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    I can't connect to my Proxmox on browser in Windows

    Hi guys, This is going to be a weird issue to describe. I made a VM of Ubuntu in VirtualBox, and then made a VM of Proxmox in Virtual Machine Manager on Ubuntu. I am able to open Proxmox on Firefox in my Ubuntu VM, but not in Windows. I am wholeheartedly not sure what I need to start this...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Issues converting VirtualBox VM to Proxmox

    Hi everyone, I'm facing a challenge with running a VirtualBox VM in Proxmox, and I'm hoping to get some guidance. I've gone through related threads and followed the guide on, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any answers to my problem. To give you some...
  3. D

    Virtualbox dev env ( cluster) Guest not initiliazed

    Hi , i'm trying to setting up a Dev env , for my cluster Proxmox, before going on my Baremetal. virtualbox version : 7.0 i'm actually on Arch Linux this is my config => `ooo/ OS: Arch Linux x86_64 `+oooo: Host: 20W0CTO1WW...
  4. M

    Import VM with OVF error

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to import a VM created on virtualbox using a OVA. I extracted the .vmdk, .mf and .ovf file. When I try to import the .ovf with the following line I always get this error: root@pve:~# qm importovf 250 ./win2003.ovf local-lvm -format qcow2 warning: unable to parse the...
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    removed thread

    removed thread
  6. V

    [SOLVED] Network issues with Proxmox on Windows VM (virtualbox)

    My test setup looks like this: Windows 10 Host > VirtualBox > Proxmox VM > test VM Windows 10 -; VirtualBox - bridged network Proxmox -;; ping works Test VM - I tried: Virtio/Realtek, 192.168.0.x/24;; doesn't ping Test VM isn't...
  7. N

    Installation of package pve-kernel

    Hello, When I install proxmox 7, I get an error as shown on the screenshots. Do you know where it can come from? This is the first time I have this. (I install proxmox on virtualbox) Thank you.
  8. E

    Nested virtualization does not work with pve-5.4 kernel and AMD ryzen

    TLTR: When you have an AMD Ryzen CPU and want to use any nested virtualization (nonfancy, just packer builds with Virtualbox) it will freeze about 5-10 seconds after starting the VM. To fix this issue, you need to upgrade your PVE kernel to 5.11. My setup: - Proxmox 6 latest patch version...
  9. D

    VirtualBox on Proxmox VE

    I would like to run ArkCase CE, which requires VirtualBox. I want to use ProxMox VE on the bare metal. I read a guide on how to convert a VirtualBox image to run on PMVE but the ArkCase seems to require a lot of extra steps. Can I install ProxMox-VE on bare metal, install CentOS as a guest OS...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Why is this simple bridge network not receiving ARP replies correctly?

    Hi. This is my first post. I've been experimenting with Proxmox and have been scratching my head trying to solve this issue for the last day or so. The short version: I have three devices. There is the Proxmox VE host itself (let's call it pve, running Proxmox VE 6.2-11), a single virtualized...
  11. R

    Importing Virtualbox VM to Proxmox VE 6.x?

    Hi, I've been looking at videos and forums for importing VirtualBox VMs to Proxmox VE and so far it seem nontrivial with half success (not sure why). Does V6.x bring any new features related to import Virtualbox VM like supporting OVA 2.0? Thanks
  12. B

    Proxmox VE installed in Virtualbox - No internet connectivity

    Hi All, I've seen this issue posted several times however none of the solutions have worked for my situation so I am attempting to further my investigation... I'm trying to run Proxmox within Virtualbox 6.0 on a Kubuntu host and have followed the instructions here...
  13. D

    Windows 10 VM mit Nested Virtualization

    UPDATE: das Problem ist gelöst und in meinem jüngsten Kommentar beschrieben. Leider besteht das Problem weiterhin nach einem Neustart :(. Guten Morgen liebe Proxmox Community, ich teste im Moment eine Windows 10 VM mit Nested Virtualization. Ich würde als Nested-Hypervisor gerne VirtualBox...
  14. Y

    Problem with GUI on VirtualBox

    I try to install Proxmox VE on VirtualBox with following but I have the problem with login to GUI from Browser, i don't have any knowledge about networking and i follow some tuts to learn more, but all tuts or resolved threads talk about...
  15. V

    VMs utilize only one core

    Hi everyone. I have the following setup: Windows 10 PC with Virtualbox with Proxmox running inside. VM with Proxmox was given 6 cores (I have Ryzen 1600 with 6 physical cores). Inside Proxmox I have created an Ubuntu Server 18.04 VM (1 socket, 4 cores, 4 vCPUs, CPU limit: unlimited) Then I try...
  16. R

    Nested Virtualization without CPU host

    I have a mixed PVE cluster; most guests are running Windows and Linux. In addition, PVE is running on an Intel MacPro where macOS is a guest. I am also running my VM with VGA passthrough on this system as a triple boot guest to macOS, Windows, and Linux. Since passthrough and macOS require...
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    Proxmox on local network - No IP for the containers

    Hi guys, I recently discovered the existence of Proxmox, and before putting that on a dedicated server, I wanted to test this at home. To do this, I put a pve 5 ISO on VirtualBox and assigned it an IP accessible from my router - with the router as gateway. Pve works fine, and I can connect to...
  18. V

    virtualbox install guide fail - can't access web gui

    Using this guide for proxmox 4.4 No access to web gui, I can ping the proxmox VM when I adjusted the network adapter IP via host OS (windows 7), to make it same as proxmox own IP I cannot ping out. I disabled windows firewall. no...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] import a virtualbox vm on a system with zfs storage

    Hi all, I'm trying to follow these guides:
  20. K

    Run Vagrant insite Proxmox VM

    Hi All, I'm trying to run a machine with Vagrant inside a Proxmox VM (Ubuntu 16.04). I set nested parameters and could enable vt-x on Ubuntu Guest. When I run "vagrant up", the process stuck at "Booting VM" and no error display on terminal or log-file. Anyone have any idea what might be going...


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