1. [SOLVED] Issues installing Nvidia drivers

    Hi! Im having some issues installing nvidia drivers(mainly because i need some transcoding i have a 3080 and a 10900KF), after i install them i get "Failed to start Load Kernel Modules" Im installing them through the debian non-free repository. I've tried to install the one that nvidia offers in...
  2. Windows Server 2022 Crashing Randomly

    Hello! I am facing a rather unusual issue, perhaps it is unusual for a noob like me. I hope someone here would be able to help me out here. Have a few Windows 2022 VMs that randomly shutdown. Here is the VM config file: agent: 1 bios: ovmf boot: order=scsi0;net0;ide0 cores: 4 efidisk0...
  3. Suspicious frequent logs

    Apr 03 10:19:59 pve sshd[12301]: Unable to negotiate with 61.**.1*2.174 port 60790: no matching key exchange method found. Their offer: diffie-hellman-group1-sha1,diffie-hellman-group14-sha1,diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1 [preauth] Apr 03 09:56:19 pve sshd[9035]: Unable to negotiate with...
  4. Proxmox Space full, Access denied

    Hello, back when I first got a used server I installed proxmox on it, I was so excited that I installed it on my main storage drives. That storage is now full and when I start it I get the following errors: [Failed to start] Proxmox VE Cluster File System [Failed to start] Proxmox Firewall...
  5. [SOLVED] No Internet

    Hello, I recently updated my Proxmox VE 6 server which led to all my VM losing access to the internet via a bridge made. I googled some fixes and found one which looked promising, it included entering the public IP in I believe the CIDR field of vmbr0; upon doing this it did not fix my issue...
  6. [SOLVED] Cannot start any VM/container after upgrade

    After upgrading from 6.4 to 7.1 I cannot run any VM or container anymore. VMs show errors that there is no virtualization enabled anymore and containers show that they are not able to create network devices. BIOS settings haven't been changed and I am unable to verify the current settings...
  7. Proxmox web gui crashes

    When rebooting my proxmox machine, the gui is accessible for a few seconds, enough for me to login, then crashes. I am not able to ssh into the machine either. Despite this, the VMs are running and I am able to connect to them over my local network. Oddly enough, I am able to ssh into my proxmox...
  8. Elgato HD60 Pro Passthrough

    After trying to launch a vm with an elgato hd60 pro passedthrough my machine loses all ipconnectivity including web gui and it gives me this console error
  9. Backup error - Job failed with err 125

    Hi everyone I have problems making a backup, the jobs end with error 125. Here is the log: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 200 --storage local --mode snapshot --compress zstd --remove 0 --node **** INFO: Starting Backup of VM 200 (qemu) INFO: Backup started at 2021-09-19 13:18:58 INFO...
  10. Emmergency Error / Harddrive

    Hello Guys i have a dedicated server with 2x 1TB SSD and 2x1TB HDD They are correctly mounted and added in proxmox. But now i have the problem if i create 1 vm on the HDDs it works fine, but after install the second or more vm i get the problem that (for example debian) i can install the os...
  11. Can Proxmox be installed in SUSE Linux

    Hello Team, Good day to you. I am exploring Proxmox. Would like to understand whether this can be installed in SUSE Linux? SUSE Linux: SLE Micro OS / OpenSUSE Micro OS Thanks, Kumaresan P
  12. Problem with NIC passthough to Windows Guest

    I have been trying implement a PCI passthrough for a 25g NIC to a Windows Server 2016 guest but it does not seem to work. The Host server is a Dell Poweredge with a 1st gen Epyc CPU. I have tried the same passthrough with CentOS 8 guests on a different server with the same hardware (same CPU...
  13. Help expanding root ZFS rpool partition (self.Proxmox)

    One of my the drives in my mirrored root ZFS rpool died on me. I have swapped both of original drives with new larger ones. Everything went smoothly and things are running great however I am struggling with expanding the partition to utilize the space of the larger drives. I used "zpool set...
  14. Kernal Errors Related to KVM

    One of my virtual machines keeps rebooting randomly at night, but i cannot seem to make head or tails of the error log. 12/18 @ 2:03 12/18 @ 5:14 these are my crash times from today I have attached my kern.log
  15. Installing Linux Acronis Cyber Protection Agent - can't find directory that contains kernel sources

    Hi Proxmox On a new test server, we are testing a backup service that we can implement on our live servers. This is a fresh install without any modifications other than what has been detailed in this guide...
  16. [SOLVED] Removing disk image

    Hello! I have a disk image on NAS that I want to remove but I got an error But there is no such disk on this VM Is it safe to just delete the disk image on NAS?
  17. [SOLVED] Is this a reliable forum ?

    Dear, Having found which does use the official proxmox logo i wonder if it is in any way a viable and reliable alternate support channel ? Best Regards, Joris
  18. [SOLVED] New Windows Server 2016 VM

    I dont have any internet on my VM at all. If someone gonna ask for like configs etc give the command line too Brand new to the OS and ned to linux. ofc i know some basic stuff but it depends on what i need to do.
  19. [SOLVED] Cant Setup ZFS for somea reason. Running EXT4 on webinterface

    ZFS is not compatible with disks backed by a hardware RAID controller. Does this mean i have to run my box into some kind of raid i know i can run it in raid1 since i got 2 disks. But then again i will get so less space on my box only have 2x2TB if i remember correctly from my host. I did setup...
  20. Partition Management

    Hello, The VMs so slow , I concluded that this slowness because of the use of a single disk for all functions (ISO, disk image ....), but I did not understand how I can manage my available disk to have good management i have 4 disks : device mapper ??? help pls ?


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