2. Proxmox Node iSCSI Connection Issue


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Sep 30, 2021

First: Our Hardware:
Node 1: Simpsons with iSCSI Connection for MGM and one for Server (room 1)
-> Connectet SPF to SWITCH-1 (room 1)
Node 2: Flanders with iSCSI Connection for MGM and one for Server(room 2)
-> Connectet SPF to SWITCH-2 (room 2)
1 MAIN Synology NAS (room 1)
-> Connectet SPF to SWITCH-1 (room 1)
1 FALLBACK Synology NAS (room 2)
-> Connectet SPF to SWITCH-2 (room 2)

Our Synology Setup is a HA Fallback system (woks fine) and is Connectet with iSCSI.
We got a Management VLAN, Client and SERVER (for the iSCSI Connections) in our Nework.

Now the problem:
Node 1 works perfect with the iSCSI Connection to the Synology HA system.
We install the 2. Node last week, set up a second iSCSI connection in Proxmox for it and a LVM but istn reachable for the Node2. If i set it up for node 1, the connection works fine.
All pings from the Node2 to the main NAS works too, but Proxmox/Node2 didnt accept the second Connection (Not reachable)
Just 4 fun i set up the old connection for Node 1 also for Node2 and get the same error result (no connection)...

Our Error Log:
May 10 16:43:44 flanders iscsid[1177]: Connection1709:0 to [target: XXXXXXXXX.com.synology:ClusterMain01.XXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXX, portal: 192.168.--SERVER VLAN--.XXX,3260] through [iface: default] is shutdown. May 10 16:43:46 flanders iscsid[1177]: cannot make a connection to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX:3260 (-1,22)

Is there a known issue to fix this whery handsome? Tanks a lot!
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My output:

iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p 192.168.--SERVER VLAN--.XXX nc 192.168.--SERVER VLAN--.XXX2 3260
192.168.--SERVER VLAN--.XXX:3260,1 XXXXXXXXX.com.synology:NAS-Springfield.XXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXX
192.168.--MGM VLAN--.XXX:3260,1 XXXXXXXXX.com.synology:NAS-Springfield.XXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXX
192.168.--SERVER VLAN--.XXX:3260,1 XXXXXXXXX.com.synology:ClusterMain01.XXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXX
192.168.--MGM VLAN--.XXX:3260,1 XXXXXXXXX.com.synology:ClusterMain01.XXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXX
looks fine 4 me...
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All the obfuscation and line merging makes it difficult to read - I cant imagine any "hacker" out there cares about specific private IP from a 192.168 range that you are using...

That said - it does not look like a PVE/Proxmox specific issue. I recommend you open a ticket with your storage vendor. Its possible you have a restriction of some sort on Synology based on IP/IQN/etc.

Are switch1 and switch2 connected via trunk?

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