Seeking advice for 2 node cluster


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Jul 9, 2023
Hello everyone !

I am setting up a proxmox cluster with two nodes. I know that the cluster must be with at least 3 nodes but I for now that is what I can afford.

I have two identical servers each of them with two storage devices in raid 1 - 256GB/198GB (The operating system is installed on the raid)
The raids are created in the bios of the machines.

Up to now I have already created the cluster and gave the primary node two votes :
1689151757751.png 1689151970131.png

Now I want to create local storage for the two nodes to be able to replicate the (future) CTs and VMs. I have chosen the ZFS option but when I try to create one I get this :

Here are my disks : node 1 1689152531214.png

node 2

What did I miss guys ? I am sorry for the question but I am still a newbie o_O

Thank you !
Hardware RAID provided by your PERC is not compatible with software RAID provided by ZFS.

You're trying to build RAID on an already RAIDed system.
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Using ZFS on top of a hardware raid is not recommended as mentioned in the documentation here.

I would recommend either disabling the hardware raid in the bios or choosing an other file system
Thank you very much for your response guys !
So how can I configure the storage for the 2 nodes and enable the replication ?
I want to stay with the hardware raid if it's possible. Should I configure Ceph instead ?
No Ceph is not a good idea with hardware raid either and also needs 3 discs to work properly.

If you have a hardware raid, your hardware is managing that part. Just go for plain ext4 or xfs then
And replication relies on ZFS. And with only 2 nodes you need a VM on a NAS or some cheap SBC/Thin-Client as a qDevice to act as a third voter. Without that, if any of your 2 nodes will be unavailable, the other one will stop working too because of quorum loss.

I personally wouldn't create a cluster and run those two PVEs unclustered.


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