Moving proxmox cluster servers physically. How to proceed to not broke quorum?

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    i need to move my server rack with 8 Proxmox servers to different location.
    My network interfaces where the quorum is running on internal network /not the internet/. I can move all servers at once, or better i preffer to move one after another to reduce downtime
    How to proceed, when i do not want my quorum get broken ? Is there some option to put cluster to some kind of service mode ?

    For example, sometimes i work wih pacemaker, where i can use command "crm configure property maintenance-mode=true" and cluster is not broken during restarts or services.

    Do i have some similar options with Proxmox cluster? Do you have some suggestions how to move servers and not to get quorum broken ?
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    You can remove security 3 nodes without any config adaption.
    But you can also set the expected votes to 1.
    pvecm  expected 1
    This setting is not persistent.

    But be sure that HA is disabled if you use it.
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