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    [TUTORIAL] Migrating out of AWS EC2 and onto Proxmox

    Amazon is attempting to lock in their customers into their EC2 offering. I'm going to show you one way how to break that lock-in. Amazon purposely makes it as difficult as possible to migrate virtual machines off of EC2 and onto other formats. AWS REQUIRES that you invoke their command-line...
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    Converting Proxmox VM to VMware Using "Move Storage" in GUI.

    Hello all. After much searching it looks that the favored way to convert a Proxmox VM to VMware is the method of using qemu-img to convert it. As shown here: https://www.cinderblock.tech/p/migrating-proxmox-raw-lvm-to-vmdk-for-vmware/ If you use "Move Storage" in the GUI to convert to .vmdk do...
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    qm importdisk generates a 1000 GiB vmdk file from a 60GiB vmdk

    Good morning everyone! We are trying to migrate a 60 GiB vmdk Virtual Machine to Proxmox 8.0.3, but "qm import" is generating a 1000 GiB vmdk file root@pve:~# qm importdisk 103 /mnt/pve/Synology/vmfile.vmdk DISK_SDK --format vmdk importing disk '/mnt/pve/Synology/vmfile.vmdk' to VM 103 ...
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    Importing/exporting VMs or disks from VMware and RH[E]V/oVirt

    With RHEV/oVirt/CentOS all being decomissioned, I am looking for a new home. Proxmox is looking better than Xcp-ng in many ways, but even if those guys use Xen, migration facilities seem much easier and more mature. oVirt/RHV wasn't too bad at importing VMware VMs, but its own exports tend to...
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    qm importovf error

    I'm trying to import a Tenable .ova into Proxmox so I follow these steps. 1) Downloaded the .ova from - https://www.tenable.com/downloads/tenable-appliance?loginAttemted=true&loginAttempted=true#tenablecore-nessus 2) Used scp to transfer it to my Proxmox 3) Then I used tar xvf example to get my...
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    Migration von vmWare auf PVE

    Moin, aktuell habe ich das Vergnügen vmWare Maschinen auf PVE zu migrieren. Alles in Allem funktioniert das auch, die Hardware wird "umgebaut" und die Treiber greifen auch. Mir stellt sich nur eine Frage: Meine lieben externen Kollegen (ein Systemhaus in NL) hat überhaupt keine Lust, mir die...
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    [SOLVED] Migrating VMs from ESXi to PVE (ovftool)

    G'day from Australia, We've got a predicament that we'd appreciate some guidance with. 4x managed VMs run on 2x ESXi hosts (2+2), and there's no supported pathway to migrate them (ie. ditch ESXi in favour of PVE). Across the remainder of our infrastructure, ESXi has been gladly purged and our...
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    VMDK image on PROXMOX

    VMDK Image is standard VMware, right? If I upload this image on PROXMOX will there be any incompatibilities or will it degrade machine performance? Thanks
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    [SOLVED] QM Migration Error: vmdk format does not support live migration

    Hallo Zusammen, Wir haben ein Problem beim Migrieren einer VM vom einen Node auf den anderen. Die zu transferierende VM hat 2 Festplatten eingebunden. Eine im local-lvm und eine auf einem Remote Synology Server. Dieser Synology Server ist bei beiden Nodes über NFS unter demselben namen...
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    De-allocation problem on host disk space using VMs with qcow2/vmdk disk formats

    If a VM is build using qcow2 or vmdk HDD format with size say 1TB and fill it up completely, it uses 1TB of Proxmox server disk space, but when you delete files from VM, it does not de-allocate HDD space and still 1TB of disk is used on Proxmox disks. I faced this problem on 4.0 and 4.2 PVE...
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    [SOLVED] Migration from esxi

    Hi, Next week i planing to migrate my esxi server to proxmox. I find a guid for this: https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Migration_of_servers_to_Proxmox_VE Now i install a test system to a not used server to try how can i migrate all the vms-s from esxi to proxmox. I stuk at hard disk part. I...
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    Where to place qcow2 converted disk in Prox 4.3

    This is a fresh install of Prox 4.3. Converted .vmdk to qcow2 root@proxie:~# qemu-img convert -f vmdk image-wmps-fireeyenx1500v-disk1.vmdk -O qcow2 image-wmps-fireeyenx1500v-disk1.qcow2 However, any instructions I can find say to copy create a VM (say 104) and and copy the qcow2 image to...
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    [SOLVED] Import Virtual Machine in local-lvm

    Hello, I'm new on proxmox (4.2) and I try to import my VMs (vdmk format). So I read the documentation. I try to import Metaspoitable, a vulnerable VM. So I ignored windows specific instructions and I just do this: 1) I create my VM on the web proxmox interface 2) I copy Metaspoitable.vdmk...
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    [SOLVED] BSOD Windows Server 2008 qemu in Proxmox ve 3.4

    Hello all I migrate an image of Windows Server 2008 from Vmware converter (Vmdk) but when I am starting the machine in proxmox a blue screen appears and the machine server reboot endlessly , then I convert the Vmdk to Qcow2 and i replace the old image by the newest, but the blue screen still...


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