zfs over iscsi

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    ZFS over iSCSI w/TrueNAS Scale -- difficult troubleshooting

    Thanks in advance. :) TrueNAS-SCALE- Proxmox 8.1.4 with 2 node cluster in a home/smb environment. Main network is 1Gbe, Storage Network is 10Gbe. Attempting to set up storage per many articles, but this one in particular by Surfrock66. All configs followed (SSH, etc) Its...
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    Whilst move storage from local-lvm to TrueNAS ZFS over iSCSI: Warning: volblocksize (4096) is less than the default minimum block size (8192).

    Hi! When I move a VM's storage from `local-lvm` to a TrueNAS Core based ZFS volume over iSCSI, I get the following warning: Task viewer: VM 102 - Move disk create full clone of drive scsi0 (local-lvm:vm-102-disk-0) Warning: volblocksize (4096) is less than the default minimum block size...
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    adding zfs over iscsi (qnap hero)

    Hi all I am trying to add QuTS Hero zfs over iscsi to proxmox v7, assuming from other posts that is free bsd i tried and failed. Anyone able to set this up? Latest version of pve and quts hero.
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    Can't boot vm after put tpm state on ZFS over iSCSI

    Hi, all. I try to put tpm state on zfs over iscsi, but when I try to boot vm, it shows me these information below Screenshot: Code: iscsiadm: No session found. /bin/swtpm exit with status 256: TASK ERROR: start failed: command 'swtpm_setup --tpmstate...
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    ZFSoverISCSI kvm: cannot create PID file

    Hi! I’m trying to setup ZFS over iSCSI. Both hypervisor and storage are Proxmox nodes. I can create VMs and take snapshots but when I try to start the VM I get a timeout. When I run the command from shell I get ‘kvm: cannot create PID file: Cannot lock pid file’ Anyone an idea how to fix it...
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    [SOLVED] Need help configuring ZFS over iSCSI

    PVE 6.4-6 on both nodes I'm trying to set up ZFS over iSCSI to share disks in my cluster. I have followed the instructions from the official docs. I confirmed that I can log in to each node with ssh -i /etc/pve/priv/zfs/ root@ replacing the IP with each node's...
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    ZFS over iSCSI Lacking Container Support - How do I get around this?

    Hey all, I am trying to achieve a dual node setup where Node A is my main compute node which has SSDs. This is a SFF chassis, and the goal is to house all the VMs/Containers here (or at least the boot drive for the VMs and containers here). Node B will be the storage node with HDDs, and as you...
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    PVE Integration + ZFS over iSCSI restore fail

    Hello all! We are using PBS since last week with PVE integration. VM start fine on the iSCSI backend, cloning work too but when I tried to restore a backup (backup made from NFS backend storage and trying to restore to ZFS over ISCSI backend storage) i got an error message : Using encryption...
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    Proxmox VE Shared Storage Advice

    Hello everyone, I am building a Proxmox based VE and I am looking for advice and opinion on shared storage. My objective for this virtual environment is to have a shared storage across a cluster of Proxmox nodes in order to achieve a migration of VMs in case of failure. Currently I am looking...
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    Help setting iser transport for ZFS on ISCSI

    Hi all, I'm new to Proxmox having been running VMWare since maybe 3.5 or something. Decided to switch over because I wanted to take the cheaper path to Infiniband and then found the support in VMWare not quite there. My setup now is Proxmox server with a dual-port Mellanox ConnectX-3 card. My...
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    Accessing ZFS pool in VM

    Hi! I'm quite new to Proxmox, although I have some Linux experience previously, and I haven't found any working way to access my existing ZFS pool from an OpenMediaVault VM. Ideally, I'd like OMV to get access to the disk space directly without having to do a network share; this is purely based...
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    Probleme mit MegaRAID SAS 8708EM2 / ZFS over iSCSI

    Hallo zusammen, wir betreiben einen Proxmox-Cluster mit 4 Nodes (1x Storage Proxmox 6.0-15 und 3x Nodes mit Proxmox 6.0.12). Der Storage nutzt ein mdadm-RAID10 über 8x2TB SM883 SSDs, um darüber via LIO ein iSCSI-Device für ZFS over iSCSI bereitzustellen. Wir virtualisieren aktuell bestehende...
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    ZFS over ISCSI (High Load on Move Disk)

    Hi We have a setup of ZFS over ISCSI using LIO on Ubuntu 18 , and we have an issue with high IO load once we move disks that are bigger than 100GB, once the move starts the Load is low until about a half of the transfer is done, and then it's getting crazy high, our setup is very high end ...
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    ZFS over iSCSI uses iscsiadm?

    I have a mounted ZFS over iSCSI storage device using the LIO plugin. It is successfully mounted to my nodes I took a loot into the /Storage/ISCSIPlugin.pm to see how the storage is being mounted. It looks like it is using iscsiadm But when I try to see the devices # /usr/bin/iscsiadm --mode...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox 6 ZFS Over ISCSI

    Hello, we are using proxmox 6. We using ZFS Over ISCSI with istgt provider and really hard to find the manual configuration. We set up a Linux Debian host with istgt installed. Here's the config for istgt: [Global] Comment "Global section" NodeBase "iqn.2019-08.bpm.lanit" PidFile...
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    ZFS over iSCSI multipath support

    Greetings, are there any plans for implementing a multipath support for ZFS over iSCSI plugin? Considering ZFS on Linux project is gaining more and more traction. As far as I'm aware there is no official multipath support yet ( according to https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Storage:_ZFS_over_iSCSI...
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    Unable to migrate disk with ZFS over iSCSI (Linux Guest)

    Hi, I have been playing around with ZFS over iSCSI, and got it working properly a couple of days ago, and was able to start moving the existing disks over without any issue. Container disks are hosted over NFS. System info: PVE 5.2, latest no-subscription updates installed iSCSI host is one of...
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    What open source solutions are available to use "ZFS over iSCSI with Proxmox"?

    What open source solutions are available to use "ZFS over iSCSI with Proxmox"? Will FreeNas 9 or 10 work for "ZFS over iSCSI"? What solutions are on Linux?
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    Will LXC ever be supported on ZFS over ISCSI?

    I am on the hunt for a shared storage where I can use both VMs and LXC with snapshot. I really want to use ZFS over ISCSI. But from what I could gather last time I tried, it is not supported for LXC? I know CEPH is an option, but it just seem too complex for my little homelab.
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    ZFS over ISCSI

    Since FreeBSD zfs over iscsi is not supported through proxmox anymore. What would be the best system to setup for this?


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