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    [TUTORIAL] Clean Install Proxmox VE 8.1 - How I fixed: Webinterface not working (failed to use local certificate chain)

    While installing my first Proxmox VE hosts I chose to use the latest version on a Dell Wyse 5070 host. The installation process went completely fine. As hostname I provided "proxmoxtest". After removing the install medium and first start I tried to connect via https and port 8006 but nothing...
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    [SOLVED] PMG Cluster - ACME Sync

    Hi Forum, i have setup a 2 node cluster configuration to keep the configuration in sync. As it seems, the added acme account from node1 was copied to node2. I was able to request a certificate for node1 without a problem, but on node2 i experience this behaviour: i can only select the...
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    [SOLVED] Create cluster problem - possibly SSL related

    Hi All I’ve spent all week trying to get clustering working but I’m having problems. I’m now at the point were I need to reach out to the community. Steps: I install Proxmox 8.0.3 to two separate machines. I edit the network config, delete the bridge and leave a single network interface...
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    Hertzner Nginx Proxy Manager

    Hello everyone! I am new to proxmox having a problem with nginx proxy manager, I have a VM for DHCP as well as a VM with docker on it. My proxy manager sits on my Docker VM which I started with portainer, everything works as long as I use the IP. I'm trying to fix so I can get my domain names...
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    454 4.7.0 TLS not available due to local problem

    Transcript of session follows. Out: 220 In: EHLO Out: Out: 250-PIPELINING Out: 250-SIZE 10485760 Out: 250-VRFY Out: 250-ETRN Out: 250-STARTTLS Out: 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES Out: 250-8BITMIME Out: 250-SMTPUTF8...
  6. M

    PVE ACME client generating bad CSR for IP addresses

    I am using an ACME server other than Let's Encrypt, and I observe PVE is having issues creating the CSR for IP addresses. Depending of the order of the domains (the actual domain and the IP) to be verified I add in the GUI to be verified it creates a bad CSR that is not accepted by the ACME...
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    Is Smart Host TLS SSL supported?

    Today I am using Mail Gateway for all incoming email... to my Exchange Server. For ouotgoing smtp-mail I have an smart host via TLS SSL that I have to use. Can I use Proxmox Mail Gateway as my "Smarthost"? What version of TLS is this? Is it for outgoing, incoming or both? The SSL-certificate...
  8. A

    SSL Connection error, please offer suggestions

    So, I was testing out some certificate stuff and might have accidentally borked my Proxmox. Usually, I would just reinstall it but this time it's different. I'm getting the following errors with curl: curl: (35) OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL and wget: GnuTLS: The TLS connection was...
  9. C

    SPICE TLS certificates

    Im using my own TLS certificate in PVE WebUI. But how can I setup How can I setup my custom TLS certificates in the SPICE protocol used by Proxmox PVE?
  10. M

    ACME client wrongly treats IP address as DNS name in CSR generation

    I'm using PVE's ACME client to get a certiifcate from my ACME server. I added two names: "" and "" in the control panel. The certificate I finally got has its Subject Alternative Name = ",DNS:". It's invalid. It should be...
  11. D

    Disable SSL certificate verification

    Hello, I want to disable SSL certificate verification on my proxmox. The thing is I'm working on developing a script with API and I'm unable to access it because proxmox uses https and unfortunately my software has only access for http. Another thing I want to add is using postman I am able to...
  12. C

    SSL certificate - New files

    Hi. I have my own certificate, and has copiet the files to ProxMox, and it workes fine. However, now i have updated the files .. New certificate files. But it seems like ProxMox is stock on the old files. Do i need to restart something? - And if yes, what?
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    Probleme Zertifizierung von Proxmox

    Hallo Leute, ich habe aktuell Proxmox neu installiert und gerade meine Festplatten sind richtig gemountet. Danke nochmals an @Dunuin Habe jetzt ein anliegen bezüglich der Zertifizierung. Ich habe ein ACME Account eingerichtet in Proxmox als Default "Let's Encrypt V2". Da steht auch das es...
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    [SOLVED] Cannot Remove Non-Existent ACME Server

    Hey All, I love the new ACME certificate feature available in PVE 6/7. I created an internal ACME server, and tested it using one of our PVE7 servers. After some infrastructure changes occurred, the ACME server was moved to a new hostname, for example, `` ->...
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    Proxmox Secure Communications Configuration

    This may end up being quite a loaded question but… What would be the best/easiest way to setup SSL/secure communication for the WHOLE server including all VMs and Containers? Is it possible to have local/LAN access ONLY, with remote access only available via a VPN/tunnel? Would it be possible...
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    Certificate Error after Changing Hostname

    Hi there, I have changed the hostname of my node and am experiencing an issue with the SSL certificate after the change, I am getting the error: Jun 26 13:51:39 prmx0 pveproxy[1767]: /etc/pve/local/pve-ssl.key: failed to load local private key (key_file or key) at...
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    Changing Hostname and Adding SSL

    Hello, I have 2 VM's currently running on my node. After researching how to change the hostname, it states only doing so on an empty node. Is it possible to get around this or would I have to configure a new server first, set the hostname, add SSL and migrate VM's? Any information or...
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    Clientless SSL VPN PVE Access

    We’re trying to configure our Cisco ASA 5505 to allow users to access the Web GUI of our PVE Server via a clientless SSL VPN. Currently the ASA gets an error which is ‘failed to establish SSL handshake’. I think this is because the ASA doesn’t redirect traffic back to the requestor My...
  19. D

    HTTP API Error 596

    Hi, I implemented the check_pve script from to have Proxmox monitored from my Icinga2 instance. Some checks run good, some others receives HTTP error code 596: root@node01:~/check_pve-1.1.3# ./ -e node1 -u icinga2@pve -p password -k -m...
  20. O

    SSL connect attempt failed, error 500 when trying to view changelog of updates and git clone a repository TLS error

    Hello everyone, 1- Everything works fine when I update the repository list and upgrade all packages, but when I try to view the changelog, 50% of the time for the debian packages and 100% of the time for Proxmox enterprises packages, I get the error you can see in both screenshot. Looking at the...


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