1. M

    pmg-log-tracker = failed: got timeout (500)

    I try to track emails and everything I check throws this error. It doesn't matter the number of days or number of emails to check, in less than 10 seconds it throws this error. Mail Gateway 7.1-1 CPU - 4 vCores Ram: 5GB HD: 22gb used mechanic Example: command '/usr/bin/pmg-log-tracker -v -l...
  2. D

    Proxmox cluster node communication issues

    I have just set up a three node cluster, extending my single host setup. pve1 = 172.x.x.10 pve2 = 172.x.x.20 pve3 = 172.x.x.30 Each node can ping the others fine. From pve2 and pve3 I can ssh to pve2 pve3 and pve1 fine. Nmap also shows all ports open. All nodes use a vlan ID of 5. My issue...
  3. E

    Having trouble backing up PBS VM

    I have PBS running as a VM on Proxmox and it has been working fine, backing up all the VMs (including itself) until recently, where now it can't back itself up (log below). The other VMs still back up perfectly. I started thinking, how can the PBS back itself up if it needs to freeze during the...
  4. D

    Proxmox VE session timeout

    Good afternoon, please tell me if it is possible to configure the session lifetime for the root@pam and user@pve accounts, so that after 15 minutes the session is automatically terminated and the user would have to authorize again.
  5. Y

    [SOLVED] timeout issues when trying to mount NFS shares from Synology

    Issue - unable to mount NFS shares from Synology NAS. Main symptoms: unable to add NFS share to Datacenter Storage (timeout) mount command timing out (on Proxmox hosts as well as CTs and VMs) rpcinfo -p <nas-host> also timeout After a day of trying out all kinds of solutions, messing with...
  6. V

    task apache2 blocked for more than xyz seconds

    Hallo zusammen, auf einem von mehreren webservern bekomme ich diese Fehlermeldung: task apache2 blocked for more than 120 seconds Der Webserver war vorher ein Ubuntu Server und ist jetzt ein neu installiertes Debian 12. Der Webserver war vorher auf der einen Node, jetzt auf einer anderen Node...
  7. D

    Subscription Timout

    I am receiving a subscription timeout error when using the "Check" button: "Invalid response from server. 500 Can't connect to shop.maurer-it.com: 443 (500)". I've edited the sysctl.conf file with the following to disable ipv6 support on the node as outlined in other threads...
  8. B

    Upgrade to 8.0 causes "NETDEV WATCHDOG: enp6s0 (igc): transmit queue 0 timed out"

    I have recently upgraded from proxmox 7.4 (kernel 6.2) to 8.0. I had no issues prior to the upgrade, and while not performing a speedtest, there are no issues. When running speedtests from my main workstation (1.75Gbps pipe) my main pc loses connectivity (but the link is up) with the following...
  9. D

    qmp command 'guest-ping' failed

    Recently I am having problems when performing some procedures in pve, for instance when trying to take a snapshot of any VM the communication with the other vms just hangs, I noticed that I can ping the VM but it does not respond to its host, for example: I have a VM with a hosted website, when...
  10. W

    Issue with NFS

    Hi! Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. I'm new in linux administratioin, so I'm asking for your understanding. One of my clusters have some issues with NFS share used for VZDump backup. It look like time needed to respond by NFS serwer is jumping. time ls /mnt/pve/backup2_storage1 dump...
  11. J

    "complex" VMs get timeout on start

    Hi ! I'm having a bit of a pickle on starting a fairly horrible VM (because it's Windows). It has 3 disks and a GPU passthrough. I have a local NVMe Drive and a fairly good CEPH pool on this little cluster (18 spinners with NVMe WAL/journal and 2x10Gb loop) It manages to start (sometimes) if...
  12. N

    VNC Timeout / LC_PVE_TICKET not set, VNC proxy without password is forbidden

    Hey, When I request a VNC session from Proxmox using the API, the timeout is pretty short with less than 5 seconds. Anybody got an idea if its possible to adjust it? So far I didn't find any way yet.... Regards, Ne00n
  13. S

    Backup timeout for firewall VM

    Hi, Currently I'm running a PVE node on a dedicated host at a host provider. On that host I have a firewall VM to handle all traffic (including traffic of PVE itself). Storage is ZFS based for the PVE server (boot and VM pools) When I perform a backup of the firewall to my remote PBS server I...
  14. S

    Eine Node produziert regelmässig am Samstag Timeouts im Webinterface

    Hallo Proxmox-Gemeinde, mein Mini-Cluster leidet immer noch unter den gelegentlichen TCP-Timeouts, die ich in in einem vorherigen Posting beschrieben habe. Ich habe nun auch das Webinterface der Nodes mit einem Active Check versehen. Node 1 und 3 produzieren gar keine Fehler, bei Node Nr.2 gibt...
  15. S

    proxmox 7.2-11 problem with 'pvesh' command speed response.

    Hello, I have problem with 'pvesh' command speed response. My cluster with 12x nodes with same kernel/proxmox version : CPU(s) 64 x AMD EPYC 7513 32-Core Processor (2 Sockets) Kernel Version Linux 5.19.7-2-pve #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC PVE 5.19.7-2 (Tue, 04 Oct 2022 17:18:40 + PVE Manager Version...
  16. B

    Sync Job http request timed out

    Hello, I have two proxmox backup servers. One offiste to archive the backups from the first one. The offsite server (offsite) gets the backups from the first one (backup1) with sync jobs. This works for multiple datastores except for one. This datastore have about 2520 hosts. Sometimes the...
  17. T

    Trouble starting virtual machine (failed: got timeout)

    Hello. I have a cluster of 4 Proxmox nodes. One of the nodes has 2 virtual machines. After restarting the node, one of the VMs (VMID 116) does not start, with a 'got timeout' error. This virtual machine uses a raw disk file, which is stored in the Proxmox storage dir (dir: backup). The Storage...
  18. A

    Retrieving backup list from PBS runs into timeout

    Hello, i am running into a minor inconvenience with one of our larger proxmox clusters and the related backup servers. About the environment: i am working with a rather big PVE cluster, including more than 5 nodes with a lot of VMs on each host. Those VMs back up on currently 2 PBS-Servers...
  19. S

    Cluster join problem

    I think there is a problem with pvecm since it can't seem to join a cluster that uses the secondary nic and IPv6 only. All the nodes are listed on /etc/hosts file and all the nodes can ping each other and echo using IPv6 (using both hostname and IP). But still every time I try to add a node to...
  20. D

    Timeout loading datastore content

    Hi, I am currently trying to solve a timeout issue while loading the content of a datastore. I have a datastore on the server that write directly to a SSD. The second datastore is a samba share that is connected via VPN. I run all of the backup jobs and after that I have a sync job running...


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