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    No network in Ubuntu driving me nuts

    I did a Gen 2 install of Proxmox in Hyper-V and the Proxmox install has access to the network and the internet without having to do anything. If I install Ubuntu Desktop 22.04.4 directly into Server 2019 Hyper-V there is no problem and Ubuntu gets an IP from the DHCP server during installation...
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    Help Please - Putty and Ubuntu 22.04

    Hi All, I have been using Proxmox for a while now, have two nodes, proficient in the use of Putty etc. However............ After creating an Ubuntu 22.04 instance, installing openssh server, enabling and starting ssh I still cannot access the ubuntu instance form Putty with the password I use...
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    Proxmox Dashboard IP

    Hi, I installed ubuntu 22.04.4 server today with qemu guest agent, to get my ip on the dashboard, BUT im getting the ip of all the adapters on the VM, starting with the ones in docker, so i was wondering, is there a way to show only the one that has my network ip?
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    Ubuntu Camera Passthrough

    Hi, Does anyone knows how to passthrough camera from my Windows through RDP to Ubuntu 22.04, I know that this is not that much related to the ProxMox, but my Ubuntu 22.04 is on the ProxMox 7.4-3, and I saw some comments online that people did it through USB being added to the Ubuntu in the...
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    PVE v8.1.3 | Probleme beim Starten einer neu erstellten VM (QEMU exited with code 1)

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe kürzlich eine neue VM in Proxmox VE erstellt und stoße auf ein Startproblem. Nach der Konfiguration und dem Versuch, die VM zu starten, erhalte ich die Fehlermeldung "QEMU exited with code 1". Hier sind die Schritte, die ich bisher unternommen habe: VM mit Ubuntu 22.04...
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    Ubuntu Desktop VM "installation phase causing proxmox to crash/reboot"

    Hello, I am having trouble with setting up a Ubuntu Desktop VM for quite a while and unable to find any resources that helps. Initial intention was to setup a jellyfin server with GPU passthrough however I realized that I couldn't even get pass the basic installation without crashing the...
  7. J

    Proxmox backup client install on Ubuntu 22.04

    Hello, I have a proxmox backup server that I want to use to backup around 10 standelone Ubuntu 22.04 servers. They do not run on Proxmox VE or anything else, just Ubuntu 22.02. For what I could find I have to install proxmox backup client on those standelone servers, but I got stuck at some...
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    Proxmox Ubuntu VM Hangs at load screen

    I am re posting this as I hope to provide clarity to my issue. Randomly, my Ubuntu VM (Plex server) just hangs at the Ubuntu page. When I run smartctl -a on the drive with the VM, I get this. I am able to view the drive when I try to put a Ubuntu usb boot drive in and hit the "try" version. I...
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    Trying to make Ubuntu VM boot

    So randomly, my Ubuntu VM (Plex server) just hangs at the Ubuntu page. The HDD when I run the checks, do show some errors, however, it says it passes SMART. When I run my Ubuntu USB in Try mode, I can access and see all the files on the HDD in question file. When I load gparted on the Try...
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    Backup Client "Split Backups" - No such file or directory (os error 2)

    This is more of an "Am I just stupid" post. I have some legacy VMware VMs that I cannot move to Proxmox because of software licenses that are tied to (virtual) hardware. I have set up and configured our VMWare server to perform frequent backups. Of the /vmware mount point. It's standard stuff...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] VM with Ubuntu 22.04.3 can't update

    Hi. I've got my proxmox server with 2 VM: ubuntu 20 and ubuntu 22. They are all in the same NAT vmbr1. Ubuntu 20 have network connection and i can update system sudo apt update. But ubuntu 22 can't connect to ubuntu servers and download data. What could be the problem? P.S. I can connect to...
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    [SOLVED] Cloud init Ubuntu 20.04 Focal and Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Login incorrect

    Hi. I followed along Techno Tim's tutorial on how you can create a VM from a Cloud Init image. I used Ubuntu 22.04 and 20.04 to create a VM. Without starting it (to avoid vm getting a UUID as he described it) I set a username and a password. Then I created a template and from this template I...
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    [SOLVED] Connecting Ubuntu 22.04 VM to WAN

    Hi all, I know a hundred people are asking the same thing, but I've searched them all and can't seem to find an honest and easy answer. I want to setup Proxmox on my home server (it currently runs Ubuntu 22.04 as the main OS but I want to be able to create a home assistant and windows VM...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox Shutting Ubuntu 22.04.1 VM Down due to OOM-Kill

    Hi, all, I'm new to Proxmox. Forgive me if the answer/solution here is obvious! Since mid-afternoon yesterday, my Ubuntu Server 22.04.1 VM has randomly started shutting down. I find no evidence of errors in the logs of the Ubuntu machine itself, but I am seeing an OOM-Kill in Proxmox's logs...
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    Cloud-init ubuntu cloud-image example broken apparently

    https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Cloud-Init_Support The link above refers refers to the example below: # download the image wget https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/bionic/current/bionic-server-cloudimg-amd64.img # create a new VM with VirtIO SCSI controller qm create 9000 --memory 2048 --net0...
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    Ubuntu lxc enable remote desktop

    is it possible with the Ubuntu 22.04 default builtin rdp ? without installing external packages?
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    Cannot execute /usr/local/bin/fish: No such file or directory

    Hello, To preface, I'm new to all this and still learning, so please bare with me when it comes to terminology and locating things. Setup: Proxmox Virtual Environment 7.2-3 + Container + ubuntu-22.04-standard_22.04-1_amd64.tar.zst Issue: For my Ubuntu server's terminal/console, I installed...
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    Cant install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

    Hi I'm experiencing an issue with installing a desktop Ubuntu 22.04. I create the VM as usual but after creating it can starting it for the fist time it boots in the installation and gets stuck on this window before it shows the options to try or install ubuntu. Also viewing the resource...
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    Ubuntu VM Periodically Stops Responding

    Hi all! I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out an issue I've been troubleshooting for weeks. Posting here in the hopes that someone else has some fresh ideas I haven't tried yet. I have a Ubuntu VM that will become unresponsive after a seemingly random amount of time. I start the VM and it...
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    [SOLVED] Ubuntu 22.04 CTs login per SSH-Key nicht möglich

    Hallo zusammen, aktuell nutze ich überwiegend Ubuntu 20.04 CTs auf meinem Proxmox Virtual Environment 7.2-7. Gestern Abend habe ich meine erste Ubuntu 22.04 CT installiert. Ich gebe bei der Installation immer ein Root Passwort, aber auch immer einen öffentlichen SSH Key an. Dieser wird bisher...


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