cluster with zfs and ext4 root


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Oct 28, 2019
Austin, TX
I have a cluster with all nodes on ext4 root.

I would like to add a few (new) nodes with zfs raid1 root. I found out that there are some issues, and I would like to know what's the best way to proceed:

- The local-lvm storage shows up with a "?" on the machine with zfs root, which is expected, since there is no LVM there
- I tried to create a local-zfs storage from Datacenter -> Storage, but I could not (there was no zfs pool listed from the menu.
- As a next step I edited /etc/pve/storage.cfg to add a zfspool entry (I grabbed the syntax from an already working standalone zfs Proxmox host not on the cluster)
- Now local-zfs appears with a "?" on all nodes except the zfs node, the same way that local-lvm appears with a "?" on the zfs node.
- I tried to migrate a LXC container from an ext4 node to the zfs node, but I got errors. I was able, however, to restore the same container from backup to the zfs node.
- I tried to delete a LXC container on an ext4 node, and I got the following error:

zfs error: cannot open 'rpool': no such pool

zfs error: cannot open 'rpool': no such pool

TASK ERROR: could not activate storage 'local-zfs', zfs error: cannot import 'rpool': no such pool available

Looks like Proxmox is trying to make sure the local-zfs storage is OK on the ext4 node even though there is no LXC/VM on it.

What's the best way to get ext4 and zfs nodes to co-exist on the same cluster?

Thank you
Have you checked the 'shared checkbox' in the datacenter view? Normally there is no problem setting a storage just on one machine.
as @LnxBil indicated, it is possible to set node restrictions when editing the storage configuration (Datacenter > Storage > Edit > Nodes). But the shared checkbox is for something else ;), namely to tell Proxmox VE that a storage is actually the same on all nodes and not just local storages with the same configuration (some storage types like NFS are shared by default).


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