1. Help expanding root ZFS rpool partition (self.Proxmox)

    One of my the drives in my mirrored root ZFS rpool died on me. I have swapped both of original drives with new larger ones. Everything went smoothly and things are running great however I am struggling with expanding the partition to utilize the space of the larger drives. I used "zpool set...
  2. Kernal Errors Related to KVM

    One of my virtual machines keeps rebooting randomly at night, but i cannot seem to make head or tails of the error log. 12/18 @ 2:03 12/18 @ 5:14 these are my crash times from today I have attached my kern.log
  3. Installing Linux Acronis Cyber Protection Agent - can't find directory that contains kernel sources

    Hi Proxmox On a new test server, we are testing a backup service that we can implement on our live servers. This is a fresh install without any modifications other than what has been detailed in this guide...
  4. [SOLVED] Removing disk image

    Hello! I have a disk image on NAS that I want to remove but I got an error But there is no such disk on this VM Is it safe to just delete the disk image on NAS?
  5. [SOLVED] Is this a reliable forum ?

    Dear, Having found which does use the official proxmox logo i wonder if it is in any way a viable and reliable alternate support channel ? Best Regards, Joris
  6. [SOLVED] New Windows Server 2016 VM

    I dont have any internet on my VM at all. If someone gonna ask for like configs etc give the command line too Brand new to the OS and ned to linux. ofc i know some basic stuff but it depends on what i need to do.
  7. [SOLVED] Cant Setup ZFS for somea reason. Running EXT4 on webinterface

    ZFS is not compatible with disks backed by a hardware RAID controller. Does this mean i have to run my box into some kind of raid i know i can run it in raid1 since i got 2 disks. But then again i will get so less space on my box only have 2x2TB if i remember correctly from my host. I did setup...
  8. Partition Management

    Hello, The VMs so slow , I concluded that this slowness because of the use of a single disk for all functions (ISO, disk image ....), but I did not understand how I can manage my available disk to have good management i have 4 disks : device mapper ??? help pls ?
  9. Cluster Requirements

    I'm looking at the subscription requirements for the cluster. Whats not clear to me is if I can use the free open source version with no support contract and have an unsupported (community supported) cluster with multiple nodes, or do I need to have the "community 99 euro" support plan in order...
  10. ssaman

    Update instruction for Proxmox/Ceph 4.4(jewel) to 5.x (luminous)

    Hello Proxmox Support, we want to safe upgrade our system to the newest version. The challenge ist to upgrade 5 nodes at once with the smallest downtime. We are afraid that something may go wrong. we have over 30 Server that are all running. we also read that there is a new (blue)storage. So...
  11. SPF failure Whitelist

    DomainHello all, I do have a valid subscription key for PMG, but for some reason it seems like the only key I can plug into my account is a VE key. I have an issue with a company sending email the most backwards way possible. Their helpdesk is rather special and they simply don't understand...
  12. [SOLVED] Setting LXC user password with pct when calling from a script

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a non-interactive way to set the password for the root user (or any user really) when creating a LXC container from the official Proxmox Ubuntu 16.04 template using pct. For some background: I am currently trying to automate most of my homelab, including LXC...
  13. How can I change email text.

    I would like to change the text of the backup email, more specifically translate the text.
  14. Upgrade from Community Edition to Enterpirse Edition

    Hi, We are currently evaulating the use of Proxomox for our production environment. As it will be used for a production environment we are looking at the possibility of purchasing a support subscription. Is it possible to add a support subscription after the installation of Proxmox or is a...
  15. proxmox 5 - no boot with USB, and cdrom ISO fails at 100%

    Hi all, I've already seen such behaviour with proxmox USB keys while googling. I can observe this on a new server (HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen9). The ISO image was SHA256 checked. It was written with a good old dd. And it was rewritten again after, just to be sure it wasn't a USB key problem...
  16. [SOLVED] Having trouble deleting container in 4.2

    So I downloaded and installed a template. Now I want to remove said container. I'm able to delete OS disc images and templates from the storage, however, it won't let me remove the container VM drive. I'm logged in as Root & I'm unable from the web interface. Is there something else I should...
  17. /dev/pve/data/ not mounted after fresh 4.2 install

    So I have been using Proxmox at work and at home for several years now and admittedly I do not have the strongest grasp on many features of Proxmox, I usually can get by alright. These past few days...not so much. I have installed a fresh install of Proxmox 4.2 (4.2-2/725d76f0) on my server...
  18. Proxmox community

    Hi I'm new to proxmox 4. I'm thinking about buying a support subscription. I asked a few important questions just to not even get a reply. Is the only way to get help with proxmox 4 is to pay or does anyone help anybody? Before I pay I would like to know more about this forum. Is it active?:( .I...


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