windows 2016

  1. K

    Issues with Proxmox Windows 2016 VM unresponsive and can only be reset

    We have four nodes in a cluster with the same hardware. It is a Dell M910 blade server with loads of cpu and ram, nowhere near capacity. The VM is running up to 25% capacity of ram , 15% cpu and 80% hd. I have put the vm on a host where it is the only one, and updated that host to the lastest...
  2. J

    Issue Restoring a Windows 2016 Server VM which uses OVMF BIOS Boot stuck

    Hello Everybody. I'm thinking there is a setting I am missing. Initially this was from a physical Windows Server 2016 Physical Install which was converted to Proxmox through a VHD. The Bios is OVMF. It's been running for a couple years atleast. Until one latest update, the reboot got stuck on...
  3. J

    P2V Win Srv 2016 not booting on Proxmox

    Hello everyone, It's a couple days I'm struggling with a Windows Server 2016 migration. Here what I've done: Installed VirtIO drivers on the phisical srv (even if probably it's useless) Exported a qcow2 image with Starwind P2V Converter Imported the qcow2 on proxmox and created a vm with...
  4. C

    Defekte Dateisysteme unter deutschem Windows

    Hallo zusammen, vor einiger Zeit hatte ich folgenden Post geschrieben: Die Kurzfassung ist, dass es ständig zu defekten Dateisystemen unter Windows mit SCSCI-VirtIO auf ZFS gekommen ist. Wir haben den...
  5. G

    MsSQL server 2016 on pve Vs ms hyper-v performance problem

    Good day support staff and community, I have a problem with mssql server 2016 standard I migrated a windows 2016 virtual machine with mssql server 2016 from Hyper-v to pve. The customer reported a sluggish performaces. I'm using mssql studio to run a test query (which reads a lot of data but...
  6. K

    Proxmox VE 6.3-2 compatibility with VirtIO drivers?

    Im running VE 6.3-2 as a hypervisor on Debian 10 (for reference) Heres my situation. I use Virtualizor to provision Virtual Machines when orders are made on my WHMCS website. I have used Virtualizor provided windows templates, but my clients have had some issues with them (fixable issues) but...
  7. S

    storage migration failed: error during cfs-locked 'storage-XXX' operation:

    Hallo :) Ich habe bei mir ein kleinen Cluster aus drei Nodes und einen Server 2016 als Storage Server. Dieser Server besitzt mehrere NFS Freigaben für den Cluster wo eine Freigabe für VMs dient. Dieser ist eine einzelne SSD die nur dafür genutzt wird. Wenn ich jetzt versuche eine VM darauf zu...
  8. F

    Guest Agent is Running but does not respond to [qm guest agent <vmid> ping]... Help

    I have two Windows servers (2012 & 2016), that are no longer responding to Shutdown calls to Guest Agent. The Qemu services are running on both and I have restarted them. I have checked that neither VM has a lock or anything pending (not even updates). What I have just noticed that both of the...
  9. I

    nested virt - proxmox (debian9(windows srv 16))

    Good day. For academic purposes nested virtualization is required. host - proxmox 5.4-3 (CPU:12 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2603 v4 @ 1.70GHz (2 Sockets)) 1 layer: debian 9 (CPU: host (nested enable)) 2 layer: any linux - all goods 2 layer: windows 7-10 (install slow, virtio support installed...
  10. E

    Windows Server 2016 freezing

    I have a Windows Server Standard 2016 VM running Exchange server that is freezing every time it is booted up. I have checked disk space, and it is not an issue. When the freeze occurrs, I can not interact with the VM or ping it on the network. Here is the output of pveversion -v proxmox-ve...
  11. R

    Passing RAID to Windows Server

    This is more of a question, not saying anything is wrong with proxmox. I am able to pass thru an Areca 1882ix-24 to Windows 10 and use the latest Areca driver ( without any issue. If I attempt to pass this card thru to a Windows 2016 or even Windows 2019, I start having all kinds of...
  12. E

    Problem with Windows 2016 Server install

    I am following the instructions in the video When I am using the latest virtio scsi drivers for 2K16 but I cannot pick the main drive to install on. I get the following error: "Windows cannot be...
  13. Y

    I/O problems on Windows 2016 VM

    Hello, i have tested every options to have decent performance on Windows 2016 VM but with big writes ( over 30/40Giga ) the VM hang and i can see on dmesg: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [...


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