user management

  1. R

    Confused about user management

    I just read through the documentation for user management and I'm missing a fundamental understanding of some aspect of it. I want to create an admin user instead of doing everything as root. I created a user 'brian' and added them to the Adminstrators group. However, I cannot log in as that...
  2. Y

    Error deleting user

    When i try to delete one user i hav this error: delete user failed: cannot update tfa config, following nodes are not up to date: cluster node 'cvs25' is too old, did not broadcast its version info (500) But "cvs25" is updated to the last proxmox7 version. pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 7.4-1...
  3. L

    [SOLVED] Error "delete user failed: No buffer space available (500)" when trying to delete PVE user

    I have a 3-node cluster and yesterday I performed an upgrade in all nodes from PVE 7.4 to PVE 8.0.4. The upgrade went well and all guests are running without issues. I use WHMCS with the Proxmox VPS for WHMCS module to sell virtualization products in my website. Today I tried to destroy a...
  4. L

    Online Users

    Hello, I am a user of version 7.4.4 and I am populating the users in my cluster, and I would like to know how do I know which users are online?
  5. F

    PBS 2.4 + LDAP with User Filter: TASK ERROR: filter parse error

    Hi, i tried to use a user filter at ldap configuration. / states this would be a normal ldap search filter. when I am searching for Users with attribute accessTo=pbs-host...
  6. O

    Proxmox and the Ressource-Pool Permissions.

    Hello everyone! my question is about the permissions within a proxmox cluster. We have 8 nodes in our cluster and want to make some of them available for other users via the resource pools. So I created users, added these users to a group and allowed this group to access the pool. Within the...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Add new administrator user

    Hi guys, yesterday I installed my first Proxmox VE on my tiny pc. I want to add a new user with administrative privileges. (I'm following this YT tutorial : So far, this is what I've done: create user marco on the OS create user marco on Proxmox...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] Cannot delete PAM-User

    Hello, I've added accidentally an PAM-user over the GUI, realized after I created the user, that I've should have selected the PVE Realm. Here is my Problem: I cannot delete the (freshly) created PAM-user. When using the Remove-Button in the GUI: delete user failed: user '***@pam' not found...
  9. powersupport

    how to give domain level access to a user in proxmox mail gateway

    Hi, Could anyone advise how to give domain-level access to a user in PMG, I couldn't find any documentation on this Thank you.
  10. G

    Access to VM console without allowing input (view-only)

    Hello! I'm trying to configure role for view-only guest accounts that need access to view VMs configuration and console, but should not be able to change anything nor input something to console. I've created role with VM.Audit, VM.Console and VM.Monitor privileges, which kind of does the trick...
  11. R

    LDAP Sync with nested Groups

    Hello everyone, I am currently trying to implement LDAP Sync for our Proxmox cluster. Basically it's working fine, the only thing I don't get to sync are the user to group associations when a user is in a nested group. This is the relevant content of my domains.cfg: ad: example.local...
  12. J

    User access to see Data Center/Node Summary

    Hello, I created new audit user in Proxmox VE(5, 6). This user can`t see Summary in Datacenter and Node menu. How I can add access to see those Summary`s?
  13. I

    Permission set for specific hosts

    Hello, I am trying to achieve some permissions for 2 specific hosts in the cluster. We want to have some usergroup that can administer (create,delete,configure) vms on just 2 hosts. I am thinking of some combination of permissions on /node/<node> /storage and /vms . But as a result I am...
  14. K

    [SOLVED] Benutzerverwaltung --- Passwort setzten nicht möglich

    Habe einen Proxmox-Server aufgesetzt, welcher als Host für ein Testsystem dient. Auf das Testsystem sollen Mitarbeiter der Abteilung HLT zugreifen. Habe also eine Gruppe "HLT" angelegt und diesen entsprechende Rechte zugewiesen. Wenn ich jetzt einen Benutzer anlege (Linux PAM standard...
  15. J

    User accounts.

    If it try making an extra user account and assigning it to VM it comes up with permission check failed sys.audit 403?
  16. P

    Logs in proxmox node

    Hi, For traceability reasons, I would like to retrieve the security events of the the creation, modification and deletion of users. The same goes for firewall rules. Do you know if it is possible to make the logs more verbose on these two points? Thanks,
  17. Y

    Permission Management - Disable Network

    Hello, how can i set an user like admin but without Nodes Networking management ? Thank!
  18. C

    [SOLVED] Allow users to resize virtual disks or: which privileges are included in role PVEVMAdmin?

    Hello! I have started user management with this guide. However, I'm facing this issue: No other user except for System administrator (=root) can resize virtual disks of any VM. Can you please advise which role must be assigned to a user to grant this permission? THX
  19. T

    View Only User

    Hi, I want to create a new User with the only Permission to view the VM shell. I created a few roles with different permissions like : VM.Console VM.Monitor Sys.Console Nothing seems to work. Has anyone the correct string / solution?
  20. C

    [SOLVED] User Management: assign users to multiple groups

    Hi! I have configured LDAP authentication; there are no issues means I can login with user + password after creating the user accounts in GUI. Question: Can I assign a user to multiple PVE groups? If yes, how? And how do I check to which PVE groups a user is assigned to? THX


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