qmp command 'guest-ping' failed


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Apr 12, 2023
Recently I am having problems when performing some procedures in pve, for instance when trying to take a snapshot of any VM the communication with the other vms just hangs, I noticed that I can ping the VM but it does not respond to its host, for example: I have a VM with a hosted website, when I take the snapshot in any other VM the website freezes and only returns after the end of the snapshot process, could someone help me to solve this problem?

Syslog is giving this error:
Jun 26 10:39:17 srv02 pvedaemon[333241]: VM 106 qmp command failed - VM 106 qmp command 'guest-ping' failed - got timeout
are the VMs on the same underlying storage? What kind of storage are you using and how does the load on the server and on the storage look like while the snapshot is taken?
The proxmox and the VMS are in the same storage, they are:
4TB = 4 HD 2TB in raid 10 (GPT/XFS)

I did not observe the high consumption of resources, nothing alert, only the hosting freezing.


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I'm confused by the second screenshot. That shows an LVM thin storage, but in the text you talk about ZFS.

What physical disks do you have? How large is the VM's virtual disk you take a snapshot of? Are there any messages in the system logs around the time the issue happens?
sorry this is wrong, it was xfs.

My server has 4 Disks of 2TB each, with RAID 10 which leaves me 4TB available, proxmox was installed on this disk with the xfs filesystem in place and the VMS are inside local-lvm.


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What physical disks do you have (what model)? Are there any messages in the system logs around the time the issue happens? Does the issue also occur if you e.g. clone a VM or other operations?


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