storage replication

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    Problem: PVE 8 migrating a replicated VM causes the VM to get 3-10x less IOPS

    Didn't know how to label this issue really. I couldn't find any similar post on the forums either. Two identical DELL servers, same specs. I am running PVE 8.0.4, updated to latest version. Servers are in a cluster (no QDevice yet, it's being prepared and is in testing at the moment). I have HW...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] VM has two disk images after node-failure in cluster

    Hi, I am running a two node cluster with several VMs with ZFS. I am using storage replication in short intervals which seems to be working fine. I was testing a node failure with if up down and a sleep command. I only had one VM103 on the failing node during the test. The VM migrated to the...
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    How to continue the ZFS incremental storage replication (and avoid a full/base sync) after rolling back a guest

    There is a way to continue PVE-ZFS storage replication as usually after rolling back a guest without having to do a full/base synchronization? I haven't been able and I haven't find nothing on the internet neither. I have tried: to prune dataset snapshots in the hot spare machine to match the...
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    Storage replication in case of PVE failure

    Hello community! I'm a noobie with Proxmox and still learning :D I want to do my lab - I've got Proxmox cluster (two physical servers). I'd like to create enviroment as simple as possible where I will be able to migrate VMs between servers. I was thinking about this solutions - Storage...
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    [SOLVED] pve-zsync and Storage Replication on the same node

    We have a main server and a off-site backup one, both are running PVE. We are using pve-zsync & crontab to snaphsot containers subvols from the main server to 3 pools on the backup (pull mode): rpool/data/daily rpool/data/weekly rpool/data/monthly Now, we would like to be able to migrate...
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    Feedback on admin guide - removing node from cluster

    In the current version of the admin guide, the instructions on removing a node from a cluster ( are missing a vital piece of info - existing replication jobs (and perhaps more, but at least this). If you fail to...
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    Storage Replication - vorhandene Repliken auf neuem Server nutzen?

    Hallo zusammen. Ich betreibe drei Nodes in einem Cluster. Zwei dieser Nodes betreiben ZFS Replication zwischeneinender. Nun musste ich einen den Nodes neu aufsetzen, habe aber das ZFS Raid, auf dem sich auf die Repliken der VM Images befinden, in dem neu aufgesetzten Node per zpool import...
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    Storage replication - Avoid data loss when migrating between nodes

    Hi, In the following scenario: A VM XXX from node A is replicated on node B. Then VM XXX is migrated to Node B and there are files and folders (for example "folder z") from VM XXX located on node A that have not yet been replicated to Node B VM. If the replication of VM XXX now located on...
  9. D

    Storage replication regulary hangs after upgrade

    Hello, all. After upgrade one node of our cluster (3 nodes, 2 of them is pve 6.2, replication hangs from 6.2 to 6.2: pve2->pve1) - we seen that replication regulary hangs on different containers and only reboot whole node is helps. Before upgrade - all working fine in this configuration. pvesr...
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    using proxmox storage replication for non guest filesystems

    I would like to use the proxmox storage replication service to replication non VM zfs file system data. Does anyone know if this is possible ? thanks
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    utilising direct connection for storage replication

    Hi all, I have 2 identical nodes on the latest 5.3 version. I'm using storage replication based on a shared zfs pool. IPv4 only network, 2 VLANs but only one is involved in Proxmox routing. Each node has 4 Ethernet ports so I've decided to create 2 bonds: 1. Going to the nearest switch they...
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    step by step ZFS storage replication

    Hi all, I've been trying to set up a 2 node storage replication on the latest 5.3 version for a while to no avail :( I have 2 identical hosts with Proxmox installed on a 1TB virtual disk (split into local and local-LVM). In addition each server has another 4TB virtual disk with no data yet. I...
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    Replicate Multiple Nodes to set of Nodes

    Hi Everyone, This is great to post on this forum. I am really surprised to see great features Proxmox providing out of box, It has been 3 months i am reading forum posts and trying proxmox in a single box. i really appreciate The Team behind Proxmox for great development effort and Support as...
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    Guten Morgen, um Erfahrungen in Proxmox zu sammeln, habe ich mir mit mehreren Rechnern ein Testcluster und Proxmox 5.2 aufgebaut. Bei unserem Hyper-V Cluster haben wir eine Replikation der VM´s zu einem Cluster zu einem anderen Brandabschnitt. Da Proxmox auch so ein Feature bietet, versuche...
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    Storage Replication

    Hi I am trying to use Storage Replication. I have deployied two servers: nodeA and nodeB. I actived the Storage Replication in a container VM. First replication ran ok... I can migrate the VM between nodeA and nodeB. I actived HA between this two nodes! I know, this a no-recommended...
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    ZFS Installation with one hard disk

    Hello everyone! First of all, thanks for this wonderful virtualization platform and the community involved in this project. I've been using Proxmox for a few years and I'm very interested in the storage replication function. According to documentation, I understand that this function is only...


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