1. H

    Proxmox ceph rbd disk mount error

    I am encountering the following error while mounting the vm server on the proxmox ceph pool with rbd, can you help with the problem and its solution. mount: /mnt/test: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/rbd3, missing codepage or helper program, or other error.
  2. L

    Proxmox hangs after transmitting large amount of data over sshfs

    I have an LXC container that has a bind mount to a host folder. That host folder is a mount itself to a folder on a raspi over an sshfs connection. I am running a backup script every night that writes data to the mounted folder in the container so that it is written to the Pi. This worked...
  3. F

    SSHFS Storage as Datastore

    Heyho I have a problem. I have a StorageBox from Hetzner and wanted to use it as a Datastore for my PBS. I mounted it via SSHFS with following entry in /etc/fstab: /mnt/storagebox fuse.sshfs...
  4. A

    Issue with multiple NFS storage mounts on the same server

    Hi! i am currently a bit lost while trying to get a storage running. In my current setup i am trying to add two NFS storages to my cluster that both reside on the same server runnign with DRBD. The storage.cfg is definetely correct pointing to the right exports: Stor1 - export /mnt/drbd0...
  5. S

    mounting NFS share

    Hello, I've checked the NFS settings in Synology multiple times. When I connect to Proxmox Backup Server via SSH and run the "mount" command, it always gives a "connection timed out" error. When I run the same mount command on Ubuntu 22.04 server, it connects immediately without any problems. I...
  6. R

    Proxmox an RCP 4 8GB mit USB-Boot (256GB) / Mount Partitionen

    Hallo Zusammen, ich bin recht neu in die Materie eingestiegen. Konnte aber schon recht erfolgreich Proxmox installieren und das Web-Interface aufrufen. Es werden auch keine Fehler angezeigt und die Updates sind auch OK. Habe allerdings eine Versändnisfrage. Im Anhang kann man die einzelnen...
  7. S

    Externe 3,5" Festplatte an Proxmox-Sever für Plex

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin relativ neu in der Proxmox/Linux-Welt. Neben meiner Pi-Hole habe ich mir nun auch Plex auf meinem Server angelegt und probeweise einen USB-Stick gemountet und durchgereicht. Dazu funktioniert soweit. Mein Vorhaben: Nun möchte ich eine 3,5 Zoll externe Festplatte an den...
  8. I

    Best approach to ceph mount on multiple vm?

    What is the best approach? that will be easy to install and maintain for future upgrades currently on pve 7.4 and ceph 16.2.11 now have 4 vms (as testing,poc) but planning to grow to around 50 ( i prefer to do it once, then clone the node if it is possible) for perspective i have the...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] How to mount partition with data in lxc?

    Good day. I would like to mount a partition (ext4) with data under the LXC container (alpine). Despite the visibility of the partition under the lsblk command, it does not exist in /dev Under "node" you can mount the data without any problem. Any suggestions on how to solve the problem...
  10. J

    mount ceph-fuse via systemd

    Hi, I want to mount a Ceph-FS via Systemd. with the default service template it didn´t start so I made an Override GNU nano 5.4 /etc/systemd/system/ceph-fuse@-mnt-ceph.service.d/.#override.conf4df7857ee6ef3e15...
  11. F

    Mount SMB Share with write Permission in Proxmox Container

    So, I have a network storage (SMB) containing Plex media files. I followed this tutorial to mount that storage to my container (unprivileged). I can access the files but don't have permission to write anything to that directory. How can I make the directory writable?
  12. M

    Edit permissions previously mounted CIFS drives

    Hi all, quite new to Proxmox and have managed to succesfully transfer my media server built with LXC containers and mounted my old QNAP NAS drives in the Proxmox environment via the GUI (Datacenter > Storage) I noticed that my drives are mounted with 755 permissions so my LXC containers are not...
  13. S

    one of my 20 HDDs stopped working in Proxmox, please help.

    All of a sudden without doing anything, one mounted drive appears with a "?". Every drive was mounted via the GUI and all 20 drives were merged into a large pool through a TrueNAS VM. Now suddenly one of the drives does not appear to be mounted and I get the error: "unable to activate storage...
  14. S

    TrueNAS NFS server not responding/retry issues in PVE cluster

    I'm having issues mounting a NFS share on a PVE cluster. The initial mapping works but after some time I get connection issues and multiple retries. My PVE cluster is running with two nodes both with the same version and having and IP addresses. The TrueNas is configured...
  15. L

    Plex - LXC - mounting issues

    Hey, I've setup my Plex server in an LXC container with my media being on a Synology NAS. I've mounted 3 shares using CIFS in my Proxmox Host as directories and added them to fstab like this: I then mounted them in my container like this: The problem I'm having is that even with auto...
  16. Z

    Guest LVM - Zweite Disk nötig?

    Hallo allerseits, für mich ist PVE relativ neu und ich habe eine allgemeine Frage zu LVM. Ich möchte eine VM erstellen und darauf Debian Linux installieren. Es soll mindestens 2 Partitionen geben. Eine für / und eine für /var, Die Größe von /var soll später erweitert werden können. Sollte ich...
  17. C

    Remounting a USB storage device

    I have created a storage called "removable" which was just a USB drive, but I cannot remember which USB port I had it plugged into originally on my server. At the moment, the storage is shown as (?) because it probably isn't mounted correctly: What steps do I need to take to remount it...
  18. D

    I need serious help

    I did a really dumb mistake due to my lack of experience I was trying to remove cifs from hetzner there causing problems. By mistake, I ran this code root@z1 /mnt # mount -f -a /mnt/pve/Google my df went from this df: /mnt/pve/Google: Host is down df: /mnt/pve/Test: Host is down df...
  19. M

    [SOLVED] PBS > how to properly mount NFS storage

    Hi folks, Where in the file system shall I request a mount point to be mounted at boot time? What I'm currently doind post boot is simply that: root@pbs:~# mount fqdn:/volume/datastore /mnt/ds1/ Obviously a datastore is hosted on that mounted NFS share. Everything works all fine, I'd just...
  20. M

    LXC Id Mapping

    Edit: I solved the issue myself, see the first reply in this thread I am currently trying to get the iGPU to work in an unpriviliged lxc container, which runs Jellyfin. I am trying to figure out what exactly I need to do, and used the following links as a basic: Hardware Acceleration...


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