1. B

    Network configuration on a Cisco UCS Blade

    Hello everyone, We would like to use Proxmox on a Cisco UCS B200 M-Series Blade. We've already installed the latest Proxmox version on the Host. From the network side on the switch we've configured two LACPs which has 4 ports each. With the VLANs 9 for management and 201, 4092 for data. This...
  2. P

    My first Proxmox (and ceph) design and setup

    Hi, I plan to set up a 2-node cluster, with each node having exactly the same configuration: 1 CPU with 12 cores, 64 GB RAM, 5 x GbE, 2 TB NVMe SSD, and 500 GB SATA-6 SSD. Network: One GbE will be dedicated to Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE) administration (on a dedicated VLAN) and...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Need help creating LACP Bond

    I need assistance in creating an LACP LAG Bond. I am unable to find anything to help with this error: Here are the interfaces. The red is covering-up my MAC addresses. My switch is setup to do a LACP LAG for these 2 ports. I am able to create the bons with 1 interface though, but unable to add...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] VM uses LACP with vmbr

    Hello, I have a "Problem". My Physical Opnsense hardware reached its End-of-Life. So I need temporary to Virtualize my Opnsense. When I import my Opnsense Config, my Network doesn't work. I now investigated and found, its a Problem with my Lagg config. Its set to LACP which I didn't get to run...
  5. D

    Network issue using VLAN , LACP and vmbr

    Hello, i am facing a problem implemeting my network, with aggregation and so... Its been several days that i try things on PVE and on Switch, but i keep not having the right solution :rolleyes:. Maybe someone here can have a solution!! The problem : PVE node (accessible via is...
  6. aasami

    Bond setup

    Hi! I have some troubles setting up bond on BCM57504 via S5224F-ON. Network configuration: auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto enp129s0f0np0 iface enp129s0f0np0 inet manual auto enp129s0f1np1 iface enp129s0f1np1 inet manual auto enp129s0f2np2 iface enp129s0f2np2 inet manual auto...
  7. F

    Cisco switch & Bonding on Proxmox

    Hello! I have a Cisco WS-C4948E and a Proxmox server. I configured LACP on cisco using the following commands: ``` interface Port-channel 2 switchport switchport mode access switchport access vlan 1000 service-policy input RATE-LIMIT service-policy output RATE-LIMIT ! interface range...
  8. N

    From Proxmox 7.4-4 Upgrade to 7.4-13 failed to get now DHCP

    Hi, I have some problems with our Proxmox, we got a complex setup but with 3 switch in a stack. and 4 cables on each server with Link-aggregation setup, in previous version we got it working properly but now seems like after then upgrade alle things don't work properly.
  9. onlime

    ifupdown2 advanced bond config options for LACP

    Hi there. I have my Proxmox VE (latest 7.3) pre-configured for LAGGs with LACP, currently only with a single interface assigned to bond0 slaves, so I can go live by adding the second interface once I (physically) migrate to new switches (Aruba 6300 Series). All works fine so far and «Apply...
  10. P

    VLAN trunk, LACP and management interface problem

    Hi everyone, merry christmas to you :) I am currently rebuilding my server rack and also switched from XCP-ng to Proxmox. Right now I am trying to configure my new 10Gb setup with managed switches (Netgear) and Proxmox. I have four VLANS (280-283), 280 is the management VLAN. This is also...
  11. B

    Proxmox Linux Bond scheint nicht richtig genutzt zu werden

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe meine beiden Proxmox Hosts mit lokalem Storage, mit jeweils 4x 1 Gigabit Ethernet an einen Switch (Gigabit Switch) angebunden. Die Ports sind auf beiden Seiten als LACP 2+3 konfiguriert. Genutzt werden Linux Bridges sowie ein Linux Bond, OVS ist nicht im Einsatz. Über...
  12. V

    LACP For LXC Containers

    Hi All, I recently configured LACP for my proxmox instance with 4 Port NIC using Linux Bond with LACP (802.3ad) Mode & layer2 as hash policy also configured my unifi switch to work in LACP Mode But the issue now i am facing is that my container is not working with full use of LACP i tested it...
  13. G

    Bonded vmbr but only 1 port works at a time

    Hi, Hope you can help me solve why only one ports is active at a time in a bonded virtual bridged port. I have PVE on a bare metal unit with 6 intel I211 ports. In a bonded pair, it seems like only one port is active at a time. The config in the interfaces file is for LACP mode which, from...
  14. S

    Proxmox pve networking

    Hello erveryone, We have two switches connected together in MLAG and we are using a bond on proxmox. The problem is that proxmox is using only one connection as active. I removed the kabel from switch01 and lost the connection to the pvenode. But I do not loss any connection when I remove the...
  15. A


    Greetings friends, im here for some help with my ProxmoxVe installation. I had my server DL360E G8, and this had a 4 NIC (1gb each) and i installed another PCI with 2x1GB. Im trying to get more bandwith with LACP. so my configuration is here I already installed iperf to check bandwith...
  16. F

    [SOLVED] LACP bond at installation stage

    Hi, I have more than 6 NICS in my server. Is there a possibility to create LINUX BOND for LACP at the installation stage or add it after the installation for vmbr0? I tried but it says the default gateway already exists on vmbr0. Any ideas on how to achieve this? Cheers,
  17. B

    LACP bonding with 2 x10G nic are giving 10G traffic only

    Hi, We have 2 servers. each of them has 2 x10G interface. We have created bond interface with 2 x10G nics and connected 2 servers. But we are getting only 10G throughput. Not 20gbps. What are we missing in the configuration? In future we can only use LACP. not other protocols, Because we shall...
  18. ThinkAgain

    LAG, HP1810 Switch

    Hi, I'm trying to connect my Promox machine via Link Aggregation to a HP1810 switch. For this purpose, I have configured two ports as trunk (LACP Active) in the web interface of the switch and link aggregation on Proxmox. netstat -i suggests that this is working: Iface MTU RX-OK RX-ERR...
  19. H

    LACP + Vlan + Disaster scenario

    Hi everyone, I'm running a particular scenario here I'm using three nics in total. enp9s0f0 enp9s0f1 Are bond to LACP, slaves to Vmbr1, vlan aware Should run on a 66 Vlan enp3s0 slave to vmbr0, vlan aware should run on primairy gateway --- The reason for this setup is to, mainly run on...
  20. Q

    [SOLVED] Cant get OpnSense working outside of Proxmox

    My configuration: Proxmox machine has 7 ethernet ports, used as: 1x - Management port 1x - WAN port x4 - LACP bond to Tp-Link managed switch x1 - Used as physical Linux bridge port I have created 2 VMs: 1) OpnSense, uses vmbr1 as WAN, vmbr0 as LAN 2) Ubuntu 20.04, uses vmbr0 as LAN Both VMs...


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