zfs as filesystem

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    Installing Proxmox on Minipc: Partitioning and ZFS Configuration Tips

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I'm looking to install Proxmox on my Minipc for the first time. My hardware specs are 16 GB RAM and a 512 GB NVME drive. I plan to use Proxmox for Plex (in LXC containers), a few other LXC containers, and 2-3 virtual machines...
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    INFO: Error: inserting chunk on store ENOENT: No such file or directory

    Hello guys, I've searched now more than a hour for a solution in the internet and also by myself for this problem: INFO: Error: inserting chunk on store 'mirror-backup' failed for e1be7f4dd47704ed17a28398ae375859b61bbaeba9e6b2976ef09d0cf3cb9712 - mkstemp...
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    Advices and comments on planned proxmox/ZFS config

    Hi all, I am on the process of setting a small proxmox virtualisation server (around 10 linux vms). I am new to this kind of setup I was working on vmware before. I read throught the doc and forum which answered most of my questions there is however few shadowy points. Disk setups Looking at...
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    ZFS erstellen nicht möglich

    Hallo Proxmox Community Ich habe ein Problem. Ich bin ganz neu hier in der Server-szene. Ich kann kein ZFS Dateisystem erstellen, weil ich keine Disk auswählen kann. Kann mir hier bitte jemand helfen? Danke im voraus Nigo69
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    ZFS or ?????

    Hi, I bought a new machine 5 weeks ago, and installed Proxmox VE. It has a 2.5" spinning rust drive, upon which I installed the O/S, and a 1TB NVME SSD which I set up as ZPS and created my VMs upon it. Everything works fine, but. ... To my knowledge I have had 4 short power outages - all at...
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    Suddenly unable to mount previously working zfs disk image for VM

    Hi everyone, hoping someone can point me in the right direction After using a zfs based disk image for approx the last 2 years, after upgrading to Proxmox v7.1 and rebooting once or twice, I was greeted with a boot error for a vm, complaining it cannot mount the data disk referenced in fstab...
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    Filesystem: ZFS (RAID1) vs ZFS (RAIDZ-1)

    TL;DR ZFS RAID1 vs RAIDZ-1? Hello comrades, After a long trip with Proxmox 6 its time to move on to 7 now. Trying a new clean install i found the BTRFS implementation (not interested for now) and an old intrigue that I could never answer. -Why on the Filesystem options i get options like ZFS...
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    Proxmox on ZFS - Should I be worried ?

    Hi, I self-host Proxmox on a dedicated server, running on 2 SSDs in ZFS mirror + 2 hard drive with independant pool. My SMART results on the SSDs start to worry me a bit, and I'm thinking about ditching ZFS. Some recap: It seems to me the "Power_On_Hours" is incorrect. This server has...
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    Guidance on first build

    Hi all This is my first time using Proxmox and after watching a few videos I'm a little lost on how to setup my storage. I have an old Dell 1U server that I've swapped out the cd drive for an SSD to host Proxmox. The remaining 4 2TB drive's I'd like to setup as a ZFS share for everything else...
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    ZFS Schreibgeschwindigkeit / Fehler beim Setup?

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe versucht 2 Setups aufzusetzen mit zfs. Bei ZFS bin ich noch ein absoluter "Neuling". Bei beiden Systemen komme ich leider bei einem Schreibtest nur auf ca: Sys1 (mirror) = 59.8 MB/s Sys2 (raidz1) = 15.6 MB/s Kommando für Schreibtest: "dd if=/dev/urandom of=file.txt...
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    [SOLVED] ZFS Backup and Restore massively fill RAM and eventually SWAP with ZST compression

    Hello, recently I noticed a problem with ZFS and creating compressed backups (ZST compression) on the latest Proxmox VE 6.3-6. Every time I create a backup, my entire RAM + some SWAP (64 GB DDR4 + 32 GB SWAP) quickly fill up. This RAM won't (!) free up after the process has finished and will...
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    VMs config lost after pool importing

    Hello, everyone! Recently I have moved my Proxmox host from one office to another one. That move implied the changing of the network. Between the two moves, I have repeatedly tried to start the host, both by the normal boot process and using the Proxmox 'ZFS rescue boot' (by booting from a...
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    Replicate Multiple Nodes to set of Nodes

    Hi Everyone, This is great to post on this forum. I am really surprised to see great features Proxmox providing out of box, It has been 3 months i am reading forum posts and trying proxmox in a single box. i really appreciate The Team behind Proxmox for great development effort and Support as...
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    PVE 5: VM on mounted zfs?

    In PVE 5.2 I can add say couple of HDDs as ZFS based mirror. Then the ZFS pool can me added as storage. But ZFS pool can be as well mounted as general disk. But say I added this way the ZFS pool as storage or added it as dir storage. How is the pros or contras to do both options? ZFS pool...


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