1. D

    VNC Proxy Failed to Start

    When I migrate a ubuntu vm from pve0 to pve1 or pve2 in a cluster I lose vnc access. When I move the vm back to pve0 I get vnc access. Environment: - 3 identical hosts in a proxmox cluster. - ubuntu23.04.3 Minimal with qemu-guest-agent The vm lives on vlan 20. I don't want the vms to have...
  2. U

    Opening a VNC console from an external app

    I'm developing a customer facing admin panel application that talks to Proxmox in the background and I need to be able to open a noVNC window from there. Through various tutorials and forum posts, I was able to put together a URL that should open the console however it always ends with a 401: No...
  3. Y

    Using vncwebsocket via API - LXC works while QEMU doesnt

    Hi all Been butting my head against the wall for the last few days over this issue. I was hoping if maybe someone has had the same and found a solution Summery: 1) We are using the API (tokens only, no cookies) to get the vnc credentials using the vncproxy endpoint with the added flag of...
  4. parrotassassin15

    [TUTORIAL] How to set up noVNC on a web application.

    A little back story I have had many issues with setting up noVNC after countless hours of research I finally got everything working as designed. I would like to post a quick walkthrough of how I did this so people in the future will have less issues. I am using the following API Wrapper for...
  5. B

    [TUTORIAL] Proxmox console connection on 3rd party application

    Hello, I would like to share with you a problem that I could not find the answer to, but I solved. I hope it helps someone. I have developed an application with Laravel so that my clients can manage virtual machines and I don't want to share the proxmox node ip information.I followed the...
  6. N

    VNC Timeout / LC_PVE_TICKET not set, VNC proxy without password is forbidden

    Hey, When I request a VNC session from Proxmox using the API, the timeout is pretty short with less than 5 seconds. Anybody got an idea if its possible to adjust it? So far I didn't find any way yet.... Regards, Ne00n
  7. C

    I want to use vue novnc to connect the virtual machine created by proxmox

    I want to use vue novnc to connect the virtual machine created by proxmox. I found the API shown in the figure below, but I don't know how to apply it.
  8. J

    [SOLVED] Websocket connection invalid pvevnc ticket

    Hello Reading through the API call I can successfuly make request to the following endpoints: post - api2/json/access/ticket post - api2/json/nodes/node/lxc/vmid/vncproxy get api2/json/nodes/node/lxc/vmid/vncwebsocket From these (besides other things) I have the pvevnc-ticket, the websocket...
  9. G

    [SOLVED] 401permission denied - invalid PVEVNC ticket

    I'm trying to call the console from an external site. I have successfully called so far: GET / api2 / json / access / ticket POST /api2/json/nodes/{node}/lxc/{vmid}/vncproxy I'm trying to call now GET / api2 / json / nodes / {node} / lxc / {vmid} / vncwebsocket but it gives me an error. I don't...
  10. F

    Embed Proxmox noVNC on external Website

    Hello, i have searched for a long time, but have not found an answer for this problem. The goal is to include a noVNC instance on a website where the virtual machines can be controlled. However, the Proxmox server should not be accessible from the outside, but only the page with the novnc...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] LC_PVE_TICKET not set, VNC proxy without password is forbiddenTASK ERROR: Failed to run vncproxy.

    Hello everyone! I recently upgraded from pve 6 to 7 and moved my cluster to a new network. Unfortunately the remote vnc console is broken now. I cannot access the "Console" of a VM from one node if the VM is not running locally. If the VM is running on the same node, the vnc connection...
  12. M

    VNC proxy connection timed out

    Hello Proxmox Community, When the creation of a TCP VNC proxy connection is requested, I noticed we only have 10 secondes to initiate the VNC connection. I would like to know if there's a way to increase this timeout. Thanks for your help!
  13. N

    VNC consoles extremely slow

    The issue I am seeing is that VNC consoles appear to be very slow, and with ~30 users connected, practically unusable, with keystroke latency reaching upwards of 10 seconds, intermittently but frequently. The VMs, however, are fine. RDPing or SSHing in shows that the VMs are just as responsive...
  14. M

    Failed to run vncproxy.

    Hello! When I want to run Windows VM, the VM do not see hard disk, and do not working.Task bar I see this error How I can fix it? Thanks in advance for your answer
  15. D

    BUG Report - NoVNC Konsole / VNCproxy ein User sieht Konsole vom anderen User

    Hallo, in Proxmox 6.3-6 waren mehrere unterschiedliche Proxmox VE User gleichzeitig in der Konsole aktiv. Durch Zufall hat einer der User in der geöffneten Konsole den Bildschirm einer fremdem VM zu sehen bekommen (durch Screenshots belegt). Mit einem refresh war wieder der Bildschirm der...
  16. X

    Failed to run vncproxy

    Hello, I have installed 2 times Proxmox on a pc and when I try to power on a VM says: Failed to run vncproxy My pveversion-v is: root@proxpve:~# pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 6.3-1 (running kernel: 5.4.73-1-pve) pve-manager: 6.3-2 (running version: 6.3-2/22f57405) pve-kernel-5.4: 6.3-1...
  17. M

    Failed to Run vncproxy

    Hello team, I was trying to create a windows VM in the newly installed proxmax. For some reason, Im getting "Failed to run vncproxy" in the middle of windows installation in the VM. I have tried many solutions from the forum and nothing seems to be working for me. Please help. I was following...
  18. A

    Proxmox api vncwebsocket

    Hey guys :), I am currently trying to embed a console into a website. from what I read to this point the way to do it is : - vncticket = ticket from previous request ; port = port from previous request The first part works just fine.(I get a ticket in following format : PVEVNC:xxxxxxxx==)...
  19. Y

    [SOLVED] Connect to VM by vnc/spice

    Hi, I want to connect to my machine (currently PROXMOX on VM on my computer) through external VNC and not what's on the site. When I send the following command to the REST API:{node}/qemu/{vmid}/vncproxy I receive the following information...
  20. D

    PHP API VncProxy und VncWebSocket

    Guten Tag, ich bin mittlerweile mit meinen nerven am Ende. Ich versuche gerade über meinen WebServer eine VNC Verbindung zum Proxmox Server aufzubauen. Steuerungen wie neustarten und stoppen von VMs mittels der Api funktioniert. Allerdings das einbinden der VNC geht nicht. Aber ich verstehe...


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