virtual network

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    Proxmox VM unable to configure network

    I have a proxmox server with public ip address - X.X.X.X/24 also i have public ip addresses - Y.Y.Y.10/24 Y.Y.Y.11/24 Y.Y.Y.12/24 by default the proxmox vmbr0 is configured with ip address X.X.X.X/24 , default gateway X.X.X.1 and bridged to eth0 interface. I have created a windows server vm...
  2. H

    PVE und pfSense - Netzwerke

    Moin, habe ein Verständnisproblem ... habe Proxmox 8.1.4 auf einer IPU mit 6 NICs laufen ... Auf PVE eine VM mit pfSense, welche meinen Datenverkehr regelt. Das tut diese seit längerem auch verlässlich. cat /etc/network/interfaces auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp1s0 inet manual...
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    Proxmox run selected VM's trough a VPN

    So my situation/need is as follows: I have a proxmox server that is going to run 16 VMs. The first 8 VMs can run on my own network and have my public IP (with each their own portforwarding in my router for public access) The other 8 VMs need to use a different public IP, namely the IP at my...
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    How to create private network

    Hi, I want some help with networking in proxmox. I will explain my setup. I want to create 4 Ubuntu virtual machines in proxmox name (iris, atropos, clotho, lachesis). I want to make iris a gateway for the rest of my virtual machines (atropos, clotho, lachesis). This mean that it should has...
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    Is cross node virtual networking possible?

    Hi, We are endeavoring to create a lab environment with three separate networks in order to simulate a security operations center. The idea is to have one network be for cyber attackers, one network be for a simulated company, and one network to be a security service provider for that company...
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    Tutorial on setting up a virtual network?

    I have of creating VMS and connecting them to a virtual network I need to - Create a windows server VM - have 3 windows VM - 1 linux box I was told to do this task by creating a virtual network and connecting all of the VMS that way. Is there a good/simple tutorial anywhere for beginners that...
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    PfSense VM: virtual Network to other VMS

    Hey, I have a PfSense VM running. Can I connect my other vms through a virtual network with PfSense, so that the traffic from all vms runs throught PfSense. Thanks. Paul
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    Virtual Network Card Performance

    This is probably common knowledge to many people, but I'm trying to find out what the differences are with the performance of virtual network cards Proxmox supports. E1000, VirtIO, RTL8139 and vmxnet3 I have a mix of windows & linux clients, and currently using a mix of all these, except for...
  9. C

    Virtual Network accessible from several hosts

    Hi! I currently have a three node Proxmox datacenter setup with a shared NFS drive. I am trying to create a NAT separated network where all my servers will be located, All server should be able to be accessed from all of the host in the datacenter undependently on which node they are located at...


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