1. E

    Change Default Resoultion in Windows 10 with GPU Passthrough

    Guys, how can I change the default resolution of 1028x768 to something else on guest VM with Windows 10? I changed the default resolution in the bios OVMF (UEFI) to 1920x1080, but when i start guest OS it still has default resolution of 1028x768. I use it without Display (none), but with GPU...
  2. M

    ZFS & proxmox-boot-tool

    I installed Proxmox 7.x through the ISO on a Hetzner test server on ZFS with 4 HDDs. When upgrading to Proxmox 8, I encountered the documentation on switching to proxmox-boot-tool again (https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/ZFS:_Switch_Legacy-Boot_to_Proxmox_Boot_Tool) but I'm not sure if I'm...
  3. O

    [SOLVED] Promox host from Grub to UEFI problem

    Hey I installed my Proxmox host as ZFS-on-root as a mirror one year ago. I only just now read that ZFS-on-root doesn't play nice with Grub and tried to swap over to UEFI boot. However I could not get BIOS (on Supermicro H12SSL-i) to find my OS install once changed to UEFI-boot. I read the...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Proxmox uses GRUB instead of UEFI bootloader on UEFI compatible system

    Greetings! As far as I know disabling CSM should lead to installation in UEFI mode, yet I am still seeing GRUB during boot. What's weird, that efibootmgr -v reports that Proxmox were booted in UEFI mode. root@atlantis:~# efibootmgr -v BootCurrent: 000C Timeout: 1 seconds BootOrder: 000C,0001...
  5. A

    Seabios vs OVMF (UEFI) | Security & OpenSource Question

    I am currently in the process of choosing settings for my new VM Templates and one thing i am still not sure about is if i should use Seabios or OVMF as my new standard. Already did some research and saw the stuff / problems regarding pcie passthrough with seabios and i am aware that i might...
  6. M

    UEFi installation issue with zfs on root on Dell R630

    Okay, let me preface this with I'm not new to Proxmox and I've run this on lots of Dell servers. I've also been working on this for a few days so I might have missed a step or two of the actual troubleshooting This issue is only for UEFI boot and not bios boot. The setup consists of an 11-node...
  7. P

    W11 VM - Change / Update processor type

    PVE 8.0.4 hosting a W11vm that working just fine on a x86-64-v2-AES processor type. However, I would like to change the processor type to host or at least x86-64 v4 for the improved instruction set. Just changing the processor causes the W11 VM to bluescreen or not even boot. Has anyone done...
  8. O

    Convert Ubuntu VM from SeaBIOS to OVMF

    I have an active Ubuntu server 22 VM that I want to pass through a GPU (p2000) for hardware acceleration. Now when I set up this VM a long time ago I used the default machine (i440fx) and boot type (SeaBIOS), but the docs don't recommend those options for passthrough. The machine type was...
  9. M

    Proxmox UKI

    Hi, I'm trying to get Proxmox booting from a UKI, but I've ran into a roadblock. I generate the UKI with Dracut, but on restart after booting the UKI the machine hangs. This happens only with the Proxmox kernel (6.2), with the Debian kernel (6.1) everything works great. I know this is a very...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Secure Boot with PVE coming?

    Hi! It's the first time, that I tried to install a Proxmox server with UEFI Secure Boot enabled today and realized that it would not work. Even the PVE8 docs (https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Install_Proxmox_VE_on_Debian_12_Bookworm#PVE_Kernel_fails_to_boot) tell that Secure Boot should just be...
  11. A

    Migrating PVE server from grub (legacy BIOS mode) to UEFI

    hi, i have a proxmox server installed years ago and upgraded from 4.x up to 7.3 currently. the server was installed in legacy bios mode. firmware upgrades are not supported in this mode, so i would like to migrate to uefi. it is a single node installation (home server) with a couple of VMs on...
  12. P

    [SOLVED] Cannot install PVE as UEFI OS

    While reinstalling PVE, I was able to install it as an UEFI OS on a Transcend SSD but not on my Kingston SSD SV300S37A120G. I'm able to differentiate because the BIOS selections will prefix with UEFI OS. Also checked that Windows 10 had no issues installing itself on Kingston as an UEFI OS...
  13. H

    Unable to boot "Arch-Linux-x86_64-cloudimg.qcow2" with OVMF (UEFI) BIOS - Even with Secure Boot Disabled

    Proxmox Version: 7.4-3 I am trying to install Arch Linux via the official cloud image, which lists Proxmox as a tested provider: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Arch_Linux_on_a_VPS The page above details the Proxmox installation process in the table, with a link to the cloud image being...
  14. O

    [SOLVED] Physical drive EFI disk passthrough issues.

    I created a new virtual machine on proxmox using OMVF for UEFI support for my Arch Linux install, after finishing setup I shutdown the VM, detached the CD/ROM drive, and used "qm set <VMID> -efidisk0 /dev/disk/by-id/<DISKID-PART#-OFEFI>,efitype=4m,format=raw" followed by "qm set <VMID> -scsi0...
  15. O

    Dell R620 Boot Failed: Linux Boot Manager

    All, I have been trying for days to get an install of proxmox 7.3.1 working. I have a Dell R620 with a Perc H710 flashed to IT Mode. Bios is setup for UEFI I have 2x 60gb enterprise dell ssd drives I have tried to install with both the vflash attached iso and with a usb stick as well as cd. No...
  16. S

    Dell R730 UEFI boot installation issues

    Hi all, Dell R730, trying to install proxmox 7.3-1. Ive tried from USB key and from IPMI (iDRAC) and keep getting the attached errors. I can boot to the installer without issue in BIOS legacy mode, but if we want zfs we need UEFI mode for full functionality. Ive had the onboard PERC raid...
  17. S

    Failed to add the EFI boot entry on Guest

    Hey folks, Trying to install some debian UEFI guests (Ubuntu 22.04 & Debian 11.5 with the same results), and I'm having issues with the installer failing at EFI install step: VM Info: ``` root@pve02:~# cat /etc/pve/qemu-server/101.conf acpi: 0 agent: 1 bios: ovmf boot: order=ide2;net0...
  18. N

    Update Proxmox results in grub question

    Hi, Just now I did a refresh in the update tab of Proxmox 7.2.7 and pressed update. Now half way I get the following messages: Weird part is, I have Proxmox running on ZFS mirror 2x SSD 1tb, as described in below picture SDA + SDB are combined the zfs mirror. one of them is boot in bios...
  19. F

    [SOLVED] Efi boot zu klein, nach Umzug von grub zu uefi. Kernel Altbestände?

    Hallo, nach einem Umzug meines rpools von zwei Hdd auf zwei nvme habe ich auch gleich auf uefi gewechselt. Aber ich habe wohl etwas falsch gemacht. Jedenfals bekomme ich nach dem "sonst erfolgreichen" Umzug jetzt bei apt installs oder apt autoremove folgende fehlerhinweise: root@pve:~# apt...
  20. Z

    Not able to boot in UEFI mode

    I have a Dell H310 Server with 8 1TB disks. I created one virtual disk with disk 1 and disk 2 with raid0 configuration. The other 6 disks are set to Non-RAID mode. Then I installed proxmox on the 6 disks with zfs raid10 configuration. The virtual disk will be used for backup storage. Now, in...


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