1. N

    Cannot Access Proxmox Web GUI - Subnet Misalignment?

    Brand new here: I installed and am attempting to complete my proxmox server setup via ethernet but I cannot Access the Proxmox Web GUI. I know it's a networking issue and I think maybe it has to do with subnet misalignment but I'm not positive and even if so, I don't know how to correctly...
  2. O

    Forwarding all traffic to Proxmox host to branch into VMs

    Right now I manually configure static IPs for each VM I create. Once assigned, I then manually port forward the port (if I intend to) by going to my router's configuration. My end goal is to have all network configuration in a singular place. My idea is to forward all traffic that goes through...
  3. C

    Configure multiple subnets on single NIC

    I have a 1x4 sfp+ 10Gbe NIC in my host machine and 2 subnets, and, configured on my Cisco Nexus 5596UP switch. I have created 2 bridges in Proxmox, vmbr0 (IPv4: Gateway: on enp20s0f0 and vmbr1 (IPv4: Gateway: not set) on enp20s0f1. The...
  4. M

    Pfsense in Proxmox with 1 NIC

    I've installed Proxmox with some virtual machines running and installed a Pfsense virtual machine and connected the traffic of all virtual machines through Pfsense, but then I cant connect to my virtual machines that are now in a different subnet, I can access to the Pfsense web page through wan...
  5. M

    Can't ping devices from vmbr1

    Hello, I took some time to try to resolve this myself, but like many, I'm new to this and wanted to reach out for some help. I'm trying to mount NFS storage to Proxmox from TrueNAS, which is one of my VM's of course!, and I have TrueNAS on my vmbr1 interface, however, I can't get connectivity...
  6. S

    SDN VXLAN for private network in a cluster - how to configure properly?

    Hi Proxmoxers out there ;) here is an abstraction of what I finally want to achieve in general: That means: There is a cluster of at least two PVEs behind a firewall managed by PVE An actor should be able to access the PVEs via SSH Within the cluster I want to have an internal network In...
  7. S

    create vm using different subnet ips (KVM)

    Hello! Is there any way to add a different IP subnet and create vm using them? Also I want to use the IPs from the new server to create vm in future servers when I add more servers into the cluster. Here's the situation: the main node where vm will create have 1 /32 IPv4 for a subnet Ex...
  8. A

    Join cluster from different network

    Hello i want to ask i've got 4 nodes on my cluster on ip 10.10.30.x and i got new hardware on new location using ip 10.10.50.x does it possible 10.10.50.x join cluster on 10.10.30.x? currently 10.10.50.x only 1 device and i still not create the cluster yet and i already read the documentation...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] No gui after network change

    Hey everyone, I got my new firewall/router today and put my proxmox host into a new subnet. I changed the ip address in Proxmox to from The host is pingable and I can connect to it over ssh, however the Webgui of the server is not available. Can someone help me...
  10. Z

    Problems with Hetzner subnet and Proxmox

    Hello all together, i got a Rootserver and an /29 Subnet from Hetzner. First of all we setup the Server with Proxmox without any problems. But i got a couple of strange problems setting up the network-bridges and a "real" VM and i really don't get the problem. Firewall is disabled. Not being...
  11. I

    change subnet mask on proxmox host, is it safe?

    is it safe to change (extend) the subnet mask for active proxmox servers ? is there any precautions i should take ?
  12. K

    Use full subnet in one LXC

    Hey, So I'm mostly into Networking at Hetzner now, but now I have a "problem". I have a new /28 subnet which gets routed by Hetzner to my main IP which is assigned to vmbr0. Now instead of assigning the first IP to the host and than route each ip the the lxc I instead simply want to route the...
  13. S

    Strange problems with Hetzner subnet and Proxmox

    Hi, i got a Rootserver and an /28 Subnet from Hetzner. First of all we setup the Server with Proxmox without any problems. It works well with an LXC-Ubuntu. But we get a couple of strange problems setting up the network-bridges and a "real" VM. Hostconfig auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface...
  14. R

    Proxmox + pfSense with dual /32 ip's

    Hi, I have got 2 IP's from my colocation service provider: and NOTE: the gateway for both IP's are: I can access proxmox fine with the .210 IP, but the .211 IP configured in pfsense does not work. I tested this at home with a
  15. O

    Problem weitere Container im Subnet aufzurufen

    Ich habe auf Proxmox mehrere Container laufen. Der Rechner (Nuc) hängt im VLAN 20 auf meinem Unifi Switch. Proxmox selbst und ein Container werden auf meinem Switch mit IP-Adressen versorgt und ich komme auf die Webinterfaces. So sieht die Config auf der Hauptinstanz aus: auto lo iface lo inet...
  16. E

    NAT Masquerade not working with Firewall enabled

    Hello, im playing around with Proxmox at home wanting to put it on a dedicated sever at Hetzner later, and have some trouble using a private network for the VMs. The config below works, i can Ping from a Container in the private net(192.168) to my Desktop in my LAN (10.10), and if i look at...
  17. N

    Use one main MAC address of the server for all IP machines

    I have a server from hetzner, and install proxmox on it. My configuration is simple, and it's my "/etc/network/interfaces" file: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp6s0 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address XX.YY.ZZ.TT netmask gateway...
  18. M

    [SOLVED] Crossing Subnets with 10G Speeds (Bypassing Router)

    Hi! I’m trying to take advantage of a 10G Mellanox ConnectX-3 EN (running the most recent firmware version, 2.42.5000) installed in my Proxmox (5.2) to utilize the full 10G bandwidth between Proxmox and a seperate FreeNAS (11.1) box and I’m running into trouble. My Proxmox host (pve) is on an...
  19. S

    Single Public IP to host and additional subnet to VM's proxmox

    Hi Experts, i have one server on hetzner which is running proxmox 3 old setup with 4-5 container. my host is running with single public ip and all containers running with additional subnet ip's now i have ordered another server from hetzner which is also one single IP for host and additional...
  20. P

    [SOLVED] OpenVZ container using public IP with different subnet

    I am still using Proxmox 3.4 (3.4-16/40ccc11c) with OpenVZ and venet, in various servers in OVH. And in a new dedicated server, I cant ping my only container. The public IP of the HN is and for the container Routing table Destination Gateway Genmask...


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