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    Proxmox Cluster / different version compatibility

    Hello, So the client have quite old Proxmox cluster with 18 servers in this cluster. These servers running "Virtual Environment 5.4-15". Yes. That old versions of Proxmox. I'm pushing customer to upgrade to the latest version, but it's a long story. Currently they buying a new server. My...
  2. A

    Maximum Version on HPE Proliant DL380 Gen9

    Anyone got experience about installing proxmox on Proliant Gen9 ? what is the maximum version can i install on that machine? the specs :
  3. R

    pve versions when extending a existing pve cluster with new nodes

    Hello, I am running a five node pve cluster with PVE version 7.3-4 . I would like to add three nodes which at the moment build a small cluster on their own. So I have to reinstall these nodes and then join each new installed node to the existing five node cluster. The question is how...
  4. S

    Kernel Upgrade Help

    I want to upgrade my kernel to pve-kernel-6.1.0-1-pve, but I would really like to understand a couple of things before I attempt this. Difference between certain commands Installing new kernel Testing new Kernel, Permanently Changing to New Kernel Reverting to previous version kernel My host...
  5. S

    Proxmox versions 7.3-6 vs 7.3-4

    Hello, I have two separate proxmox and both are up to date. one have version : pve-manager/7.3-6/723bb6ec another one pve-manager/7.3-4/d69b70d4 How it is possible ? Which version is latest ? How to fix it to have same version on both servers.
  6. P

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Backup Client Ubuntu: APT Pinning

    Hallo liebe Proxmox Community, wir haben ein Problem mit APT Updates und den Proxmox Repositories. Beschreibung der Umstände Wir sichern unsere Ubuntu Root-Server (18.04 und 20.04) mittels Proxmox Backup Client auf unseren Proxmox Backup Server (Root-Server Hetzner). Das Proxmox Backup Repo...
  7. P

    PROXMOX cluster node was upgraded and now it do not work in the cluster, anyone knows?

    Hi, We had a crash of cluster ('t-work.html) and during the crash, a user did an update on it. Here's the config of the 4 "normal" node: I have not the 5th one boot so I cannot run the command on it but it should...
  8. W

    Downgrade/Download Previous Kernel Versions (Proxmox 6.2)

    Can anyone tell me how to downgrade the kernel version Proxmox uses, and also how to download previous (or even newer) kernels? I am new to this so might not be using the correct terminology, but hopefully you guys know what I mean... Also, is there any list of the previous versions and/or...
  9. R

    Curl current proxmox release version from web

    Bit weird but I'm setting up various scripts that announce when software is due for an update - mainly so I can check release notes before applying. Is there somewhere I can reliably get (curl or similar) the latest release number from - so the script can use it to compare it to pveversion.
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Two different versions of PMG in the cluster

    Hello, I've for both servers a license key (enterprise). However, on the master, the version Mail Gateway 5.0-78 is installed and on the slave, version Mail Gateway 5.1-2 is setup. There is no update available on the master to "upgrade" to the 5.1-2. How should I upgrade to have the same...
  11. G

    Any chance of newer ZFS and LVM packages in PVE 3.4 ?

    Currently Proxmox VE 3.4 includes the following LVM and ZFS versions: lvm2: 2.02.98-pve4 zfs: 0.6.3-3~wheezy Proxmox VE 4.1 has newer versions, and those have many bugfixes (especially for ZFS 0.6.5), and new features (like SSD caching in LVM2). - Is it possible to backport these newer...


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