1. R

    [SOLVED] [A lot of Errors] Systemd + Kernel on newer Hardware

    Hi, to make it short: The Hardware: MB: Asrock Rack x570D4i-2T (Agesa CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x The Bugs/Errors i get when booting: -> cgroup2: Unknown parameter 'memory_recursiveprot' ---> Something that is incompatible with the actual systemd and kernel 5.4 (and is implemented since kernel...
  2. Dunuin

    Run Systemd service after proxmox finished starting?

    Hi, I wrote a script that will unlock my encrypted datasets, mount some SMB shares and start VMs afterwards. I would like this script to be autorun by a systemd service but I'm not sure what to set for "AFTER" and "REQUIRE" so it will only be started after proxmox finished everything like...
  3. I

    PSA -- Do not upgrade to systemd 247

    I have multiple archlinux LXC containers and I updated one of them and I no longer had networking after a reboot of that container. I fired up a new container for debugging and updated the Archlinux packages and systemd was upgraded to 247. During investigation, I found that a bunch of systemd...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] systemd 247 breaks networking in LXC

    Running Archlinux in LXC here. Once again upgrading systemd 246.6-1 => 247.1-1 breaks networking within the LXC container. Downgrading systemd to 246.6-1 fixes the issues. Solution from is already in place and does...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Network doesn't come up - ifupdown2-pre.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

    One of my PVE nodes is failing to start networking on reboot despite having identical configuration as other working nodes. I've seen but I'm not sure why you'd want to mask the service . If I restart ifupdown2-pre.service the...
  6. K

    Weird behavior with CentOS 8.2 container

    Hi, After running user cron jobs, the user's systemd service goes failed: $ sudo systemctl status user@1000.service ● user@1000.service - User Manager for UID 1000 Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/user@.service; static; vendor preset: disabled) Active: failed (Result: timeout)...
  7. T

    [6.1-5] Weird LXC behaviour : systemd doesn't start any service

    Hi everyone, first post here sorry if i miss some rules, I played with LXC before but i just tried it in proxmox this weeks. All the CT i used are on Debian Buster and are setup via the proxmox webui. I got a strange behaviour on every LXC container i try to run : - I create an unprivilege...
  8. J

    Why do some of my Proxmox hosts occasionally fail to reboot?

    I first noticed this issue with Proxmox 5.4 and suspect it has everything to do with Systemd integration, and very little with Proxmox itself, but it bites me in the backside every so often so would like to bring it up and see if there's something I should be doing differently or a fix for it...
  9. M

    systemd 244.1 breaks networking in LXC

    Hi everyone, Just thought I would let everyone know that upgrading systemd to 244.1 will break networking if running in LXC container. Found out the hard way and I'm probably one of the first ones since I'm running ArchLinux in LXC and systemd just got bumped up to 244.1. Looking at systemd...
  10. S

    nfs-kernel-server in LXC, Dienst startet nicht mehr nach PVE-Update

    Hallo, ich nutze seit über einem Jahr Proxmox VE. Bisher ohne Probleme. Zwischenzeitlich habe ich meine gesamte virtuelle Umgebung dorthin umgezogen. Nun habe ich letze Woche eine Subscription erstanden und heute morgen den Updateprozess von PVE gestartet. Das lief auch alles ohne...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Latest systemd/udev breaks network device naming!!

    After updating to latest systemd* packages: libsystemd0:amd64 (232-25+deb9u9, 232-25+deb9u11), udev:amd64 (232-25+deb9u9, 232-25+deb9u11), libudev1:amd64 (232-25+deb9u9, 232-25+deb9u11), systemd-sysv:amd64 (232-25+deb9u9, 232-25+deb9u11), libpam-systemd:amd64 (232-25+deb9u9, 232-25+deb9u11)...
  12. N

    Systemctl status 'degraded' in unprivileged container

    I need help to get containers working right in my installation. I installed PVE recently and now i am trying to create LXC containers. On logging in, and systemd status I get the following: root@plxc-base:~# systemctl status * plxc-base State: degraded Jobs: 0 queued Failed: 3...
  13. B

    Directory Storage Named with Hyphen - Invalid Systemd Mount Unit

    Creating a new Directory Storage config (via Node > Disks > Directory) where the config name contains a hyphen (such as `local-ssd`), results in an invalidly named Systemd mount unit. Task Log # /sbin/sgdisk -n1 -t1:8300 /dev/sdb The operation has completed successfully. # /sbin/mkfs -t ext4...
  14. R

    Upgrade LXC 16.04 -> 18.04 probleme

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe meinen Ubuntu Container nun von 16.04 auf 18.04 upgedatet. Alles hat bisher geklappt nun erhalte ich jedoch Probleme: Failed to attach 321 to compat systemd cgroup /system.slice/nginx.service: No such file or directory Im Internet ist etwas zu Berechtigungen zu finden...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] LXC unprivileged Fedora 27 systemctl: Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory

    Hello, recently, after upgrading both the container (unprivileged Fedora 27, although changing it to privileged doesn't change anything) and the host system, I can't get systemctl to work anymore in the container. Whenever I try to call it I get the error message:"Failed to connect to bus: No...
  16. P

    [SOLVED] Unit file order to mount from client container

    I'll start out acknowledging that some will think this is nuts and people will respond with "Why?". The answer, It's what I've got to work with; so given that... PVE 5.2-5 Node 100 is a virtual machine running FreeNAS with PCI passthrough (This part is working great BTW) Other nodes are...
  17. L

    Wiki improvement: Web Interface via Nginx Proxy

    Hi, I propose that these lines are added to the article here in order to fix the boot order of the services. Otherwise nginx won't come up correctly after reboot because the certificate files are not available before pve-cluster service was started. sed -i...
  18. L

    Reinstalled node doesn't start osd's after reboot

    After getting the node up and running again ( I now have a problem that has been reported a few time elsewhere, but not in the systemd based version of Proxmox...
  19. D

    Predictable network interface names broken in 4.13.13-6-pve (4.13.13-41)

    Hi guys ! I had a 2 node cluster with 4.13.13-6-pve (4.13.13-41) and 4.13.13-5-pve (4.13.13-36). Hardware is - HP DL360G7 with Broadcom NetXtreme II 4 ports integrated network card. After upgrade one node from 4.13.13-36 to 4.13.13-41 all ethernet interfaces names changed from enp3s0f0 to eth0...
  20. fireon

    [SOLVED] Linux VM's hangs on reboot - on different server and different Linux OS's in VM's

    Hello, pve-manager/5.1-36/131401db (running kernel: 4.13.4-1-pve) since 5.1 we have the problem that linuxvm's, we are useing Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS7, hanging at some reboot. We noticed that at the automaticly reboots after the unattended upgrades. After that i've done manualy some reboots...


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