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    Sharing Storage Between LXCs and VMs Issue

    Hello! I'm currently running Proxmox 8.1 and originally had a Ubuntu Server VM set up for months, which I've loaded data on my hard drive in path /mnt/WD14-1 through two separate virtual disks (/dev/sdb1 mounted to /mnt/WD14-1/sdb1/, /dev/sdb2 mounted to /mnt/WD14-1/sdb2/). I just created a few...
  2. N

    Adding a second SSD best practice

    I have a 1TB SSD I want to add to my server to as a data/media storage drive after wiping and initializing the disk what is the best format I should use? LVM, LVM-thin, ZFS or Directory, I thought I read somewhere that directory is bad as the meta file gets very big using up most of the storage...
  3. C

    LV for storage directory timing out at boot (Timed out waiting for device (...) failed with result 'dependency')

    Greetings I have set-up two storage directory, one for VZDump backup files and one for ISO images. Those two directory are ext3 LVs on an existing VG (disk2). VG disk2 is composed of only one PV (/dev/sdc1). Issue: Each time I boot I get a `Timed out waiting for device` for each of my LVs used...
  4. D

    Accessible Storage and Adding it as Resource to other VMs

    So I have a Proxmox server up and running with Jellyfin and NextCloud containers. I also have a large external HDD that I have connected to the machine running Proxmox to which I mounted to the Node. The way I have been enabling access to these files for Jellyfin and Nextcloud is that I go into...
  5. J

    in pickle with storage remount

    Hello im in a big pickle i created another /mnt/data folder and my old storage where all my stuff was stored just vanished and my new sdc overtook it. the old files are possibly stored in the sdb disk any chance that i can remount it or just restore it with out any hussle and yeah i realized my...
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    [SOLVED] Mount CephFS as directory?

    Hello everyone, I am in a weird situation with one of the clusters I administrate regarding storage configuration. I used to have an NFS storage with shared files among all the PVEs in the cluster. As I decided to migrate to Ceph I just installed it, configured everything and created a CephFS...
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    My Directory for ISOs is not longer coming up.

    I have Proxmox VE 6 installed, and setup a directory for my ISOs. Everything was working fine, but one day it just stopped loading, and gives an error about it not being mounted, and when I look at the directory is says Active: No. I'm not sure why it won't go active now. Here's the...
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    How to remove local (Directory) storage properly?

    In my attempts to understand how Proxmox storage works in a cluster, I took a spare disk and tried to add it through the web GUI via node -> Disks -> Directory -> Create: Directory. I selected my spare disk but the only filesystems I could pick were either EXT4 or XFS. I went for EXT4. Now...
  9. J

    Directory mounted on 2.5TB ZFS disk only uses 200GB

    I created a directory at /Nextcloud.Storage which is my 2.5TB user data drive. The drive has at least 1TB free space, so what gives?
  10. M

    Local (PVE) lost space

    Hi, Can not understand where all space have gone from local PVE. Local PVE Usage : 1,19% (1,26gb of 106.18gb) Local directory path = var/lib/vz du -hs /var/lib = 49mb Where i can find the difference ?
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    Default storage configuration

    Hello, new to the proxmox world and decided to give it a try recently. However I am having some small-ish problems understanding how to do things. So, I have a disk dedicated for the OS and another raidz locally that I want to use for data, vms storage and iso storage for the server itself. if...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Need Help Adding Directory Storage

    Hello , When i try to make a new directory storage , i find it's size 10MB , i don't know how to configure that, that's what i set : And that's my filesystems config root@virtual1:/var# pvdisplay --- Physical volume --- PV Name /dev/sdb3 VG Name pve PV...


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