1. T

    Metric Server - How to change update interval

    How can I change update interval to 30 min for example? Or is it possible to enable/disable already added metric server entry via terminal cli command?
  2. T

    After restart internal terminal console not working

    I had to reboot my PVE cluster on all nodes after serveral weeks flawless operation. After this i can't do pve update or access VM from gui. It terminates in any cases on any node similar this All nodes and vms are up and running properly, there is only this console issue > pveversion...
  3. A

    Running Virtual Machines' GUI's from Proxmox host itself

    Hello, everyone: I have recently discovered Proxmox, which I think is awesome. To be honest my main goal of installing it was being able to run my virtual machines from within Proxmox host machine, and not remotely. And that is, essentially, my question. Is it possible to do so? Is there...
  4. R

    Import VMs/Containers from previous Proxmox install

    Hello. I have reinstalled Proxmox because I have changed my motherboard. In my rush, I did however forget to backup my VMs and containers. Stupid me. I am using ZFS raidz1 on two ssd disks, which I have successfully mounted. My question then is; is it possible to import the VMs and containers...
  5. G

    Terminal screen is messed up

    this happened suddenly, it was working fine and suddenly the screen got messed up somehow pls see the video demo i dont know how to explain it
  6. I

    alpine container image terminal incorrect, text editors unusable

    Hi. When I tried to setup an alpine container, I couldn't use nano or vim and would receive an error regarding the $TERM variable. Its value was "vt[container#]" I'm not a linux expert by any means, but when I tried using the latest debian container instead, the $TERM value was just "linux". So...
  7. L

    Web based terminal stopped responding and now I cannot start my container

    There I was, busily programming in the native web terminal UI provided by Proxmox. I accidentally made an infinate loop in Python3 and I started machine-gun pressing Ctrl + C. My container crashed on me and now it will not start. I tried another container and it starts just fine. I am sure...
  8. J

    Ubuntu guest's xterm.js works, NoVNC just blinks cursor

    I'd like to have the choice between both NoVNC and xterm.js for an Ubuntu 16.04 guest, but for some reason after I configured the serial terminal for xterm.js, NoVNC stopped working. When I start a session with it, I just see a blinking cursor in the top left of the window and I can't connect...
  9. F

    [SOLVED] How to configure serial / terminal to connect to a VM guest from the PVE host?

    I still have problem to configure networks for my guests VMs: the console (from web) has lots of limtations. So I was hoping I could connect from the host to the guest VM by a simple qm terminal xxx, but I all get is the prompt: starting serial terminal on interface serial0 (press control-O to...
  10. W

    remote sftp & SSH

    greetings !... is it possible to connect to a guest (CT or VM) using SFTP i.e. via a remote MacOS terminal outside of the Datacenter ? Basically I am trying to work with the folder structure and files directly using a terminal or IDE or FTP client... without going via the host... same applies...
  11. H

    shell noVNC terminal ($TERM) emulation setting(s)

    Good day, What is the exact terminal emulation used by the noVNC shell (for a proxmox hypervisor node)? The problem: I'm using iterm2-shell-integrations, but those cause very long lines that should be coloured etc. when using a (true) xterm emulation, but isn't as it seems the terminal...
  12. O

    No system console on local host over VGA, USB, PS/2

    I have a new install of Proxmox VE 4.1 rebooted and running fine. However there is no console login on the screen connected to the server by VGA and no response to the USB keyboard. I can SSH into the box no problem. I want a basic local terminal commandline because I'm customising the...


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