Hello all!

I have been looking for a Home Server OS that will let me integrate virtualization, docker containers, and file serving. After looking for something for several weeks, I am very excited about everything I have seen and heard about Proxmox.

Imagine my frustration and disappointment when I burn the Proxmox ISO to DVD and right from the start I have to start troubleshooting.

This immediately sent up red flags about the integrity of this development project and how good the finish product would actually turn out to be. Proxmox had such strong documentation though that I decided to stick with it.

Since Proxmox is a very new kind of environment for me, I spent a couple hours browsing the forums and despite the fact that this install issue has been around in some form for many versions of Proxmox's history I found that most experienced users really engaged people to look for solutions because they believed in Proxmox and actively helped find those solutions.

The solution to Proxmox not installing from a CD, DVD, or USB is actually very easy.

Things that DID NOT work:

Using Etcher, Unetbootin, Brasero or the built-in Gnome Disk Burning utility on Fedora 28 on either a CD, DVD or USB.

The DD command "dd if=proxmox-ve_*.iso of=/dev/XYZ bs=1M" (I made sure I was in the directory where I downloaded the file but neither that nor any combination of adding the directory location after if= or removing or alterting the bs=1M had any affect.)

What DID work:

I saved the easiest and (in my mind) least likely thing to work until last.

Going to my laptop running Windows 10, I downloaded ImageUSB from-

https : / / www osforensics com / tools / write-usb-images . html (to new to the forum to post urls, sorry)

-and used that program on Windows to format, burn, and give me a USB stick that was capable of installing Proxmox immediately and without problem.

I've only been running it a few minutes but I thought writing a post on this matter might help other people avoid getting into a few hours worth of troubleshooting. I am really looking forward to playing with my new server setup!
on most systems, using the 'dd' variant (or etcher) should work, sadly there are some mainboards/hardware combinations where it does not boot correctly (mostly hp from my experience)
what should work always is to install proxmox ve on top of a debian installation, see https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Install_Proxmox_VE_on_Debian_Stretch
Yes, I am indeed running an HP Laptop.

Maybe it wasn't even the fact that I used ImageUSB but the fact that I used my roommates Desktop PC to burn the CD then?

Either way, I am really amazed by everything there is to do with Proxmox. New distros are usually a huge job to learn, finding out what the command structure is like, understanding the differences between it and other versions of Linux.. I don't feel like Proxmox is a job at all. Everything is so easy! And it isn't the amount of work it takes to set things up that is slowing me down, but the sheer number of things I can possibly do.

This is really a great product, once you get it installed.
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