1. C

    UPS NUT HID Broken after upgrading to V8.2

    Upgraded to V8 yesterday, the upgrade went smoothly but have several problems that were introduced with the upgrade most have been fixed / worked around but I am unable to solve the inability for the USB HID driver to work. I have googled and viewed probably 30 posts reporting similar issues...
  2. A

    VM Hibernation by signal.

    Hello! Problem: I have a Proxmox 7.4.3 VE, and one VM on it. This server is connected to a uninterruptible power supply. The UPS is supplied with a network card. If the main power is turned off, the server will automatically switch to power supply from UPS and we will have around 10 minutes to...
  3. Y

    Install NUT directly on Proxmox VE and control guests from here

    Hi, I followed the tutorial at (no connection to presenter). It was very detailed. My use case is a single Proxmox server connected to a single UPS running 3 VMs (2 Windows, 1 Ubuntu). Is it possible to install NUT directly on Proxmox and...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] x11 forwarding via ssh

    Hey, i have a problem on my pve host. After migrating several physical servers to the new pve server he is now the only physical server left so its my only way of connecting my ups. Installing my ups software is easy enough via command line, but the documentation is so spotty, that i cant for...
  5. R

    Nut Eaton UPS "unable to enumerate USB device" after power comes back on

    Hi Everyone, I have an issue with my proxmox mini pc (beelink EQ12) server and usb-ups connection. I have installed and configured the NUT suit to manage my UPS EATON ECO 650, and it works. When the power goes out the shutdown routine starts, the proxmos server correctly turns off the VM and CT...
  6. H

    Proxmox UPS shutdown signal from UPS Master (NAS)

    Hi, following setup: My QNAP NAS is connected to a UPS via USB, and it will shut down after 10 minutes when a power loss is detected. Now I can activate the UPS Master in the QNAP settings. This master should inform following IP addresses about the power loss: (router)
  7. C

    Dell R710 - Proxmox VE 7.3-3 - APC Back-UPS XS 850M - usbhid-ups driver problem

    Edit: - Solved by not using "NUT". I instead installed apcupsd following this tutorial: worked out of the box with no error messages. So for me problem solved! I am new to proxmox ve software and these forums. I could use some...
  8. M

    NUT with UPS shutdown

    I have installed nut on proxmox and managed to define the UPS. NUT successfuly executed a FSD, but not sure how to actually turn off the UPS, so an automatic poweron after power has returned would be executed. What I don't fully understand: 1) Do I need to manually call upsdrvctl shutdown in...
  9. L

    Permanent reconnect UPS Powercom

    Good day. Only recently, Proxmox for home use has discovered for himself. Smart House based on HA and all that. But there was a problem with the connection of the UPS Powercom WOW-700U I find a similar topic on the forum, but my problem is somewhat different. Judging by the output of dmesg -w...
  10. J

    UPS connected to Proxmox

    How can I connect my uninterruptible power supply to my Proxmox server, the UPS is already connected to my Pc with a power cord.
  11. I

    Does proxmox have integration with ups?

    just bought some UPS to protect against power failure and electrical spikes. the UPS support powerwalker, any tips or best practice how to integrate it ? the ups should have enough capacity to maintain the servers under full load for around 10 minuts and low load for at least double i am...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Cyberpower Powerpanel Business broken

    Proxmox 6.4 Asus X570-e Motherboard Amd 5800x cpu 64GB ram I am running their linux version within proxmox itself (no container/vm). Using this 64 bit installer - . The issue is...
  13. I

    Proxmox, UPS and Network MS card

    Hi, I have a rack mounted Eaton 5PX1500RTN with a Network MS card that I would like to use in a way to shutdown all VMs and CTs and then shutdown the Proxmox host 5 mins after the power is lost. I have set it up successfully in my FreeNAS and my pfSense boxes. However, when I try to search...
  14. F

    [SOLVED] can not shutdown with apc ups

    version 4.15.18-14-pve two vms , lede and omv(nas) ups is apc bk650-ch. the vms' shutdown priority is correct and can be shutdown in pve console or gui. I connect pve host machine to ups , install apcupsd , modify config file . but when I unplug ,the pve terminal show this , but nothing...
  15. M

    Setting up UPS in proxmox 5?

    So I am brand new to all this. I recently got an UPS for the computer I converted for proxmox. I looked in the documentation but did not see anything to do with UPS. The UPS I got is a cyberpower from costco. Does anyone know how I can get my UPS to communicate with proxmox? Thanks
  16. R

    UPS recommendation for proxmox host

    Hello I'am a new member in this forum. My first proxmox Host is setup so far. Now, i'am looking for a recommendation for a UPS. I would like to prevent the host from Power failures. Did not find any hints in the howto/wiki about UPS Model/Brand or recommendations. Does anybody or the mod's have...


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