subnet routing

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    Physical access to virtual network

    Hello all, I have following virtual environment -> 3 isolated networks, each with own subnet and virtual router -> proxmox server has one NIC with one port -> on these networks will be vulnerable VMs to pentest I want my physical machine to be connected to these virtual networks... For...
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    cant access other subnets from pve node

    hi, I cant access any other subnets from my pve node. i have a couple of vlans. at the moment my pve-node (pve) is in the management subnet ( - vlan: 120) and the vms are all running in the service subnet ( - vlan: 110). i can access the proxmox ui from any subnet...
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    Moving web GUI to new subnet on a cluster

    I have a two-node PVE cluster currently hosted on my LAN at 192.168.1.*, but I would like move the webGUI management to it's own subnet at 192.168.100.*. I've gotten communication between my LAN and the subnet working and have confirmed this by deploying and pinging VMs on the subnet from my...
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    Switch Not Reachable via Bonded Subnet Interface

    I look for support and guidance around where I am going wrong in a PROXMOX environment that I am setting up. I have one server that is connected and working for the Test Environment. It is running on the network. We have three more servers that we have set up in cluster. The...
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    [SOLVED] NOT again! NAT again.. (MASQUERADE failing)

    Requests from VM in subnet are forwarded to pve's gateway, but with subnet source IP. My masquerading with iptables fails in this common use-case: Internet <-eth0-> pve host <-vmbr0-> VM ( With sudo tcpdump -n -i enp0s31f6 icmp I get: 17:26:35.506557 IP > 94.130.yy.zz: ICMP...
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    Routing between two subnets at same interface

    Hello everyone! I have GPON SFP ONU Stick with telnet at his board. SFP module connecting me to GPON internet. Now, i can configurate my SFP module by telnet inside Proxmox virtual mashine (Win10) connecting to ( Win10 have vlan linket to vmbr1 with static IP ( I...
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    I cannot reach the VMs in the cluster subnet

    Hi, I have installed proxmox on an OVH cloud, following a restart of the cluster I can no longer reach the VMs of one of my subnets. In practice I have a vm that has the wan in the subnet 192.168.3.x / 24 and from the cluster it is not reachable. below I am attaching the configurations set on...
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    Using a public IP for each created VM

    Hello guys, I'm pretty new to Proxmox and virtualization/networking in general and I've searched for this topic quite a bit. So basically my problem is that I have a dedicated server on Hetzner with the IP ( and I got a subnet package from them for me to assign an...
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    Problems with Hetzner subnet and Proxmox

    Hello all together, i got a Rootserver and an /29 Subnet from Hetzner. First of all we setup the Server with Proxmox without any problems. But i got a couple of strange problems setting up the network-bridges and a "real" VM and i really don't get the problem. Firewall is disabled. Not being...
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    KVM using all subnet IP addresses

    Hi folks, a found a nice article in Hetzner's Wiki which describes how to use all (!) IP addresses of a given subnet for KVM VMs. I.e. not (x - 3) subnet addresses because no need of dedicated addresses for bc, gw (vmbrX) and net. What do you think of this solution described on Hetzner's...


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