Need help with VLAN and PFsense


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Aug 1, 2019
Please, please help if you can, I have spent hours and hours on this... watching videos, reading and trying but so far no joy.

I have my Proxmox server in my garage, and DSL router in my house. There is a single CAT5 cable connecting the two. I am trying to use a VLAN to route my Internet connection to a PFsense guest on my Proxmox server.
My switches are managed with 802.1Q, but they do not have a 'trunking' mode so I am tagging the connections at both ends. I don't necessarily need the Zyxel, I bought it trying to get this working but I do have a dumb switch as well if that helps.

I have attached a copy of my network diagram I have been trying to implement. It shows all of the information except for the PVID setup (which i think might be my issue) I am only able to assign one vlan per port.

Port 1=vlan99, Port 2=vlan1, Ports 3-8=vlan10
Ports 1-2=vlan1, Ports 3-5=vlan10

So I am trying to use vlan1 to trunk my connections between switches.

I have tried all number of variations on this, such as only tagging the Internet connection but I just don't seem to be able to get it to work. The closest I have had it was, for some reason I could ping from one of the LAN ports on the TPlink all the way through the Zyxel to all of my servers on the Proxmox server. But I was unable to ping the PFsense server. The PFsense server could also not access the router (tested by pinging from the console).

I have setup VLAN on the PFsense server - tried adding another virtual network card so WAN and LAN on the PFsense server had its own device, then I tagged those devices with appropriate ID but that didn't work also. I looked at creating a network bridge for each vlan but i didnt seem to be able to make them active so had to give up on that.

Could somebody please look over my diagram and help point me in the right direction.... I can honestly say I have given it a good go but I just can't make it work. Any advice very much appreciated.


  • Network Setup Diagram.pdf
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Just an update, after thinking some more about this... I think I know what the problem is. The PFsense server needs to have the connections 'tagged' with the vlan, but the other servers I have on my Proxmox server need 'Untagged' traffic. I am going to fit another physical network card into my server to attach my guest servers onto and have the traffic untagged and let PFsense have its own card.


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