1. J

    Host and CTs can't ping google but can ping gateway (WLAN and LAN)

    Hi all, New to proxmox and I can appreciate that this is yet another internet connection issue post. I've been through most posts trying to implement the changes etc, so I've made a lot of variations and tweaks so it might be a bit of a mess. So thank you in advance for your help and patience...
  2. M

    using a proxmox-host as a WLAN-bridge and security

    I use a little NUC with an integrated Wifi-module as a proxmox-host. On the proxmox-host runs a "home assistant"-VM. Because a "shelly EM"-sensor is too far from my Wlan-router, i placed my NUC nearer to the shelly EM, to have a better Wifi-connection from my NUC to the sensor. The NUC is...
  3. M

    Proxmox over WIFI (WLAN)

    Hi, I was trying to configure my proxmox server to connect to the internet via wifi, so I configured my /etc/network/interface like this auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto wlan0 iface wlan0 inet static address gateway bridge-std off bridge-fd 0...
  4. D

    My host OS (VM) didn't get the connection from WiFi but my Proxmox was connected

    I just installed an OS on top of PVE (MacOS Big Sur to be precise). I have a Realtek WiFi dongle USB (RTL8188EU). I have configured my /etc/network/interfaces file with wlan interface set to dhcp with wpa-ssid and wpa-key enabled as well as using allow-hotplug. But if I started my VM, booting up...
  5. P

    [TUTORIAL] How to set up Proxmox VE 7 on a laptop (workstation) with wifi (wlan)

    Tested on a Lenovo Thinkpad P1 gen2 with the Proxmox 7.1-2 iso. An ethernet connection to internet is required during the installation process (because iwd is not installed by default). 1. Plug the ethernet cable 2. Install Proxmox 3. Reboot and login with root 4. Update the Proxmox...
  6. C

    Ethernet, WiFi on Bond Bridge Setup Help

    I have 2 physical interfaces, enp43s0 (ethernet) & wlp0s20f3 (wifi). I also have two virtual bridges; vmbr0 (used by proxmox for web ui access), and vmbr1 (for all vms to use, connected as local NAT on subnet). Most of the time, I am connected through WiFi, but I'd like to have a...
  7. T

    WLAN configutation error: setup host server with wifi instead of using ethernet

    Hi all, I'm trying use my old laptop as a proxmox testing server. I do not want it to be attached to ethernet and i want it to connect to my network via wifi. To configure it i'm connected via ethernet using ssh protocol. I did some research and found this wiki...
  8. S

    Wlan Stick in Proxmox einbinden

    Hallo ich habe einen Wlan Stick von TP-Link einen TL-WN722N. Ich würde gern wissen wie ich diesen wlan Stick in Proxmox eingebunden bekomme. Und wie ich ihn dann bei Netzwerk einbinde mit einer feste IP Danke für eure Antworten im voraus
  9. D

    Not working connection forwarding from wlan to vmbr0

    Hello. I've followed this setup guide, but I'm still having connection issues. It doesn't work. Internet connection is not available within the virtual machine for both windows and linux. I am attaching my config file. auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eno1 inet manual auto wlo1...
  10. S

    Proxmox setup and WLAN

    Hi, I have just completed a build on a small server, using consumer grade components. I want to setup a bare metal hypervisor, and for the life of me I can't get the network interfaces to work. I started out trying to use VMWare ESXi, then Hyper-V Server 2019, and finally after further research...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] WLAN doesn't stay in bridge

    I'm running proxmox on a PC that has a wireless interface (wlp2s0) and I've bridged it into vmbr50. I'm running hostapd in order to turn the wireless interface into an AP. I have everything working. When I run "brctl show" it lists wpl2s0 in bridge vmbr50. When I reboot its no longer in...
  12. K

    Problem with the VM network

    Hey guys i'am really new in proxmox virtualisation and i have some configuration problems. I have to laptops: 1x CentOS 7 with GUI (Host) 1x PROXMOX Debian (Server) Both are connectet through a Switch and had static ip addresses both laptops also have...


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