iscsi issue

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    Unable to add iscsi LUN to Prox

    I've got a 40TB LUN created on a Dell PowerVault MD3200i. I'm extremely new to Proxmox, so have been trying to follow the wiki on setting up multipath and the iscsi connection, but I can't continue because I'm unable to see the LUN via proxmox. I've added the iscsi connection, and it shows...
  2. D

    How to create a LUN-backed VM via public REST API?

    I've been trying to use one of the Proxmox Terraform providers to provision a VM image backed by a direct iSCSI LUN but was not successful. The provider is currently unable to do this so I started peeking at the REST API on how this might be done. Perhaps I am not looking in the right places...
  3. L

    Ubuntu vm wont start when cloned to lvm iscsi shared storage, local storage ok

    Hi Got issues when trying to deploy vm's from template to lvm shared storage(iscsi), I'm sure this worked ok some weeks ago. When cloning the same template to local storage theres no problems. This is a 4 node cluster created as POC and so far a no-sub license. Hopefully this could be resolved...
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    ISCSI errors filling up the syslog file

    Hello. Running PVE8.1. I don't have a ISCSI connection to any servers. I initially tried connecting, but deleted the config in the GUI since it wouldn't ever connect. I've checked the GUI/Storage and /etcpve/storage.cfg for any referrences to ISCSI. errors are every few seconds and the syslog...
  5. R

    Netapp Storage iSCSI LUN issue

    Hi, We are recently installed Proxmox Virtual Environment 7.2-3 for evaluation purpose. We were trying to attach 2 iSCSI Storage from 2 different storage. The iSCSI LUN from Western Digital got connected successfully but another iSCSI LUN from Netapp storage is not able to connect. IT got...
  6. E

    2. Proxmox Node iSCSI Connection Issue

    Hello, First: Our Hardware: Node 1: Simpsons with iSCSI Connection for MGM and one for Server (room 1) -> Connectet SPF to SWITCH-1 (room 1) Node 2: Flanders with iSCSI Connection for MGM and one for Server(room 2) -> Connectet SPF to SWITCH-2 (room 2) 1 MAIN Synology NAS (room 1) ->...
  7. P

    Proxmox 7.1-7 - Broken? No Network Storage.

    Why doesn't anything seem to be working in this version of Proxmox? I can't set up an iscsi storage, I can't add NFS or CIFS. I am sure there are going to be more things because if I can't even get these to work. Target never loads. can't add the CIFS: Issues from the Command Line...
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    ZFSoverISCSI kvm: cannot create PID file

    Hi! I’m trying to setup ZFS over iSCSI. Both hypervisor and storage are Proxmox nodes. I can create VMs and take snapshots but when I try to start the VM I get a timeout. When I run the command from shell I get ‘kvm: cannot create PID file: Cannot lock pid file’ Anyone an idea how to fix it...
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    iSCSI storage, VM crashing

    Hey all, I noticed that I have sometimes VM with read only FS, or crashed. A VM reset solves the issue, still I'd like to know why it happens. I have a 4 node cluster, running v5.4.6 (the 5th node has a hardware issue) The SAN storage is a iSCSI HPE MSA1040 Then, the LUN is mounted as a bare...
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    [SOLVED] unstable iscsi storage

    Hello guys, this is my first post in this forum, sorry for anything I have a proxmox 5.1-35 host with a remote storage for KVM guests. This storage runs ubuntu server 16.04 and a iscsitarget service. The host uses a LVM storage on top of this iscsi. We are expecting some instability on the...
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    installation of proxmox hangs on boot

    i installed proxmox previously but never had issues like this before. During boot time it loads the modules and at first it hung on a pcspkr issue (pcspkr already registered) and i had to go into a live environment to blacklist it. Now it hits "systemd-sysv-generator: ignoring creation of an...
  12. T

    Proxmox VE 4.2 MAJOR iSCSI bug?

    I have been spending the last 2 days trying to work out why I cannot restore or create any VM's onto my iSCSI backed LVM storage on a brand new 16 node Proxmox VE 4.2 cluster. The nodes are able to create logical volumes in the volume groups however when data starts writing, things grind to a...


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