Proxmox 6.1 LACP bond HP 2910al vlan tagging


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May 20, 2020
I thought I would post this to maybe assist anybody else that has a HP Procurve 2910al-24G network switch and using 'bridge-vlan-aware' parameter in their server interfaces.

I have a 3 server cluster consisting of 2x Dell R420 and 1 x R710. I converted them all recently from Proxmox 5.4 to 6.1 with no issues even converting Ceph to Nautilus went without a hitch. The problems started when I bought a HP 2910al-24G network switch. I have 4 vlans on my network and all have worked fine using my old Netgear switch. With a bond0 active-passive bond and vmbr0 has 'bridge-vlan-aware yes' this allows me to tag the vm's and keep everything simple especially when using a virtual firewall.

The issue I had was when I changed the bond0 to LACP type layer2+3 on the servers and connected them to the HP switch.The bond would come up and be healthy at both ends. Any untagged traffic would go out to the switch but tagged traffic would not get to the switch. After alot of Goolge-ing and reading Proxmox network docs I had to give up and split out the tagged vlans on the bond so bond0.2, bond0.5 etc then create new bridges for each vlan. This allowed traffic vlans to start working again. The only problem with this set up is that the virtual firewall needs 5 interfaces (untagged and 4 vlan).

Although this allowed traffic to start working across the servers its not ideal for me and I needed to know why the 'bridge-vlan-aware' parameter on the bridge interfaces did not work any more. I finally traced it to a debian module not being explicitly set in /etc/modules as doing a modprobe returned an error . To get the 'bridge-vlan-aware yes' to work I had to put '8021q' in the '/etc/modules' file then reboot the servers.

I could not find a mention of this in Proxmox manuals, but after a lot of digging I found it on some Debian networking sites. So maybe it's just my setup, or converting from 5.4 to 6.1 removes 8021q for some reason.

Hope this helps somebody else, and saves alot of time and head scratching

I have tested it here and it works out of the box.
The 8021q will be loaded if a VLAN device is used.

yes, you are right, I have had it working 'out of the box' with vlans for 3-4yrs on my Netgear switch for all this time, and also without issue when I migrated from 5.4 to 6.1. But for some reason when I installed my 'newer' HP switch it would not pass the vlans across the bridge even when just using a single trunk port. Even after rebooting of the server and the switch. I had to split out each vlan and make a seperate bridge for each. But explicitly putting the 8021q in modules allowed me to use the bridge aware parameter as I previously had with my Netgear connected. So I can only presume it is something to do with how the HP switch deals with tagging vlan traffic. If you would like specific configs of proxmox and switches I will gladly post them.


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