pve-zsync failed uninitialized value

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Apr 18, 2016
Hello folks,

I have used the fantastic pve-zsync with success on all my containers.
But one of them is giving me a hard time…

Since couple of days and without any changes, It gives me trouble because of "uninitialized values".

pve-zsync sync --source 110 --dest --name NewMail --maxsnap 120 --limit 6250 --method ssh

Use of uninitialized value $stor in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/sbin/pve-zsync line 784.
Use of uninitialized value $disk in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/sbin/pve-zsync line 784.
pvesm path ''
400 Parameter verification failed.
volume: invalid format - unable to parse volume ID ''

pvesm path <volume>

Job --source 110 --name NewMail got an ERROR!!!
ERROR Message:

I have been looking here and there without any success.
I can't really tell where the problem comes from… furthermore since the other LXC containers are backed up without any trouble.

pve-manager/4.2-14/655f944a (running kernel: 4.4.10-1-pve)

As far as I can tell problem is occuring since the update the 4.2-14

The only "specific thing" that this container has is an NFS mount inside the LXC container.
Any help will be appreciated.
can you please tell my on what version you are?
pveversion -v
dpkg-query --show pve-zsync
I'm not 100% sure, but I think the new version 1.6.10 will fix you problem.
I am already at 1.6-10


proxmox-ve: 4.2-54 (running kernel: 4.4.10-1-pve)

pve-manager: 4.2-14 (running version: 4.2-14/655f944a)

pve-kernel-4.4.6-1-pve: 4.4.6-48

pve-kernel-4.2.6-1-pve: 4.2.6-36

pve-kernel-4.4.8-1-pve: 4.4.8-52

pve-kernel-4.2.8-1-pve: 4.2.8-41

pve-kernel-4.2.2-1-pve: 4.2.2-16

pve-kernel-4.4.10-1-pve: 4.4.10-54

pve-kernel-4.2.3-2-pve: 4.2.3-22

lvm2: 2.02.116-pve2

corosync-pve: 2.3.5-2

libqb0: 1.0-1

pve-cluster: 4.0-42

qemu-server: 4.0-80

pve-firmware: 1.1-8

libpve-common-perl: 4.0-68

libpve-access-control: 4.0-16

libpve-storage-perl: 4.0-54

pve-libspice-server1: 0.12.5-2

vncterm: 1.2-1

pve-qemu-kvm: 2.5-19

pve-container: 1.0-68

pve-firewall: 2.0-29

pve-ha-manager: 1.0-31

ksm-control-daemon: 1.2-1

glusterfs-client: 3.5.2-2+deb8u2

lxc-pve: 1.1.5-7

lxcfs: 2.0.0-pve2

cgmanager: 0.39-pve1

criu: 1.6.0-1

zfsutils: 0.6.5-pve9~jessie

openvswitch-switch: 2.5.0-1
Ok so I found a bypass to solve this bug.

  1. I destroyed the pve-zsync job
  2. I destroyed the snapshot and all children
  3. I re-created the pve-zsync job using the zfs path and not the VMID

==> NOT Working :
pve-zsync create --source 110 --dest --limit 12500 --verbose --maxsnap 60 --name NewMail

==> Working :
pve-zsync create --source rpool/subvol-110-disk-1 --dest --limit 12500 --verbose --maxsnap 60 --name NewMail

This has allowed me to get my snapshot up and running.
Obviously a bug with --source VMID
could you post the configuration of that VM ("/etc/pve/local/qemu/110.conf") and the storage configuration ("/etc/pve/storage.cfg")?
It is not a qemu server but an LXC container :

root@proxmini:/home/gregober# cat /etc/pve/lxc/110.conf

#server%3A in production

#service%3A mail server and antispam


#eth0 %3A 2xx.xx1.1x2.9

#eth1 %3A (newmail.osnet.lan)

#eth2 %3A

arch: amd64

cpulimit: 2

cpuunits: 1024

hostname: newmail.xxx.yyy

memory: 5120

mp0: /mnt/pve/newmail_data,mp=/home/mail/virtual


net0: bridge=vmbr0,gw=2xx.xx1.1x2.1,hwaddr=3A:64:62:62:63:62,ip=2xx.xx1.1x2.9/28,name=eth0,tag=213,type=veth

net1: bridge=vmbr1,hwaddr=62:30:64:32:34:35,ip=,name=eth1,tag=210,type=veth

net2: bridge=vmbr1,hwaddr=3A:61:31:33:31:35,ip=,name=eth2,tag=220,type=veth

onboot: 1

ostype: ubuntu

rootfs: ZFS:subvol-110-disk-1,size=256G


swap: 4096

What's specific about this container is that It has an NFS mount inside - I would bet on that for the bug.
PVE-zsync does not seem to handle NFS mount correctly.

root@proxmini:/home/gregober# cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg

dir: local

path /var/lib/vz

maxfiles 0

content iso,rootdir,vztmpl,images,backup

zfspool: ZFS

pool rpool

content images,rootdir

nfs: tide_vzbackup

export /mnt/tank/NFS/vzbackup


path /mnt/pve/tide_vzbackup

content backup

options vers=3

maxfiles 10

nodes proxmini

nfs: tide_local

export /mnt/tank/NFS/proxmox


path /mnt/pve/tide_local

content images,backup,vztmpl,rootdir,iso

options vers=3

maxfiles 10

nfs: newmail_data

export /mnt/data/newmail/virtual


path /mnt/pve/newmail_data

content backup,rootdir

options vers=4

maxfiles 1


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