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    Proxmox 8.1.3 - Install for kernel: 6.5.11-6-pve failed

    Hello and good afternoon to all, I tried to update my proxmox server today and after the upgrade it did not boot. At start-up I selected the previous kernel (6.2.16-19-pve) and the server is back up. After some testing I am getting the following error: Setting up...
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    autoinstall for kernel: 6.5.11-3-pve failed!

    Hi, I tried to update my proxmox servers. Two of them went ok without a problem. One of them I'm getting this error message Setting up proxmox-kernel-6.5.11-3-pve (6.5.11-3) ... Examining /etc/kernel/postinst.d. run-parts: executing /etc/kernel/postinst.d/dkms 6.5.11-3-pve...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Problems with getting updates, probably something to do with network setting

    Goodmorning, I finally installed Proxmox this morning. After a lot of trail and error yesterday. The next step is getting the updates, but I have a feeling that my network setting are not correct. Can somebody help me? It's a homeserver. I don't really have a lot of knowledge in setting up...
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    [SOLVED] No GUI after upgrade 6.x to 7

    I can ping the host, ssh is also possible.. Through webbrowser hostip:8006 ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED /etc/hosts: OK # pveversion -v -bash: pveversion: command not found Changed my source list to pve-no-subscription /etc/apt/sources.list apt-update ERROR /bin/sh: 1...
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    Update PMG running on Synology VM

    We have a Synology Mail Plus Server running on a DS1621+. Proxmox Mail Gateway runs as a virtual machine on the same. When starting the update button (works in LAN with private IP, but not over outside), the update runs through in the console. However, the version number does remain the old...
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    Upgrade package dont work after migration to pve 7-2-7

    Good Morning Everybody, I have this issue since i made upgrade form last pve 6 to pve 7-2-7 Do you know why ? I have reboot, apt clean, purge all files and folder in /var/lib/apt/lists/ without success. Thanks in advance ! The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer...
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    Ugh. PVE update failing, initramfs-tools bug

    I just attempted an update, which failed pretty miserably. I note that a LOT of old versions are still hanging around... is that an issue? End of errors: Below: - pveversion -v Attached: - captured live errors - mount - cat /proc/mounts Anything else? pveversion -v [See attached for...
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    Possible Network Router Preventing Updates

    Possible Network Router Preventing Updates I'm on a fresh install of Proxmox on baremetal. Able to log on and do some things and was tinkering in shell. Early on I noticed that I was getting things like "Temporary failure resolving 'ftp.us.debian.org' or 'Failed to fetch http: ....etc" when...
  9. L

    Updates Keep Failing

    Hello all, I am running Proxmox 7.0. I am trying to update the software but I keep getting: Starting system upgrade: apt-get dist-upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done Reading state information... Done Calculating upgrade... Done The following packages...
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    Wie löscht man den Thread
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    [SOLVED] Ubuntu 18.04 - Proxmox Backup Client (new libc6 version needed)

    Dear Proxmox Community, we have been running Proxmox VE + Proxmox BS and are quite happy with it. Just this morning, I needed to restore a single file from an old backup and it's been as easy and fast as it could possibly be. So a big thank you to the proxmox team for a nice, easy and...
  12. G

    Proxmox boot loops after upgrade from 6.4 to 7.0 (Possible kernel issue)

    Problem I attempted to update my Proxmox machine from the latest 6.4 release to the new 7.0 version this morning, but my installation boot loops now. Specifically, shortly after successfully decrypting the boot drives (setup with the following tutorial without the remote unlock setup) I see a...
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    After Install - host cannot ping gateway or internet

    Hi, I have a fresh install of Proxmox (6.2) running on my host. This was working yesterday, after a full upgrade of proxmox via the GUI. The networking no longer works. Even after fresh installs of both current and past versions of proxmox. A static IP is set to for this MAC. I...
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    [SOLVED] Error with apt-get update after fresh install of PVE 6.1-3

    Hello. I am getting an error with the apt-get update command after installing PVE 6.1-3 I thought it could be a network error, but it seems like my server can communicate with the rest of the network since I can access the Web GUI and SSH into it from another computer. I am suspecting it could...
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    Certificate verification failed on vms

    Hi everyone, I've just installed proxmox ve 5.4-13 on vps with two vms behind. One regular and a Firewall. both vm have netwotrk connectivity (ping test ok). But .. when I'm trying to make an update (gui and cli for Firewall) I always have an ssl error saying "certificate verification failed"...
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    Update problem - hang at update-initramfs

    # pveversion pve-manager/5.3-5/97ae681d (running kernel: 4.15.18-7-pve) I logged in to update my proxmox today and noticed that apt upgrade gave an error: # apt upgrade E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. So I dutifully ran it and...
  17. L

    Error while updating

    Has version 5.1.30 and when try to update to 5.2.10 just break web interface. Try to use apt dist-upgrade, but doens't work. Configurando pve-manager (5.2-10) ... Job for pvestatd.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status pvestatd.service" and...


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