user access

  1. Y

    Error deleting user

    When i try to delete one user i hav this error: delete user failed: cannot update tfa config, following nodes are not up to date: cluster node 'cvs25' is too old, did not broadcast its version info (500) But "cvs25" is updated to the last proxmox7 version. pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 7.4-1...
  2. C

    Root username and password do not work in the web interface

    After an attempt at a local backup, my proxmox web interface does not accept the root user and password, it is as if it had been changed... And it was not
  3. J

    How to manage PAM Users on Proxmox Cluster

    Hello everyone, I have a question about whats the best was to manage User, specifically PAM users on a Proxmox Cluster. Say I have a Proxmox Cluster and a Loadbalancer for the WebUI. When I would try to login into the WebUI via PAM I don't know which node I am currently connected. I know that...
  4. Jan Wedershoven

    Dedicated permission to manage HA resources

    Hello everyone, we are running a couple of PVE-Clusters where non Admin Users can manage/create their own VMs. I recently rolled out a script that checks each VM for an HA group and sets the default group accordingly. In order to allow users to add VMs to a specific HA-Group, I need to assign...
  5. J

    Adding secondary admin with full rights

    Adding another user is easy. adduser jared gpasswd -a jared sudo pveum user add jared@pam pveum acl modify / --roles PVEAdmin --users jared@pam I can log in via SSH and have sudo access. Good. I can log in to the GUI and do most things. Not Good. I need this account to do everything. Is there a...
  6. G

    Why bother with user remapping on LXC / Host?

    Hi all, I need a LXC container to access with read/write permissions a specific directory on proxmox host. According to Proxmox WiKi I can accomplish that by remapping a LXC user to a host user but I'm unsure of why to do that if I can simply grant access to LXC user without remapping (eg...
  7. S

    Changement de mot de passe

    Bonjour, Je voudrais créer un utilisateur qui aurait l'unique possibilité de redémarrer les VMs. J'ai créer mon utilisateur et celui ci possède le rôle "PowerMgmt", j'ai associé ce rôle a l'utilisateur nouvellement créé. Cependant l'utilisateur ne peut pas démmarer/etteindre/redemarrer les...
  8. S

    web login failed, when still one node

    Hello all. Maybe someone can help me. I have two nodes cluster. And when i losing link with one of them, i cant login via web by root user. Web interface returned error - "login failed. Please try again". SSH - work fine, and old session keep work, until logout. what i have: 2 nodes Proxmox...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] Cannot delete PAM-User

    Hello, I've added accidentally an PAM-user over the GUI, realized after I created the user, that I've should have selected the PVE Realm. Here is my Problem: I cannot delete the (freshly) created PAM-user. When using the Remove-Button in the GUI: delete user failed: user '***@pam' not found...
  10. T

    [SOLVED] New user not working

    Hi! So I've installed Proxmox and getting familiar with it. Then I thought, it's probably not good to run/login as root. So I made a new user from the shell with adduser, then adding "him" to the sudoers. Works wonders to logon my new user from the terminal over SSH, but not thru the Proxmox...
  11. powersupport

    how to give domain level access to a user in proxmox mail gateway

    Hi, Could anyone advise how to give domain-level access to a user in PMG, I couldn't find any documentation on this Thank you.
  12. W

    Group admin permission

    Hi is it possible to gave permission for a user to manage user of a group only ? It can add user to this group, but It cannot modify other user outside this group. If I gave a user permission as PVEUserAdmin to /access, then the user can edit any user password even the root. Is it possible to...
  13. J

    User access to see Data Center/Node Summary

    Hello, I created new audit user in Proxmox VE(5, 6). This user can`t see Summary in Datacenter and Node menu. How I can add access to see those Summary`s?
  14. N

    Possible issue with permission conjunction for user and group.

    Hi everyone, I'm experimenting with ProxmoxVE and I must say that it's an amazing product! I've been testing permissions and I've noticed something unexpected. There's a group called GR1 with one user USR1. The goal I want to achieve is for everyone from GR1 to be able to view all...
  15. 1

    是否能添加一个只读的root管理用户呢?Can I add a read-only root admin user?

    我需要增加一个用户,用于管理PVE的整个数据中心,它类似于root用户,但又不允许它做修改的操作,可以理解为“我需要一个只读的root用户”。正常在PVE中添加的用户只能管理某个节点,而我需要的是一个能管理一整个集群的用户,这是否有办法实现呢? I need to add a user to manage the entire PVE data center, which is similar to root but does not allow it to make changes, which can be interpreted as "I need a read-only...
  16. C

    IMAP for recipient verification?

    We have a mixed environment of mail servers that support LDAP and others that don't. Does PMG support IMAP for recipient authentication? Another product we use, uses IMAP to: Check that the recipient exists when receiving an email Authenticate the user when he/she is asked to visit the...
  17. D

    [SOLVED] Tutorial : Auto add LDAP users to Proxmox Realm as Administrators

    Hi All. Below is my solution for automatically adding proxmox users to Proxmox from an LDAP database. I wrote this ruby Script as i found it annoying to have to add a user to my LDAP database then have to manually goto 20+ proxmox clusters and add the users manually to the realm as well. It was...
  18. J

    User accounts.

    If it try making an extra user account and assigning it to VM it comes up with permission check failed sys.audit 403?
  19. Y

    Give user access to a specific vm using API

    I'm working on a project for a professor where I script the creation of a bunch of users an make 3VMS for each of them . The catch is each user should only be able to access their own VMs but i can only use API requests to make this happen. I want to add the following roles to each user on each...
  20. S

    Can PVE setup to allow web portals external customers?

    I decided to dive into PVE due to it's perceived (I may be wrong) ability to provide a web dashboard per customer. Is this possible? For instance let's say I have a cluster with 3 hosts. 'Client A' builds signs up for 3 VMs and 'Client B' signs up for 10 machines. I would like to set it up...


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