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    Tape backup is very slow

    I just tried the tape backup of the Proxmox Backup server, but the transfer speed is very slow. (Max 60 MB/s) I also use the same tape with Bareos and there I found out that setting the tape block size to 1 MB made a sigificant performance improvment. (From under 100 MB/s to over 300 MB/s) Is...
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    tape backup without changer

    i want to use tape backup without a changer. For a small installation ( complete backup fits on one tape ) i want to create something with minimal user interaction. X tapes are available and in the worst case, the user should be able to insert a random tape and take one offline. The only thing...
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    Low ZFS read performance Disk->Tape

    hi, I need some Input for troubleshooting a performance Issue I have on a Proxmox Backup Server I run. Basically it's an off-site System that syncs with a production PBS. The Specs as follows: - Supermicro Board + Chasssis - Dual E-2680v4 Xeon (2x 14c) - 128GB RAM - 2x 480gb Seagate Nytro SSD...
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    Is there any way to use Tape Backup to backup files from PBS in addition to datastore

    I have some files that I store on the same zpool that is used to store datastores. Is there any way to select files outside of a datastore and write them to a tape using Tape Backup directly? It seems that this is not supported, and that Tape Backup will only backup data in a Datastore (that...
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    Tape Backup Contents Page not advancing

    Hello, i run a PBS with the Version 2.4-2. Now when i run a tape backup and the backup job is finished there is no new entry on the Contents Page of the Tape Backups. Normally i would see on which tape which vm is stored and so on but after upgrading to the latest version this doesnt happen and...
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    Help with Tape Mediapool/MediaSet

    Hi folks, I'd appreciate a little help please with MediaPools and MediaSets for tape backup as I'm having a brain fart and just can't get my head around how it works in PBS. Since we have a fully synced backup system (soon to be offsite too) we only want to use tape as a last line of defence...
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    Tanberg NEOs StorageLoader not recognized

    Hi Everybody, I'm currently in the process of evaluating PBS as our new backup system. The evaluation instance is currently running on an older server and connected via iSCSI to a Tandberg neoseries autochanger. I can see the PCIe card when running lspci, and the /dev/sgx devices are there...
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    AWS tape gateway? or something else?

    I am looking for suggestions. I have a small number of VM's that are critical for me and I want to offsite my backups to AWS. I would really like to use an amazon Tape Gateway, This makes sense to me because I already have a stack of LTO5 tapes that will need to be migrated. I know there have...
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    prune after writing on tape

    Good day I'm using PVE for over 7 years and i loved PBS as it came out. Everything works like a charm, for sure some skills are needed but without them, we would be wrong in our passion anyways. Thank you in advance for building such unique tools! Actually, I have a server in a dc in frankfurt...
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    [SOLVED] Tape Backup Jobs parameter verification errors

    Hi, i want to create a Tape Backup Job, but it aborts with "parameter verification errors", nothing more. How i get more information about this error? Thanks for help :)


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