All SSDs ZFS Setup

Mar 16, 2019
Hi guys,

Need help to get best performance for my server.

- DELL PowerEdge R820
- CPU : 4 x 2.60Ghz E5-4650L Xeon Eight Core
- RAM : 12 x 16GB PC3L-10600, [192GB Total]
- HDD : 8 x 960GB SSD SATA 2.5" 6GB/s (Samsung PM853T)
- RAID : PERC H710 (I ordered a H310 since H710 doesn't support HBA or IT-mode which is recommanded for ZFS)

By the mean time, I still experienced with ZFS on top of HARDWARE RAID
(I know it's not advised, but it's for testing purpose)

I tried multiple scenarios ;

1) Create multiple Virtual RAID0 volumes (one for each SSDs to emulate JBOD for that controller)

a) Proxmox install : ZFS RAID10 (with 8 virtual drives)
b) Proxmox install : ZFS RAIDZ-1 (with 8 virtual drives)


2) Create a SINGLE Virtual RAID volume (8 SSDS in HARDWARE RAID5)
Proxmox install : ZFS RAID0 on top

3) Create a SINGLE Virtual RAID volume (8 SSDS in HARDWARE RAID10)
Proxmox install : ZFS RAID0 on top

4) Create a SINGLE Virtual RAID volume (8 SSDS in HARDWARE RAID0)
Proxmox install : ZFS RAID0 on top


For pveperf, results get better as I went down to scenario #4.
But I was getting max 2200 FSYNC.

I tried a few ZFS tuning options ;
attr=sa, compression=lz4

setting sync=disable boost FSYNC :
this test (dd if=/dev/zero of=./file.out bs=1M count=10k) goes from 650 MB/s to 1.3 GB/s
but the VMs don't seem much faster.

I would like to know ;

- May I expect better results for scenario #1 when I will install my H310 HBA in IT-mode (JBOD) ???
- I mean, might it outperforms scenario #4 ???

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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