Multi-datacenter ?


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Jun 6, 2013

Been using ProxMox for years and it is getting better and better but there is still no multi-datancenter capabilities and even though I would love to stick with ProxMox, I'm now in a situation where our infrastructure is getting bigger and bigger and too complex for one big ProxMox cluster instance.

I'm not here to complain but before beeing force to find custom made solutions or switching to platforms such as OpenStack, I just wanted to know if there were any plans in e near (or not so near) future for multi-datacenter plans ?
Things like one central console for handling multiple clusters, site to site replication, disaster recovery, service discovery, ....

I know this is not a simple thing to do and that most of this can be accomplished in many ways even with the current ProxMox implementation but I'd love to know if this has been at least envision for ProxMox.

Thanks but I know this roadmap and this is more about upcoming release than real roadmap of longer term objectives ... and by now, there is nothing about multiple datacenter management in this document.
Hi, just wondering if there were still plans to implement this? I'm loving Proxmox so far! But one of the things I miss about oVirt is being able to manage multiple datacenters from one dashboard. Even if there are no special features in the beginning (like migration between datacenters) it would still be an amazing time saver to manage all of them from one place :)
Just dropping a +1 on this one.

Building on top of something familiar, like VM replication for example, but between different locations.
Yes - another +1 here. I am getting to the point where multi datacenter is needed.
Any updates related to multi-datacenter? =) 2023 outside =)
What about adding single hosts to the data center without creating a cluster? =)


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