[SOLVED] timeout issues when trying to mount NFS shares from Synology


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Nov 17, 2023
Issue - unable to mount NFS shares from Synology NAS.

Main symptoms:
  • unable to add NFS share to Datacenter Storage (timeout)
  • mount command timing out (on Proxmox hosts as well as CTs and VMs)
  • rpcinfo -p <nas-host> also timeout
After a day of trying out all kinds of solutions, messing with firewalls, straces and tcpdumps, I finally got a clue when I realized that "rpcinfo -p <nas-host>" worked when run as a non-privileged user, but timed out when run as root. Going through some more straces, it became clear that both rpcinfo and mount were timing out on a "connect" system call when the socket was bound (bind) to a prvileged local port (<1024) - when a non-root user ran rpcinfo, the socket was bound to a high port, and everything worked. Since mount has to run as root, I suspected this was also an issue there - and indeed forcing a "noresvport" option flag when mounting the share avoided the timeout, and I was able to mount the share.

I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what feature of Linux/Debian/Proxmox could possibly be blocking outgoing connections bound to privileged ports, unsuccessfully.

After eliminating pretty much any other possiblity, I started looking into my smart switches, since they have some basic L3 features - and indeed, eventually I found an option on the TP-Link switch to which my Proxmox hosts are connected - under "Security" there is a "DoS Protection" feature with checkboxes for different types of DoS attacks - one of them is called "SYN sPort less 1024" - turning this off made everything work. NFS now works fine in both Datacenter Storage, and everywhere else as root using privileged low ports.

After googling "SYN sPort less 1024" I found another post here where some other user figured this out before as well, unfortunately none of my many many searches lead me to that post, so I am leaving this one as well in a hope it might get indexed with some of the keywords and help someone in the future facing the same issue.

TP-Link documentation of the feature and screenshot of the setting

The option is described as "The attacker sends the illegal packet with its TCP SYN field set to 1 and source port smaller than 1024."
Thank you! I just set up my home lab with a TP link switch and had that enabled. It's been driving me crazy.


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