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    [SOLVED] Web UI doesn't work when PCIe card connected

    Hello all! I did a fresh install of Proxmox VE 7.4 (and now also tried with 8.0) on a single Intel Optane P1600X SSD. After installing, I am able to access the web UI at Everything works fine, no problems. But when I install a PCIe add-on card with two more identical...
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    Can't access Proxmox from PFSense LAN

    I'm very new to Proxmox, PFSense and just networking in general, but I wanted to get my hands dirty setting up my own router. I've installed Proxmox VE on a Dell Optiplex that I got, along with an 1Gig, 4port Intel NIC that was recommended by the PFSense forums. Installed PFSense too and that...
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    SSH public key validation error (500)

    I'm bumping my head against this problem where I need to add several keys for containers at creation time, but keep getting the above error on PVE 7.4 when doing it via the WebUI/GUI interface. What is the expression/criteria to match or make it work? Is it acctually supported? as it seems to...
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    [SOLVED] gui dosen't work

    already two/three months I have proxmox ve installed, yesterday the web gui was no longer working. to access it I used: https://ipaddress:8006 can i restore it somehow? maybe configuring the two network cards from the shell? I don't want to lose all the data as it is quite important. btw I...
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    The web interface stopped working

    The web interface stopped working, all the services work in the logs, there is no error, the datastore was temporarily disabled for a while, but I think this can not be a problem, help me understand what's going on
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    Load balancing: Only provide web interface on one node and email notification

    Hello! In the documentation it is said (https://pmg.proxmox.com/pmg-docs/pmg-admin-guide.html#_load_balancing): The second node can then be used as a quarantine host, that only provides the web interface to the user quarantine. 1. But I did not find a chapter, how to configure that - so can you...
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    Web UI and ssh not answering soon after start

    Hi, I'm new to ProxMox, so, Sorry for noob questions. I've bought a small pc (AMD Ryzen 7 5825U, 32G RAM, 1Tb NVME SSD) for experiments with virtualization. Problem: I've installed Proxmox VE 7.3 with ISO Installer from official site. Everything worked fine during first ~10 minutes. After...
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    [SOLVED] No WEB GUI access to fresh instalation

    Dear All - Please support. I'm all over similar threads without any luck/success. Fresh miniPC beeline INTEL 5905/ 16GB RAM / 256GBm.2SATA / LAN,WiFi I have instaled 7.3 then 7.1 now 6.4, all had/have same issue - no respone over WWW https://****:8006/ The latest instal without attempt of...
  9. G

    [Feature Suggestion] use monospace in server-view web ui

    I don't know if it's only me, but I sometimes wished that the server-view in in the proxmox web ui would be monospace. I mean that if some kind of naming convention is used it's still hard to find the servers, as their naming is not aligned very well. If it's not only me wondering if that would...
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    Failed to start PVE API Proxy Server can't acquire lock '/var/run/pveproxy/pveproxy.pid.lock

    Hello My server ran some years without trouble but now I am facing a problem which I don't know how to resolve. I firstly noticed backup was buggued, with a task stucked for 2 months now. When I killed it manually by web interface I have just wait to see if the server would get it working the...
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    [SOLVED] PCI Sata Controller deaktiviert Web Interface

    Hallo meine lieben Proxmox Freunde, ich habe auf meiner Proxmox Server eine VM laufen, an jene ich zwei HDD’s durchgereicht habe. Leider haben ich in diesem RAID nur 4 TB und das reicht leider nicht, deshalb wollte ich das System um zwei weitere 4 TB HDD’s erweitern. Nun habe ich nur einen...
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    [SOLVED] Web interface not working, and /etc/pve not mounting

    Hi, We have a cluster of 9 nodes with a ceph pool for vm storage, lately we stopped to have access to the web UI, but we still have ssh access to the servers, and all the VMs are still running fine. We've tried to debug the problem with no luck, the only thing that we were sure about is that...
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    [SOLVED] Web GUI not available after update to 7.2

    Hello, we updated last friday to proxmox-ve 7.2 and rebooted our server afterwards. After the reboot the web GUI was just blank. Some more reboots didn't help to bring the web GUI back to life. So we tried the following things: apt --fix-broken install as there was nothing to repair, nothing...
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    [SOLVED] Weboberfläche & Shell nicht mehr erreichbar

    Hallo Zusammen, Ich hatte vorhin an einer VM die PCI Passthrough geändert um das Audio Geräte nutzen zu können. Wie folgt: in der vmid.conf habe ich dies hier eingefügt hostpci0:01:00.0 Da es nicht funktioniert hat, habe ich es entfernt und wollte die VM wieder starten. Hier kam dieser...
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    [SOLVED] Web GUI not working on win10

    I cant connect to webgui of proxmox instance using my win10 pc even though my ios phone connects just fine. Router brand: HALNY I tried: -turning firewall off -different browsers -private window in browser -reboot of pc, router and proxmox server -turning off proxmox firewall (using pve-firewall...
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    [SOLVED] Web GUI not found on win10

    I cant connect to webgui of proxmox instance using my win10 pc even though my ios phone connects just fine. Router brand: HALNY I tried: -turning firewall off -https and http -different browsers -private window in browser -reboot of pc, router and proxmox server Is there anything I'm missing?
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    [SOLVED] Web interface requires re-login at regular intervals even with activity

    I've installed the latest Proxmox VE on a new machine and the web interface keeps kicking me out. It's not the inactivity timeout, because it kicks me out even when I click something different every 3 seconds. I've looked at this problem reported in the past and most times it's been clock/time...
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    It takes time to access the PVE and application web interface

    Hello everyone !! I use PVE 7.1 (no-subscription) and I've been facing an annoying problem related to the applications' web interface... The question is the following: when I spend a certain amount of time (over 48h, on average) without accessing the web interface of any application or the Web...
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    Unable to Load Web-GUI while still able to make an SSH connection

    Hey, I have a very basic understanding of the linux cli and I've only recently begun using proxmox. I've looked through a few different forum posts but I'm still at a loss. Looking for assistance/ guidance on troubleshooting my issue. I can ssh into my proxmox server (an old laptop) but when...
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    GUI not functioning on a new install.

    Installed Proxmox on a second host and am getting an error (shown below) when trying to edit anything on a VM using the web interface. Result verification failed (400) boot: value does not match the regex pattern Here is my output of pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 6.0-2 (running kernel...


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