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    The sporadic node Crashed automatically no logs

    I have 3 node clusters on identical hardware with HP Elitebook G3 min with i5 and 16GB ram, 256 on board one of the node is getting disconnected automatically sometimes its unresponsive sometimes it shutdown not sure what causes this kind of effect. root@pve03:~# pvecm status Cluster...
  2. O

    proxmox freezes

    Hello, im new to proxmox and im facing a problem, and i don't even know where to start to solve it. proxmox freezes completley and becomes unresponsive and all virtual machine are also unresponsive. My setup : ASUS prime b550m-a, 48 GB ram, 250 GB nvme boot drive, 1tb ssd -> lvm 2 * 1tb -> zfs...
  3. M

    Proxmox VE 8.1.4 Troubleshooting

    I have a single PVE setup that has been running for about 6 months now. Recently, the server has started to become unresponsive about once a week. When the happens the GUI and ssh are unavailable. I am also unable to ping the server IP and the local console is unresponsive, requiring a hard...
  4. J

    VMs hang or become unresponsive

    I've searched through the forum and read numerous posts from others that have virtual machines that seem to rather randomly hang. I've tried the various suggestions (turning off ballooning, etc) and find that I still have a few VMs that just become unresponsive. Prior to switching to Proxmox...
  5. I

    pvescheduler blocked for more than 1208 seconds

    Hello! I’m new to self-hosting, and have been trying to setup proxmox on an old super micro server. It worked well for around a day or two, but soon realized that the system was becoming unresponsive. After looking at `dmesg`, I saw the following error but can’t seem to make any sense of...
  6. N

    Proxmox webgui/host becoming unresponsive

    Hi there, This is how my webgui looks, I'm unable to access anything and all sits and loads and loads and do anything and I'm coming here for help on what to do and how to fix this. This is what displays when you plug a monitor into it: The that thing I did was configure the network...
  7. K

    Backup hangs - ends with the "question mark' sign (please help)

    Hi I run a cluster of 8.0.4 nodes one of the HA containers seems to be special. When I start the backup, it would hang making the whole node unresponsive (grey question mark). although the other containers on that node seems to keep working. It does not matter if I run it in snapshot or suspend...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] PVE 8.0.3 freezes on NUC11, two identical nodes, problem follows only one installation

    So I have currently two identical Intel NUC11PAHi3 running as nodes for testing, no VMs, LXCs only. This is my first Proxmox experience and also with this forum, I am afraid this will be a lonely post that no one replies to from what I found (similar to my situation): >...
  9. H

    PVE: vmbr0 enters/leaves promiscuous mode repeatedly...server eventually becomes unresponsive

    Hi Folks, Does anyone know what might be going on? I'm seeing vmbr0 flipping into and out of promiscuous mode, until, eventually (< 1 hour), the machine becomes completely unresponsive (even from the console) and I have to power cycle/reset the machine. Debugging is a bit challenging, since the...
  10. B

    Proxmox inaccessible over SSH and web UI

    Hey At least once a month I am unable to access my Proxmox server over SSH and web UI. For SSH the timeout error pops up and for web UI unable to reach. Going to syslog I am unable to find anything, I can only see a cut in logs. Such as no logs from a few hours ago till the time i had to...
  11. T

    Kernel Panic; entire server becomes unresponsive after 4-5 hours

    I've had Proxmox running fine for about 3 years now, have moved installs, moved across drives and never had an issue. All of a sudden, last sunday my server went completely unresponsive and after attaching a monitor it showed a kernel panic. Nothing has changed, even updating to the latest...
  12. A

    Backups restoren lässt andere VMs abstürtzen, Ursache lvm-thin?

    Hallo, wir sind auf eine neue Version von Proxmox umgestiegen. Seit dem ist es so, dass wenn wir ein Backup von unserm externen Backup-Server wiederherstellen, die anderen VMs nicht mehr reagieren oder abschmieren. Da ist ein ziemliches Problem weil darunter auch ein DHCP und Mail-Server sind...
  13. G

    [SOLVED] Proxmox freezes randomly

    Hi, For a coupel of days mine proxmox servers stops responding at random times i need to hard restart the server to get it back running. I noticed this happens when one VM has a lot of load on it or when i start Firefox on a Ubuntu VM. There is nothing in the logs that gives an explination...
  14. G

    proxmox unstable when performing restore

    Dear Community, I tried to restore a backup (container) and it always fails and the whole proxmox interface gets unresponsive. Could you please suggest which logs should I check? thanks Gergo
  15. J

    FreeBSD guests are challenging

    After the prior post on FreeBSD (OPNSense and FreeNAS) failing to boot due to hotplug being enabled there remain issues. Both install just fine and boot just fine. It is only after a while they become unresponsive. I have yet to find an indication or metric to watch to understand what is going...
  16. S

    Backup to NFS kills PVE Node

    I setup a new 5.3 two-node cluster and created some CT on a local LVM volume. When i backup a CT to a NFS storage it starts, says it cannot do snapshot and continues with suspend mode but never finishes. The node or better the PVE gui gets unresponsive, all NFS mounts hang and also a reboot is...
  17. J

    Unresponsive VM during backups

    Dear all, We have a recurring issue where our VM become either very slow or unresponsive during backups. We have a cluster of 6 hypervisors (3 with SAS disks, 2 with SSDs, 1 with SATA disks, all servers have 3 identical disks on a LSI MegaRAID RAID5) backing up to a shared NFS mount (1 Gbps...
  18. N

    Proxmox really slow

    I decided to try out Proxmox (again). Since I am tired of vcenter`s high demand for memory But my vms seems pretty slow, and unresponsive at times, the same goes for the webui. My windows vm even stopped responding while i was converting a image to qcow. I am also getting this message when i...
  19. A

    KVM / CentOS 6.8 random hang with 100% CPU

    I have a problematic VM that randomly hangs with CPU usage pegged to the max. the load average goes 30+ and though I can ping the machine as normal, the console never responds and all users are locked out. Until the crash, the system runs under 1.00 load average. I have to stop/start to get it...


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