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    Cluster Communication Issue

    Good morning, since setting up a cluster with 3 nodes (all running PVE 8.2.2), we've been experiencing an issue where they no longer communicate with each other after a maximum of 24 hours. The hosts are directly connected to each other via a switch. There is no load on the ports in the switch...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Node 1 Down in Cluster Can't turn on VMs on others

    Hi Proxmox community, Still new to Proxmox but was wondering why it is that if I am adding multiple nodes into a cluster they start acting like a legitimate chain and that if one goes down the entire chain breaks. I am working on two nodes for testing different filesystems and virtual machine...
  3. D

    crit: unable to acquire pmxcfs lock: Resource temporarily unavailable

    Hoping somebody can point me in the right direction. Today I upgraded the RAM in each of the 3 nodes of my cluster. I am using Proxmox 8.1.4 on 3 x HP mini PC's. All was working well until I noticed one of the LXC was not restarting. I realised my error, I beleive I had set it has HA but not...
  4. M

    Two 3 node clusters (6 nodes)

    I'm in the process of designing a new HA cluster across two locations. The two locations are connected together with multiple dark fibers and I would like to create an robust HA system that can migrate vm's between the locations. For storage I'm planning on using Ceph as I have experience with...
  5. D

    Two node setup grey question marks everywhere error

    Hi there So I have two physical devices. Both are running Proxmox Virtual Environment Hypervisor. But only one node is up 99% of the time. I decided to have two installations of Proxmox VE and not Proxmox VE and Proxmox Backup Server, because I wanted to be able to do maintenance work or try...
  6. L

    qdevice on Synology DS218? (no apt-get, no docker)

    Hello there, I'm pretty new here, but been playing with proxmox for 3 months now. I have 2 nodes and want to give my NAS a more respectable life purpose -- quorum device to achieve HA. Any directions on running a qdevice on my Synology? There's little documentation online on how to run it in a...
  7. B

    2-Node Cluster Best Practices

    I currently have two proxmox hosts running in a cluster for my homelab. I am concerned about what will happen if one of the hosts goes offline. Whether due to temporary reboot or possible hardware failure. What is the best way to ensure that the remaining host works properly if one of the nodes...
  8. H

    installation of 2 servers for school. Solid advice welcome

    So instead of ordering 1 expensive Dell/HP server I decided to buy 2 identical more consumer grade servers. Purpose is that if one fails the other takes over. Main components: MSI MPG X670E CARBON WIFI AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D Processor (32 threads) 192 gig DDR5 RAM Crucial MX500 250GB SSD (boot) 2...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] TASK ERROR: command '/usr/bin/termproxy 5900 --path /nodes/... /bin/login -f root' failed: exit code 1

    UPON LOST QUORUM (not indicated in the GUI), the attempt to access the node's OWN console ends up in generic: failed waiting for client: timed out TASK ERROR: command '/usr/bin/termproxy 5900 --path /nodes/pve7 --perm Sys.Console -- /bin/login -f root' failed: exit code 1 This is clearly...
  10. M

    issues getting corosync to work for the entire cluster

    Hello everyone, I currently manage a 19-node Proxmox cluster and I believe that during the weekend one of the nodes failed during the weekly VM backup job. Due to that event, the corosync service lost sync at cluster level and the nodes can't speak to each other (no quorum) and they have been...
  11. R

    Designing a Proxmox HA cluster with 4 nodes on 2 remote sites - Quorum and impact

    Hello, we're planning to migrate our VMware infrastructure to a PROXMOX cluster in the next few weeks, and would like to take advantage of the zero licensing costs to create an HA cluster with shared, redundant storage on two sites. We have 2 datacenters on 2 different sites with a latency of...
  12. D

    Clustering with 2 location

    Hi there I may have an unusual question. I have 4 proxmox nodes but one is in another location. In both location the proxmox running the router so the router is needed for the nodes to see eachother. How can I set them up so both location can run independently but I can manage them like if they...
  13. N

    Node Persistent when trying to Delete it

    I am trying to delete one of my nodes in my 2 node cluster. I have used the pvecm delnode [nodename] command and deleted the corresponding directory in /etc/pve/nodes, but the deleted node is still showing up in the WebUI. I saw in a separate post that some others have had to remove it from the...
  14. Z

    Cluster regularly losing qourum

    I have an 12 node homelab that is regularly losing quorum. I think it might be due to a combination of high bandwidth activities (e.g. backups to a separate PBS server) and corosync being latency sensitive. The 12 nodes are almost all 1L PCs (e.g. Dell and Lenovo tiny/micro form factors). I...
  15. H

    2 node cluster with quorum - access to WebUI

    I currently have a 2 node cluster with one quorum device set up. In terms of high availability of the VMs, everything works fine when powering off one node. The only thing that I see in that failure event is that the WebUI of the second (available) node is not showing any content anymore. Is...
  16. M

    Corosync Verständnisfrage (redundante Links)

    Hallo, bei einem 3-Node-Cluster (A,B,C) und corosync mit jeweils link0 und link1. In der Doku steht, dass bei gleicher Priorität Corosync-Traffic priorisiert nach der link-Reihenfolge geht (niedrigste zuerst), also link0, bei Ausfall dann erst link1. 1. Wenn beim Node A der link0 ausfällt, aber...
  17. T

    Allow admin to configure required votes for quorum OR out of quorum behaviour.

    Hi, It would be nice to allow admins of a cluster to define either: - a minimum votes required for a quorum (yes, admins might be aware of pitfalls and are prepared to deal with consequences) OR - define behaviour when quorum is not achieved - current "stop everything and just sit there" is a...
  18. S

    <50% & Quorum?

    Hey all, I have a cluster of 7 SFF PCs running as a PVE HA cluster backed by NFS storage (on an 8th machine, also in the cluster). I'm on "time-of-use" electricity costs, and would love to be able to kill off many of the SFF nodes during "peak" hours to save on energy costs, or if compute power...
  19. Y

    [quorum] Quorum LARGE cluster minimum online servers? any workaround?

    Hi all, As I understands it, for a cluster to be accessible from the GUI, we need half of the servers running +1 I have a cluster of 10 servers and I find it pretty annoying to be forced to keep 6 servers On all the time. Is there a way to get only 3? Under low month workload I could keep...
  20. A

    Qdevice for Non-HA cluster?

    So I'm pretty sure I know the answer. I'm building a very small cluster for now. Two nodes. One hosts the NAS and SAN and a few other 'infrastrcture-y' things. The other hosts most of the VMs that I want to boot *from* the SAN. I can manually migrate them from the service node to the infra...


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