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    Proxmox ZFS on Root Problems

    Hey so thank you ahead of time for reading this. So in my homelab I run a 3 node Proxmox and Ceph cluster with all 3 nodes each running on a 2 SSD drive ZFS mirror. About a week ago one of my nodes had a kernel panic, I'm kicking myself that I didn't take a screen shot but I rebooted and haven't...
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    [SOLVED] Replace ZFS root disk

    I am running zfs raid6 in proxmox 6 x 4TB drive 2nvme, 1 for cache, 1 for logs 2 of the hard drives failed at the same time, I am trying to follow the steps here, https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/best-practice-for-local-zfs-disk-replacement.112188/ but I think my syntax is wrong, or doing...
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    Unable to automatically boot Proxmox VE 7.4 on ZFS (BIOS)

    Hello, I'm unable to boot Proxmox VE 7.4 on ZFS in BIOS mode automatically. It show an error as that disk (hd0,msdos1) is not found as shown in the screenshot. When I press a key, it will show a menu with Grub 2 and Grub Legacy. Choosing Grub 2 do nothing. Choosing Grub Legacy will show the...
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    Proxmox dies on restorin VM

    So I had a an issue with one of my VM, so I started restoring it from a backup. The VM is 1,6Tb it was supposed to be on a single 4Tb NVME drive. The restore hang after 2 hours on 83% and I lost all metrics for Proxmox. So I decided to restart the proxmox machine. Now it's hang or idk perhaps...
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    Failed to start Import ZFS pool <PoolName> 'a pool with that name already exists'

    Having a strange issue... Well a few issues After powering off the Dell R620 the boot up was not normal: The first issue is Failed to start Import ZFS Pool failed I was working on the google fixes for "Failed to start Import ZFS pool" I noticed this was not the right path... The zpool is...
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    ZFS removed disks

    how can i access the information o zfs removed disk? i had a proxmox installed on ZFS raid 1 and Changed the disks for larges one with no issues using comand zpool change, few days ago decide to backup the vms and clean install proxmox... unfortunatly the disk i chose to backup failed and now...
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    [SOLVED] Failed to import pool ‘rpool’; ssd ko ? No go to X570D4I-2T BIOS!

    Hello, My Proxmox server worked very well. But I changed it from computer case to add more hard drive But now I have the next message when I start it. Begin : Importing ZFS root pool ‘rpool’ … Begin : Importing pool ‘rpool’ using defaults … Failure : 1 Failure : 1 Command : /sbin/zpool...
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    Filesystem: ZFS (RAID1) vs ZFS (RAIDZ-1)

    TL;DR ZFS RAID1 vs RAIDZ-1? Hello comrades, After a long trip with Proxmox 6 its time to move on to 7 now. Trying a new clean install i found the BTRFS implementation (not interested for now) and an old intrigue that I could never answer. -Why on the Filesystem options i get options like ZFS...
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    problems with proxmox-boot-tool

    Hello! I recently updated from Proxmox VE 6.x to 7.1, on a system which was set up maybe on 5.x with root on ZFS. I read about the issue with booting zfs and read the web page about it at https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/ZFS:_Switch_Legacy-Boot_to_Proxmox_Boot_Tool. I seem to have exactly the setup...
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    High IO delay and bad zfs raid 1 ssd performance

    Hello together, I have a strange behavior with with a HP MicroServer Gen10 Plus (CPU E-2246G, 64GB RAM, 2x MICRON Enterprise SSD 7,4TB) ZFS Raid1 for boot + vms guest os: 1x windows 2008 r2 at that point where the vm causes i/o's write or read, the pve is showing high IO delays. I played...
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    Proxmox VE with cryptsetup on ZFS

    Hello Proxmox friends, I created a installer script to (automatically) install Proxmox VE with cryptsetup on ZFS using debian live image and debbootstrap. You can find it here: https://github.com/stackcoder/pve-zol Maybe it might be useful for someone here. Cheers, stackcoder
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    ZFS pool import fails on boot, but appears to be imported after

    I have 3 SAS drives connected through a RAID card in JBOD, proxmox can see the drives properly, pool 'sas-backup' is made up of 1 vdev with single SAS drive and pool 'sas-vmdata' is made up of single vdev which in turn is built from 2 mirrored SAS drives. Everything seems to be working fine...
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    [SOLVED] Cannot start Proxmox without a network

    Hello, everyone! I have recently moved my Proxmox PC from the office where I've made the setup. As a consequence, the network where it was connected is no longer available. Today I tried to start the PC, without a network cable attached to it; the result - the boot process got stuck somewhere...
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    [SOLVED] zfs-local Does Not Exist

    Newbie here, really impressed with Proxmox so far. I have been using Proxmox for a few days, and so far everything is going really well. I have three nodes in my cluster, and can move workloads around amongst them and so forth. The first two that I setup were using defaults, so there is...
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    [SOLVED] ZFS pool does not mount at boot-time

    Hello! I am having problems with 2 pools, that do not get mounted on boot. The setup: I have 2 ZFS pools, where TANK/backup GREEN/backup are each for different backups. I configured 2 directories: # extract from # cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg zfspool: GREEN pool GREEN...


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