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    linux bridge - untaged ethernet port

    Hello, Since my workstation and PVE home lab server are located next to each other, I would like to eliminate my "overengineered" physical switch between them and replace it with a Linux switch on PVE that takes advantage of unused Ethernet ports. My main question: How can I connect physical...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Create and Setup vLan with Tag in PVE behind pfSense Firewall

    Hello, I´m really having trouble setting up a vLAN in/on PVE and make it available to the firewall and give access to WAN. Setup: pfSense Firewall with public IP and 2 physical interfaces (WAN and LAN) WAN provides Internet LAN Network (Intern IP: An PVE Instance...
  3. A

    VxLAN for carrying 802.1q frames

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to carry tagged frames over VxLAN (even static ones [no EVPN-BGP] is ok) Is such a configuration supported by ProxMox 8? I found this document;a=blob_plain;f=vxlan-and-evpn.adoc;hb=HEAD from...
  4. F

    Internet Connection Issues with Bridges and VLAN Tags

    Hi all, running into issues where the VMs will lose access/no longer able to connect after toggling connection, rebooting, etc. The VMs are able to receive an IP (static and leased) and I'm able to ping them from other devices (vice-versa), but I am not able to reach the internet. Any...
  5. U

    [SOLVED] Vlan tagging not working

    Hi, I can't seem to get vlan tagging working properly. This does work iface enp129s0f0 inet manual mtu 9000 auto vmbr6 iface vmbr6 inet static address gateway bridge-stp off bridge-fd 0 mtu 9000 This does not iface enp129s0f0 inet manual...
  6. T

    How to create a vm bridge?

    Hello, I am new and trying to use proxmox, but I need a tutorial or help to create a vm bride for the vm. Help please? Thanks
  7. J

    Proxmox 6.1 LACP bond HP 2910al vlan tagging

    I thought I would post this to maybe assist anybody else that has a HP Procurve 2910al-24G network switch and using 'bridge-vlan-aware' parameter in their server interfaces. I have a 3 server cluster consisting of 2x Dell R420 and 1 x R710. I converted them all recently from Proxmox 5.4 to 6.1...
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    How to: bond+bridge+vlan in Proxmox 4.x and share a VLAN with your VM guests

    This configuration (perhaps you'll call it a work-around) took me a while to sort out, so hopefully it will save you some time. The problem: When you bond 2 interfaces and then want to make a "vmbr" (for example vmbr0) over them, you'll find that the moment a VM starts with the same vlan tag as...


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