1. V

    Proxmox host randomly crashes with message "error: unable to read tail (got 0 bytes)"

    I'm having an issue, where the system would randomly reboot itself and all it's container and the syslog isn't putting out something useful: May 12 12:57:05 pve1 systemd[1]: Started pve-container@1005.service - PVE LXC Container: 1005. May 12 12:57:05 pve1 kernel: EXT4-fs warning (device dm-10)...
  2. M

    No data after passing SSD through VM on another Proxmox instance

    Hello everyone, I am struggling with some two-disks configuration for VM using Proxmox. I have a nettop PC that has two disks slots, in each the nvme SSD is connected. Proxmox is running on that nettop, installed on first drive. I have one VM on which Ubuntu is running an application. The first...
  3. L

    ZFS pool not usable for VMs

    Hello Proxmox community, I have a problem regarding the creation of a new ZPool. I have 6 SSDs of varying size that I want to form into a RaidZ2. The GUI is no good since you need the -f to "confirm" the wasted additional space. (I also tried with same size partitions, but proxmox only shows...
  4. H

    Festplatte auf anderen Speicher verschieben.

    Moin, wir wollen einige Festplatten Images von eine Ceph Speicher auf einen mit 10Gbit angeschlossenen NFS Speicher verschieben. Idealerweise habe ich mir eine Geschwindigkeit weit oberhalb von 100MB/s versprochen. iperf3 zeigt volle 10G Geschwindigkeit an. Nun meine Frage: Wird bei...
  5. M

    Boot hang after blackout - due to LVM status?

    Hello, I am quite new to Proxmox. But last night, due to an electric blackout, my single node proxmox, with a single ssd, shuts down. At the power on the node won't boot, after few seconds the only thing I see via console is: pnp 00:01: can't evaluate _CRS: 12311 Found volume group "pve" using...
  6. M

    ZFS - List Disk Hashes

    Hello, I have been searching for a way to find a way to compare VM disk hashes. An older backup-restore test server is setup with XFS and I can easily compare VM disks with sha1sum . However, I could not find a way to do the same on ZFS which is our main cluster based on. I can list properties...
  7. R

    Repartitioning local LVM drive possible?

    Updated-edit on bottom Hey I'm pretty new to proxmox (and zfs) been using it for about a month or two and really like it so just wanted to say thank you right away. However there are a couple things I don't fully understand, I think it will be clear after I explain what I'm trying to do and...
  8. S

    Forensics - Obtaining Disk and Memory Images

    The TL;DR I'd apperciate any comments on the below notes for capturing forensic data. I've highlighted a few specific questions, but any other notes, comments, corrections, or insight would be welcome. Background I work in the digital forensics field and, given Proxmox's recent jump in...
  9. X

    HD space in Node summary wrong.

    Hello. I have a fresh Proxmox installation, but the "HD space" is Node summary is displaying 93.93GB but I have a 1TB HDD disk. It displays correct in datacenter summary. Photos:
  10. M

    [SOLVED] ZFS Raid1 auflösen und eine Platte an anderer Stelle mounten.

    Hallo Zusammen, ich habe zwei große 12TB HDD Platten in meinem Proxmox eingebunden mit ZFS und RAID1 am Mountpunkt /zfs/vm. Das "vm" ist ein Directory, "Datacenter" - "Storage" - "Directory". Ich möchte jetzt gerne eine Platte ausbauen und woanders verwenden. Eine Platte reicht mir aktuell da es...
  11. W

    [Storage] Root FS on consumer hardware

    Hello everyone, I am rebuilding my home server from scratch - the one I am using right now will be demoted to a bare metal PBS host. I will use consumer hardware, currently the leading option is an i9-13700 + 96 GB of DDR5. As for storage, I plan to have an HBA passed through some flavour of...
  12. N

    Proxmox Storage

    Hello, I am new to this forum today, and I already have a question. I switched from ESXI to Proxmox, and the first experiences are already great (I regret not switching sooner). Now I see that 2 partitions are created by default: Local Local-lvm Now I also see that this can be combined into...
  13. A

    Proxmox unable detect NVMe drive

    Hey all, I repurposed one of my windows machines into a proxmox box, but it never recognized the 512GB NVMe drive. And it doesn't seem to even be aware of the fact that the NVMe drive exists. lspci and lsblk return no mentions of any NVMe slot/drive, but the UEFI can see the NVMe, and I can even...
  14. bbgeek17

    [TUTORIAL] Deep dive into Storage Controllers and Performance of Windows on Proxmox - Continued

    Hello All, Here's another technote in the Windows on Proxmox series. In Part 4, we quantify and compare IOPS, bandwidth, and latency across all storage controllers and AIO modes under ideal conditions (i.e., "unloaded"), utilizing Windows 2022 running on Proxmox with iSCSI shared block storage...
  15. T

    VM won't start due to io-error - how to increase disk space?

    Hi, total beginner so please answer simply for me if possible :) I have a 64GB SSD drive, and originally had dedicated 32GB to a VM (running HomeAssistant OS), and 10GB to an LXC container. After updating Home Assistant, the VM wouldn't start, complaining of an io-error: It seems like the...
  16. M

    ZFS usable size in container limited to 9GB

    Hello, I have a fresh installation of PVE 8.1.4 with a ZFS pool: #> zpool status pool: storage state: ONLINE scan: scrub repaired 0B in 00:03:56 with 0 errors on Sun Jan 14 00:27:57 2024 config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM storage ONLINE 0 0 0...
  17. D

    LXC Permission to mounted Disk denied

    Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to the server scene and therefore need support. I'm trying to set up Nextcloud in an LXC on Proxmox 8.1.3. The disk is provided by a hardware RAID controller. The hard drive is mounted, but access is denied. Previously the drive worked fine in OpenMediaVault in a...
  18. D

    LXC Container Diskfehler?

    Hallo zusammen, Ich bin ziemlich neu in der Server-Szene und bräuchte daher eure Unterstützung. Ich versuche Nextcloud in einem LXC auf Proxmox 8.1.3 aufzusetzen. Die Platte wird von einem Hardware RAID-Controller bereit gestellt. Die Disk wird zwar gemountet, aber der Zugriff wird verweigert...
  19. J

    Estimated full takes retention policy into consideration?

    Hey everyone! Quick question: the Estimated full column for a given datastore in the Dashboard: Datastore usage takes the retention policy into consideration when calculating the expected time until the disk is full? I assume it is statistically computed given the deduplication level that has...
  20. V

    Very slow performance in VMs

    Hello everyone! I'm no storage expert but I do observe some subpar disk performance on Windows (I have some linux I can test as well but I didn't notice anything while using them). We use ZFS and we disabled balloon and tablet following https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Performance_Tweaks Here is...


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