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    [SOLVED] Proxmox Cluster geteilter ISO-Storage mittels NFS-Share und TrueNAS

    Guten Tag Zusammen, wir betreiben 3 Proxmox Knoten (pve01, pve02, pve03) in einem Cluster und unsere bisherige Storage Konfiguration hatte einen Storage, für ISO-Dateien pro Knoten. Wir wollten das ganze etwas optimieren und haben jetzt eine TrueNAS VM erstellt, welche wir als NFS Storage...
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    HA for Proxmox Cluster management portal

    I was wondering what would be the best course of action to setup HA for the Proxmox web portal? I am currently usin HAProxy but I noticed that when I go into a console of one of the VMs, it does not use the same server that I am on (connection is probably not sticky). I was thinking a better...
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    Proxmox Cluster Upgrade from 6.4 to 7.3 (using Remote Ceph Storage)

    Hello all, We are currently running a Proxmox cluster consisting of 12 nodes with PVE 6.4 (latest patches) and local ZFS storage. In the future, the PVE cluster will be fully connected using Ceph storage. To migrate the infrastructure to the new PVE version 7.3, we wanted to use our external...
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    Proxmox Migration via Proxmox Backup Server?

    I would like to migrate from Provider A to Provider B (I think this could be Hetzner, checking some possibilities/ alternatives but should start soon, maybe even today) Currently the following setup is used on Provider A - Dedicated Server 1: Proxmox - Dedicated Server 2: Proxmox Backup Server...
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    Kernel Panic nach migration

    Hallo alle, ich hab mal wieder ein merkwürdiges Phänomen. Zumindest für mich ;-) Bin gearde dabei Proxmox upzudaten. Dabei muss ich in meinem Cluster, mit inzwischen 4 Nodes (3 NUC10 i7 und 1 AMD Rysen7 4700), die VMs und LXCs auf den Nodes hin und her schieben, damit ich die Hosts neustarten...
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    Proxmox 7.X biggest number of nodes in cluster !

    Dear Proxmox team , A quick question regarding the number of possible nodes within proxmox 7.x cluster . What is the limitation in terms of numbers of nodes in one cluster ? We simply would like to understand how big the cluster can be ? is it possible to have 100+ nodes in one cluster or...
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    [SOLVED] Problem add external rbd storage

    Good morning, I have a cluster with 16 Hosts proxmox and an external CEPH cluster configured to store the VMS from the promox, I was using it normally on the proxmox and recently we had to do a maintenance on the storage, we moved all the VMS to another storage, I allocated the RBD storage from...
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    Proxmox cluster - disk layout for ceph

    Hi, I plan to build my first ceph cluster and have some newbie questions. In the beginning I will start with 5 nodes, and plan to reach 50 nodes. Those nodes quite old (CPU E3,16GB RAM, 2x1Gbps network), so I think to gain the performance in adding more nodes but not upgrading RAM or CPU. I...
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    search for a proxmox partner (e.g. a systemhouse) in or around Dresden (Germany)

    Hi everybody, Our company came into contact with Proxmox (was version 2.x) via a IT-system-house in 2012. At that time, it seemed very interesting to us to be able to build a spatially separated, highly available cluster from just 2 nodes with little effort and virtually royalty-free and to...
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    Question marks on all nodes but 1 in Proxmox VE 6

    Hi everyone, We recently installed a cluster with Proxmox VE 6 and restored hundreds of VPS on it. The cluster has 6 virtualization nodes and 4 storage nodes. It was running fine for about 20 hours, no issues at all - all nodes showing up with green checkmarks. All of a sudden, two of the...
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    Moving proxmox cluster servers physically. How to proceed to not broke quorum?

    Hello, i need to move my server rack with 8 Proxmox servers to different location. My network interfaces where the quorum is running on internal network /not the internet/. I can move all servers at once, or better i preffer to move one after another to reduce downtime How to proceed, when i do...
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    Deleted Cluster and now I can't access web UI

    Hello, I'm kind of a noob in the proxmox shell. I just got my R710 that was going to upgrade to from my 2950 that I have had for a super long time. I installed Proxmox on my new server and created a cluster on my 2950. I was having issues connecting the two so I decided to scrap the idea and...
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    Proxmox cluster with jbod

    Hi good people. We have a bunch of hardware (a little old) - 4x servers with dual xeon E5 2667-V3, 2 LSI SAS 6160 switches, and one Supermicro JBOD SC837 (12x SSD 2TB, 18x HDD 8TB). Each server has 40 Gbps ethernet, and we have 2x mellanox 40Gbps switches. Nice hardware. Old sysadmin planned to...
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    How to Deploy a 2 Node Cluster on ProxMox 4.x VE

    Hello everybody, I'm writing this short article because I spend myself a lot of time by finding the right configuration to get this working. First of all: A 2 Node Cluster is not a very good way to create High-Availability or even Fail-over scenarios because corosync is not able to create a...
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    Adding new Ceph node to existing cluster

    I have a Ceph and Proxmox running without any problems. Now considering future scenarios such as running out of space on current Ceph cluster. 1. Creating a new node with drives, adding to the already existing cluster makes sense. However, how do we add the new drives in the new node to the...
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    drbd + ocfs2 kernel panic

    Hello, everybody! In our installation we using proxmox 4 cluster (pvecm) and shared storage based on drbd 9 and ocsf2 on top of drbd device for primary-primary mode. Cluster consist of 2 nodes. When io load minimal, all works as we expected, i.e fine. But when users login in Windows RDS , that...


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