storage architecture

  1. J

    NAS Share with pre-existing data for docker containers

    Hey all, So I've set up my proxmox to have a ubuntu server vm that is running docker and portainer. I currently have a unraid NAS that houses my media content. I am trying to give my new containers access to this media content. My question is how do I connect my NAS shares to proxmox to allow...
  2. B

    Storage configuration

    I've built a new homelab server which I'm going to run Proxmox on. Mostly for a Kubernetes playground. But I'm stuck on storage, and can't seem to move past it, brain is completely frozen. The server has: '3x WD Black nvme 1TB 1x WD Red nvme 1TB 4x WD Red Plus 4TB (rust) 90% of the content...
  3. C

    What about LVM+qcow2

    Hi, This is an idea that makes a lot of sense to me, yet I'm not able to find people talking about it so it's probably a bad idea. Still I would love to know why it's bad. Before anyone asks, no I'm not planing on using this in production. According to the docs PVE supports shared LVM storage...
  4. S

    Rebuild and recover from backups failed

    My proxmox install used two drives in a zfs pool as the storage system, but one drive was starting to fail. I bought a new, larger drive, backed up the VMs and copied /etc/pve. I swapped out the dying drive for the new one, and reinstalled proxmox. Then things went south. I added the second...
  5. M

    Shared storage for HA

    Can I have 3 servers with 3 drivers? I will use 2 drives for local storage (i.e. raided) and 1 drive for Proxmox HA (shared storage)?
  6. M

    Proxmox 3 server HA with shared storage

    Hi, I recently came to know about Proxmox. I know that to build HA cluster I need 3 servers working together on min 10G network. My question is how Proxmox creates shared storage to perform VMs migration? What kind of storage I need(SSD,HDD)? I am planning to purchase and build 3 server...
  7. J

    One "logical volume" for 2 disks using ZFS without RAID

    Good afternoon all, I am building my homeserver to host a homelab, NAS, nextcloud and Plex/Jellyfin (amongst other things). I want to use Proxmox on the host to create VMs and containers for the mentioned services. For the Proxmox OS and VMs I have installed a 2TB M.2 SSD, in single disk mode...
  8. C

    Proxmox/Ceph Disk Layout

    Hello All, I am currently working on some hosts that have 8x 600GB 10k SAS drives and am planning on using these to install Proxmox and use the rest for CEPH. Is there a best way to split out these drives by filesystem? Should I use the RAID controller on the server or is it better to use the...
  9. H

    Storage, checking data integrity, bit rot protection

    Hi All For two weeks I have been searching the market for a good solution to solve the problem of data integrity, but I still can't decide due to insufficient experience. I think, It will be the best to write a new thread for sharing it. I believe someone had a similar problem and I hope it...
  10. S

    Different ways to store and share data between containers (Pros/Cons)

    Hello Proxmox Community, I have some questions about sharing data between containers. While researching I found many ways to do this and because I’m relatively new to Proxmox and maybe don’t understand the implications of doing certain things, I wanted to ask if there are any problems with the...
  11. U

    Configuration HBA SAS FlashSystem 5015

    hello gentlemen, I have an SR650 V2 server connected via 2x SAS/HBA cables to each node of an IBM FlashSystem 5015. I do all the storage configuration, making the volumes available to the host (SR650), but it is showing duplicate volumes: What configuration should I perform to recognize in...
  12. D

    ZFS config options for archival storage.

    Looking for some advice on the best way to setup storage on my homelab PVE. Currently I have 4, 10tb drives formatted with EXT4 in OMV managed by Snapraid and grouped with MergerFS for sharing. The setup effectively has 3 drives for data, and 1 for parity. The primary use is bulk archival...
  13. E

    Truenas as storage error

    I an trying to add my Truenas as a storage to proxmox using CIFS, But i keep getting this error, create storage failed: error with cfs lock 'file-storage_cfg': mount error: Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs) (500) the version of the proxmox is 6.1-7, and it worked on...
  14. S

    Proxmox HA storage and performances

    Hi. I have multiple proxmox 7 clusters for different needs. On a "staging" cluster (for staging / preproduction infrastructure) I don't have any HA. But on the production cluster, I configure two ceph storages (SSD and HDD). Developers have always pointed out to me that deploying code is...
  15. V

    Maximizing storage speed on Proxmox server with MySQL, Home Assistant, NVR, and self-hosted apps

    Hey everyone, I recently built a Proxmox server with the following hardware configuration: Core i5 9400F Gigabyte B365M-DS3H motherboard 64GB DDR4 RAM 2400Mhz 1 x 128GB WD M.2 SSD 3 x Ant Esports 690 Neo 1TB 2.5" SSDs 1 x 1TB HDD for CCTV recording 1 x 4-port 1Gbps LAN card from Intel The...
  16. R

    Multi-region Ceph + mixed host HW?

    I'm facing a bit of a challenge with my current project and I'm hoping that someone here might have some wisdom to share. For context, my end goal is to have a self-hosted S3 service replicated across 3 data centers (1 West coast, 2 East coast). I have 6 storage servers (2 for each DC) that are...
  17. bbgeek17

    [TUTORIAL] Proxmox VE vs VMware ESXi performance comparison

    Many discussions have compared Proxmox and VMware from a feature perspective, but almost none compare performance. We tested PVE 7.2 (kernel=5.15.53-1-pve) and VMware ESXi 7.0 (update 3c) with a 32 VM workload to see which performs better under load with storage-heavy applications. The results...
  18. D

    Raidz0 configuration

    Hey all, hopefully a quick answer. I am looking to get 3 SSD's into raidz0, this will be a vm pool to reduce the ridiculous io delay I have now. I do have a solid redundancy strategy and backup system already in place. Would someone be able to point me to the cli commands or gui setup to make...
  19. K

    What is the best way to handle High Availability between nodes with different storage setups?

    I have read through the documentation and I'm not sure I'm following it well because I'm not even sure if what I want to accomplish is possible with Proxmox or not so I thought I'd ask here. I have a Proxmox node setup and hosting several containers and VMs. This started as a hobby and chance...
  20. G

    One VM as a NAS

    Hello everyone, I'm preparing a personal server under PVE, and one VM will be dedicated to NAS storage. I have 6 HDD dedicated to this (and one SSD for boot and PVE system). I wonder if, generally speaking, I would install PVE with all this storage (Ceph ? ZFS ?) and assign a huge size to the...


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