdparm -S 0

    Hi there! I'm struggling with a recent issue. Apparently this hasn't been an issue before as the HDDs have been running 24/7 since I started running proxmox close to 9 months ago. My HDDs spin down after about 15 minutes of inactivity. This means they are spinning down and back up anywhere from...
  12. T

    Proxmox Hosting TrueNAS VM - Storage Questions

    At the beginning of the year I converted my server from running directly on TrueNAS to Proxmox with a TrueNAS vm. At that time I was able to get all the physical disks passed through to the VM and reconfigure the RAID within the TrueNAS VM, this information will become relevant in what follows...
  13. O

    Proxmox Host and Guest Freeze on High Guest IO

    I have a Windows guest (Windows Server 2022, also happened on 2019) with: 80GB of memory (Host has 128) 30 processors (2 sockets, out of 32 total) SCSI Hard Disk Attached (ZFS RAID 0 was configured on install, not after) Network Speed of ~20MB/s The guest works beautifully with everything else...
  14. J

    Spotty Disk Performance with NFS Share

    Running a ProxmoxVE cluster with multiple Ubuntu VMs with the disks hosted on a TrueNAS NFS share. Occasionally one or more of the VMs will experience drastically reduced disk performance and I'm having a hard time pinpointing the cause. pve-manager/7.4-3/9002ab8a (running kernel...
  15. Z

    [SOLVED] restore overwrite disks

    Hello, If i had VM with three disks like 101,102,103 and i backup 101,103 so when restore the backup (overwrite) what happen to 102 Best Regards
  16. L

    add lvm as storage

    There is an ssd system drive with a capacity of ~446 GB, a total of 2 disks (mdraid1 /dev/md0): /dev/pve/root 96 GB lvm thin data deleted, just a few pops /dev/pve/pve2-local-data - lvm, 342 GB. How to attach it to the qualities of lvm? Accessibility is also suitable only for this node. First...
  17. A

    [SOLVED] Bulk migrate to another disk

    Good day to whomever deem this thread worthy of guru knowledge! I am trying to bulk migrate my VMs from one old node to another. However, I do see the issue is that drive names are different. It is trying to migrate from local-lvm to local-lvm, however, the name of new storage is "Main-VMs". Is...
  18. T

    Festplatten und VMs

    Guten Tag, ich habe mir eine 18 TB HDD gekauft und möchte diese auf eine VM weitergeben, was wäre dafür der beste Weg. Einen ZFS erstellen und das als Hard Disk auf die VM mounten? Mein Problem ist, das ich mir nicht sicher bin, ob das Effizient ist oder ob ich dabei Speicherplatz verliere...
  19. E

    How to protect VM disks from accidental deletion?

    Well, this is a little embarrasing. I was restoring my Plex VM after giving up on UEFI boot with Nvidia gpu and I have plenty of restoration points for the main boot disk. I restore the disk, and go into the hardware section to verify, and I see two unattached disks. One being my main media...
  20. A

    [SOLVED] Can I spin down disks since I'm not using them?

    Hi, I'm not able to physically remove those hard disks so I wonder is there a way to remotely shut them down/spin them down till I'll need to use them again in few weeks/months? I'm already using pass-through in OMV VM that spins down one disk using APM (disk is used by Plex media server)...


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